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  3. it's not going anywhere until Spring.
  4. NoGas

    New Decor

    Oh same, lol the cost of motorcycling means I don't buy new furniture and I'm okay with that. Plus, I have an FJR I'm saving for πŸ˜‰
  5. Fancy! All my furniture is hand me downs. But that looks nice.
  6. Apparently, Yamaha had a giant sized calendar back in the day called, "The Art of Racing" which included gorgeous racing photography. A friend of mine took those photos and framed them. Fast forward a few decades and he's selling all his stuff to live on a boat. I offered him some money for them, and now they're mine. Check it out! I wonder what years these are from since Valentino still had the "GO!" paint scheme.
  7. Thanks! It's totally tracked out at the moment, but I'd like to add some LED pods, some sort of tail light, and bar end mirrors to be able to take it on the back roads. Let me know if you have some suggestions/recommendations. .
  8. Does anyone remember Komodo leathers? A good friend who was a very good influence in my growth as a rider is retiring from the sport. He gave me a ton of his old stuff, including these. I think I'll clean them up and show them off a bit.
  9. Hey guys! Some of you know me well, and some have never met me at all. I first met this club in 2015 at a fundraiser for Kirk. I've moved between here and Florida several times, but am now here for good. I'm absolutely addicted to motorcycling. Currently in my stable are a 2010 Aprilia RSV4, 2009 Honda CBR600RR and a 1994 BMW R1100RS. Here are some pictures because I know this group loves photos! P.S. Can you believe that in 1994 BMW was already doing front and rear ABS, heated grips with adjustable clipons and adjustable seat height?
  10. As I'm planning out the van that I transport my bikes with and use to sleep in at track days, I wondered if anyone else in this group used a van? Any tips? Here are some pictures of my unfinished set up. Inspiration credit goes to a film from 1971, On Any Sunday.
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  12. I gained a lot from the Twist of the Wrist 2 movie. The film shows exactly how counter-steering works. I highly recommend it to any new rider.
  13. A picture paints a thousand words. I think that a lot of other people I didn't understand this at first, and tried to jam a bike into a left hander by cranking the bars left (counter clockwise). To quote Arnold in one of his movies, "Big Mistake!"
  14. I realize that this is an old post. But boy, I sure do miss paying $2.60 for premium gas 😞
  15. NoGas

    MotoGP 2022

    And just like that, we have another Italian champion on an Italian motorcycle. So much for that Spanish mafia everyone keeps talking about.
  16. It's all yours if you want to be the webmaster...
  17. There are some technical matters that need to be dealt with for this site to continue, but with the lack of activity, it doesn't seem worth any time or money to me. If you feel differently, please comment, but by doing so, you might be volunteering to be the webmaster.... (Is that too subtle? 😈) BTW: The 'Whatever' thread has been deleted as of this morning.
  18. I wouldn't be so sure. Forums are fantastic for focused communities and many of them are still around and doing quite well. I've run several in the past and currently run one for a niche euro off-roader that is quite active given the comparative rarity of the toys. Facebook is ok for casual mass consumption, but information tends to get buried there and the "true" enthusiasts generally seek out a more dedicated and focused community. I have noticed that local/regional forums do tend to die off (r.i.p. stlsr/stlvw/etc..). In any case, before you feed this place to the big bad evil Facebook, let me know. I'm a sucker for absorbing wayward BBS's/forums/etc.. that need a home.
  19. For those not on Facebook... 3 Day AR Trip. Sept. 30th - Oct 2nd Staying at the Quality Inn & Suites in Mountain Home 1031 Highland Cir, Mountain Home, AR 72653 Meet Friday at: Casey's In Washington, Mo. 1501 High St, Washington, MO 63090 Meet time: TBD Daily Mileage 300-350 1. We Will Want Some Contact Names / Numbers Given To Someone Before We Depart. 2. Consider Your Options If Your Bike Fails And We Cannot Repair or a Crash Happens. The Ride Continues. What Will You Do? 3. Consider Letting Someone Else Know You Might Need To Have Them Make a Trip and Pick You Up. 4. I Recommend New Tires. Arkansas roads Are Very Abrasive and Chew Tires Up. 5. All Maintenance, Chains, Sprockets, Brakes, etc. Up To Date Before Departure. 6. Consider Getting a Tire Repair Kit and Having (6 )Co2 Cartridges or Air Pump. 7. Novus, Plexus, Micro Towels,Windex Wipes For Visors 8. Rain Gear Prepared. Hope For No Rain.
  20. Went and got me a proper big-boy bike. Now all those chopper gangs wont laugh at me.
  21. Well... I don't think anyone is going to return to the Forum style interaction with FB around... but the Facebook page could benefit with some revamping and activity too. Other groups seem to have a good amount of FB activity. I've been told it's due to "secret rides" but yeah ... no one wants to deal with crashes and the BS caused by a few. Really www.stlar.com should just be a redirect to the FB page.
  22. This site is beyond dead...
  23. ^This guy gets it. Anyone here riding a TW200 in Bee Tree park on mothers day by chance? Got a wave out of him/her.
  24. Thanks' my butt is not quite so sore now.
  25. As you may see, I put a thing saying not to be a dick. Hopefully most of us regular members can comply, or we'll have to revisit that....... Also, I added a couple of bike/riding questions for new members to answer. Should help us weed out robots, maybe...
  26. That would require some admin work to check profiles and check number of posts...etc. I didn't see the gas price thing but I was involved with that other idiot about the death video.
  27. Just the post about 2011 with the gas prices in the picture ended up with Biden bashing and how Trump wouldn't have let it happen.... and so forth ... the other day the guy with the "death" vidro was all "you bunch of libtards" about those of us that said we didn't like it... I mean I know there are always people that just want to lurk but there are people that joined 4 or 5 years ago and never made a single post or don't have a single picture of a motorcycle on their page... ... I don't know ... Just a thought
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