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  2. MotoGP 2017 Thread

    I get that, but I think less so than other earlier comments.
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  4. MotoGP 2017 Thread

    No I think he meant you spoiled it for the ones who have not seen the race.
  5. Hermann Saturday 10-21

    I'm out for this and Arkansas ride. Wife running in Marine Corps Marathon in DC. I am hoping this will cure her of distance running but it might require amputation...
  6. MotoGP 2017 Thread

    Maybe it depends on your definition of the words big and winner?
  7. Hermann Saturday 10-21

    Hey that's my comment about you guys!
  8. Bent rim suggestions

    Aaron, don’t be afraid. Fear is when you don’t know what can happen. You know.
  9. MotoGP 2017 Thread

    Now you've gone and given it away...
  10. Hermann Saturday 10-21

    Crazy F♡☆kers
  11. Hermann Saturday 10-21

    Slow enough for Galen. 😂
  12. Hermann Saturday 10-21

    What is this relaxed pace you speak of?
  13. Hermann for those of us who can't make Arkansas. Meet at the Shell/McDonald's on 94 (just north lf I-64/40) at 9:00, KSU @ 9:30. Relaxed pace (promise) Shell 5952 Old Hwy 94 S Weldon Spring, MO 63304
  14. Just watched the weather for the 50th time and still cold n raining Sunday 👎 I’m gonna pass on this trip. Sucks cause I was looking forward to it. Have fun n be safe
  15. Bent rim suggestions

    Thanks guys! And If I show up to next ride with my thumbs all bandaged up, you'll know how well the hammering went
  16. MotoGP 2017 Thread

    The big winner was Suzuki!
  17. Bent rim suggestions

    Size doesn't matter? Hmmm, where have I heard that before?
  18. MotoGP 2017 Thread

    You want me to tell you what happened?
  19. Bent rim suggestions

    It's not the size of the hammer, it's knowing where to strike and how hard. The rim repair and tire replacement will occur at the same time here at "Berg Automotive", Aaron doing the majority of the work. As a friend of mine from work once told me..."It's not the size of the vessel, it's the damage done while docking." Carry on.
  20. MotoGP 2017 Thread

    I need to see it
  21. Bent rim suggestions

    Ebay, Craigslist or junkyards... About 15 years ago the stock rim on my 2001 eclipse would bend going down a gravel road. Got the grand thought to replace them... A little over a grand thought... Went aftermarket and got away from low profiles and put new tires all for under a grand. The result... A very happy Joker Pa Pa.
  22. Bent rim suggestions

    I was going to say, I have a 12 pound sledge I used on my 2 ZX6R rims that time I put it in the ditch.
  23. Bent rim suggestions

    A big sledge hammer a case of beer and todds garage
  24. Yesterday
  25. Bent rim suggestions

    Terry (ZRX4ME) straightened one of my wheels years ago.
  26. Bent rim suggestions

    Getting ready to pull the wheels on my rc51 for new tires and noticed the front rim is bent. Its only on one side and not bad. Holds air fine and this wouldve happened before me because I certainly wouldve realised I had done it. I've never felt any vibrations so it would probably be fine to leave it alone, but visually its going to stick out at me everytime I look at it. A new wheel is almost $500. Anybody have any experiance straightening a aluminum rim or know somebody who does? For as minimal a bend it would need to get back to straight I would think it would be ok safety wise, but I've no experiance with this before. Thanks in advance for any input.
  27. MotoGP 2017 Thread

    I'm not a MM fan and I was whoot'in and holler'in so loud Carol came to make sure I was alright. Too many crashes ... I didn't like that.
  28. The question mark has since been changed to an exclamation point.
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