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  2. below is the hotel I have a reservation for the weekend. https://www.choicehotels.com/texas/buda/comfort-suites-hotels/txc51
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  4. natnaz

    MotoGP 2020

    Are you guys flying or driving to Austin?
  5. JJ and I are planning on going. We're leaving Friday afternoon (around 2:30-3) and returning probably Saturday night. I may have Yousef and Michele too but not sure at the moment. Please post up if you would like to go. We can figure out cars, meetings spots...etc. We will stay Friday night at the Comfort Suites O'Hare
  6. We definitely need to. I know I will try to plan one or two out of town rides I hope and hopefully Dave has a few.
  7. I shall check it out. There are a few good documentaries on Amazon prime. Let’s hope this year we ride more often than being indoors and watching movies.
  8. This documentary reminds of STLAR when I first joined in some ways. It's on Prime if you're interested. American Cafe: Cafe Racers and the Slimey Crud Motorcycle Gang
  9. Let me know if you notice something broken (besides chatbox)
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  11. My accessories are all in I guess it’s time to put it back together.
  12. Was in Gulf Shores Alabama, swimming.
  13. Thank you Nathan, Brandi, and Gene! I periodically go out to the garage, pat the ZRX and Vstrom on their seats, start them up, and grin like an idiot. 3 years later I'm STILL nursing the Father-to Be's '99 SV650. If Eric didnt have time to ride before, I KNOW he wont be riding for a while after the addition to the family has his "Coming Out Party". But I will!!
  14. Congrats on the birth of your 1st grandkid. Wish you healthy future.
  15. Dont think foir a second Ive given up riding. Between some health issues, home maintenance and repair, and the impending birth of our 1st grandchild, motorcycling has taken a back seat to other necessary activities. As Arnold once said..."I'LL BE BACK!!!"
  16. We sure did. There’s always next time.
  17. I ordered my tickets for the 2020 MotoGP at COTA (Austin, TX) this morning. I got the below link yesterday, for a offer that ends tonight. http://circuitoftheamericas.com/seasons-speedings?
  18. Dang I was so on the fence about riding, I should have came and checked the site. I hope you guys a had a good time.
  19. My bike was filthy from the road grimes so i hosed it down and washed it with soap then Air dried it.
  20. Excuses excuses. Happy holidays and have a safe trip.
  21. I'm in Dubai... Can't ride 😁 Happy Holidays
  22. I have not sold my bikes, just not interested in riding when the roads are questionable with all the salt and sand they drop when it snows. After a couple more rains the roads should be cleaner. Until the next snow falls!
  23. Too bad most of you have sold your bikes or aren’t riding anymore. Today even with the wet roads and threat of rain we had a great day. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone.
  24. Anyone up for a ride on Sunday? Nathan and I are riding to Bixby or Cuba. If anyone is interested post up and we can work out a meet spot....thinking meet in Eureka around 9:30 with KSU at 10am If no takers we will be leaving from Washington instead.
  25. I've watched a couple of his videos.
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