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  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. You should really check out STLAR Facebook page ... that info was all in there.
  4. Did anyone see the Moto GP on NBC last Sunday (7-26-2020)? I was surprised it was on regular el-cheapo TV. I was channel surfing (staying off my feet again) and finally found something decent to watch.
  5. Told ya my tire was fine...
  6. Thanks for setting it up. Good ride
  7. Back home. Good seeing y'all!
  8. Working... and glad to be doing so.
  9. Meetup at Eureka quick trip at 8:30. KSU around 8:45.
  10. I need to move somewhere where there are a) twisties and b) a pole barn.
  11. I know your pain. Being similarly fleet'd up here, I can safely say that the only sane approach is a personal warehouse.
  12. Just inherited my dad's 2011 Ford fiesta 5-speed. He never once bought himself an automatic, and one maybe with power windows. Actually a pretty decent car. 120 hp is adequate; not sure 80's accords had much more than that. This makes 7 registered vehicles at my house. Stupid me I didn't hold out for a 3+ car garage way back when...
  13. They are fantastic little cars. I've owned around three dozen cars/trucks in my life, and the 944 will definitely stand out as one of the all-time greats. Sadly I'm at a point where I need to prune down the collection, and going fast around corners while giggling like a hyena on whippits is low on the priority list. Tomorrow I'll be trading it off to a gentleman for a nice ATV, which will then make a more practical trade-in at the stealership when the Tenere700 finally hits US showrooms.
  14. I owned a 944 once upon a time! an 87 944S. If I were to do a 944 again it would be a Turbo or a 968. Super fun car though
  15. Nevermind.. that sold real quick
  16. Happy belated birthday.
  17. Happy Birthday here too!
  18. Something like a Porsche 944? And if so, I just so happen to have one that needs to give up its garage spot for something with a smaller footprint. Edit: shit nevermind, just scrolled down and saw "sold"...
  19. A friend of mine said he’s in the stlar Facebook group and that they posted a ride for tomorrow at 8 am at eureka qt. I tried to look up the group and I can’t locate it can anyone please add me on Facebook and invite me to the group?
  20. Thx for posting this JJ. I have a 6-ton set that is affected.
  21. Another Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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