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  2. You mean I get to spend near 300 bucks and pay a subscription to use the already built-in features of the device?! Where do I sign up?
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  4. Oh and this. Cardo rolls out yearly subscription devices in which the ability to use voice commands is in the most expensive level. https://www.visordown.com/news/product-news/cardo-launches-new-subscription-based-packtalk-custom
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  6. Here is a tutorial on the X2 Slim... I also learned that my X1 Slim hooks up to my phone pretty well but I really don't care. I also learned that I can use a stereo patch cord and plug the Cardo output into the AUX port of my X1 Slim and hear it fine but I don't think I'm gonna mount two units to my helmet ... 1 device and a camera is enough.
  7. Since I'm planning to take advantage of the free breakfast that this hotel offers, I'll be in more than just sleepwear.
  8. I'll be watching in pajama pants and a STLAR Hoodie. Wonder if they are doing the virtual fan wall this year?
  9. It will be a game day decision for me. Just like always... I was planning on trying to ride on Saturday but it looks like the rain is holding off on Sunday until the PM. I was just planning on a Calhoun County Cruise for myself. My brain is still not working right and I'm really out'a practice so I'll be the slow guy. Maybe just let me know where to show up for lunch if you can. -GB
  10. Could be possible this Sunday if my shock for my dirty bike isn't finished. Plus I haven't seen some of you since last yr..
  11. For those inclined to attend outings and share watching Moto-GP excitement. https://drafthouse.com/st-louis/show/moto-europa-watch-party
  12. """Gaston, 62, was charged with knowingly participating in criminal street gang activities, attempted parental kidnapping by detaining or concealing a child’s whereabouts""" His (kidnapped) kid musta been 40years old +/- .... lol
  13. looks like the website automatically resizes the pictures so you may not be able to read what’s on the screenshots.
  14. I’ve been following this story in TDJU. I’ll see if I can get some details for you guys.
  15. I’m out of town. But if i get back in time then I’ll ride with you 😊
  16. This happened somewhere in our land. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02JpTvaYjxFQ5Sf5d2qqFbU4c9AKGomgvaGHMAjLCvRHAWugXixCLDtgoQbU1nXWJjl&id=100078390650049&mibextid=unz460
  17. Iron County sheriff, deputies charged in criminal conspiracy https://fox2now.com/news/missouri/iron-county-sheriff-deputies-charged-in-criminal-conspiracy/
  18. Weather is looking like it might be decent for Sunday but after next few days of rain coming.
  19. Actually I am here but I won't be able to leave work until after 1pm. I'm not sure if they would still have space in the afternoon.
  20. Get you body armor and head on down. Channel 5 story 4 mins from Mayo Ketchup
  21. I was hoping we could find a place around 55 or 44 and 270. Or maybe 64(40) and 170? But like I said about Culpeppers, it's 45 minutes away, so it only takes me half an hour to get home...
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