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  2. I wouldnt mind a go at the Super Tenere...
  3. Today
  4. I might go ride the R6 and the R3.
  5. Happy Birthday Scott (yzfr6i)

  6. I save those routes for out of town trips 😀
  7. I can alter the route slightly if that's what you're wanting!
  8. My first Kawi!

    I just bit the bullet and bought Kurviger Pro so we'll see how easy it is to move my existing routes to Kurviger.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Maybe our resident pharmacist-in-training can offer some other alternatives.
  11. Phew.... I'm safe! <Edit> I think I should show up on my FZ-10 and demo the MT-10 just to see what they say. </Edit>
  12. I am not planning this ride so I am sure no river crossings 😂
  13. Are we talking steep approaches to waist-high river crossings or a mile or 2 of packed gravel? Thanks!
  14. My first Kawi!

    I'm taking Yousef's bike to Eric tonight. That front suspension is like marshmallow on that bike.
  15. My first Kawi!

    I think for the EB I70 section, you would need an extra waypoint or two on the interstate. What I did is use the roundtrip then switch back to route planning and moved the route as I wanted.
  16. My first Kawi!

    And on the Kawi front. Bags, and bag mounts are IN! Match painted panels, are back ordered until some time in June. We're seeing if I can get away without those painted panels, and just tape over the screwdown points for the panels. I really need these bags ON the bike. I got an AR rally to go to in mid May. Gotta figure out what will pack where in these new bags. If all goes well, after work Friday I'll finally be registered, and plated, with MO. Then I'll see if Eric is around to get a baseline set on the suspension.
  17. My first Kawi!

    You can option it for feet/miles too. In the app you have to pick "imperial" for miles. But, yeah, I think I might be going with Kurviger. Looks like I can load offline maps for the states I'll be traveling. And then upload a weekends worth of routes to the app. Then "import" them as needed per day. Gotta buck up for the Pro verison, but it's pretty reasonable, I think. I'm going to have to figure out how to massage the options to follow the route I intended, though. I tried my home to work commute. It's a bit confused about getting onto east bound I70 between Fairgrounds and 5th Street. lol And I did a test from Eureka to Potosi. I was able to lead it to the usual rout with a few guiding points. Very promising.
  18. My first Kawi!

    I just tried the Kurviger website. You can actually enter an address and it creates a round trip from there based on the number of Kilometers you want. That's really cool.
  19. I might ask Michele if she wants to try the SCR 950 or the Bolt. Probably Friday if we do go.
  20. "** RIDERS MUST BE 25 YEARS OF AGE TO RIDE MT-10 **" Interesting.
  21. If it's dinner celebration you can still make it
  22. I hope you feel better. Tylenol doesn't do shit for arthritis BTW. Only NSAIDs work unless your stomach can't handle that or there's another issue. Ibuprofen is in the NSAID family for example.
  23. sons birthday this weekend and they decided to celebrate it on sunday, have fun
  24. I'll need to see how I feel Saturday. ~7.5 hours may or may not make my foot fall off at this point.
  25. IN!! Got new helmet yesterday, waiting for the communication system adapter. Can't wait to try it out.
  26. 50/50 stupid arthritis acted up again, need to stock up on Tylenol...
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