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  2. Oh no. I don't know of the group you mention and have not heard anything until you just mentioned this.
  3. There is a large FaceBook group that some of us know many people who are members. They are active riders and have recently interacted on rides and in other ways. It's important right now that we are somewhat sensitive to their situation as they did lose one of their members yesterday near 94 and Terry Road. So this is just a friendly reminder that this is going on in the social media arena, and could find it's way here. If that should happen I know that everyone here will be respectful of the situation in stating their opinions. thanks!
  4. Today
  5. I just watched the race here:
  6. Think of it as "target elimination" practice
  7. I'm booked up for Saturday going to try try to find a room for Pon and I tomorrow
  8. Welcome fellow gixxer!
  9. Welcome!
  10. Went out riding with my son early this morning before he had to go in to work.
  11. Took wife to Horseshoe Lake on the Nighthawk then meandered through surrounding communities. Exercised extreme restraint except toward the end
  12. You get any Camaro titles?
  13. That's rideable...
  14. Not in Lafayette, IN
  15. Sadly, I found out Dawgs and Sudds is officially closed for good.
  16. Did the Poplar Bluff to Augusta run yesterday. It was ok.
  17. RE71R's. Not r comps. So he probably gets a pax bonus for that. I saw him at gateway last weekend when he was auto x ing there, but I guess he ran in the last group which I didn't stay for. I would have ridden with him if he'd let me.
  18. Looked like he was running R888 (R comp tires) so I'd hope he's fast. And the PAX times are misleading, it's adjusted for "handicaps." Still looks like he was pulling good times though
  19. Talented kid overall.
  20. Heh heh, Robbie beating up on the car guys now.
  21. Welcome!
  22. Did Bixby part deux today with the FBI. Good times.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Yeah, I HATE seeing video of me riding. I would rather go with the image I have in my head.
  25. Welcome Kenny! Love that bike
  26. Great day yesterday ! Short trip on River Road for fun.
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