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  2. Application submitted (PPIHC)

    @crash - When do you find out if you're in?
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    Did you use that RS10 at the track?

    Went for ride just now. Windy as hell; had to stay in center of lane...blown off course 2-3' at a time. Time for new tire(?) This had only just started when I left. Only on this section of tire; never felt out of balance... Should have left it parked. I guess when it hit that spot it slipped and just kept tearing a bigger hole. Only1600 miles (RS10). Gonna go back to S21 on rear. Got > 3000 on them.
  6. Crusty Ol' Newbie

    Greetings and welcome! I am in New York now... Rochester, waiting to be unloaded...
  7. MotoGP Austin 2018

    Bump! Just ordered my ticket and one parking pass for Lot T (where we parked last year).
  8. Application submitted (PPIHC)

    I reserved a hotel room right away so I would at least have "something". I haven't worked out crew or any other details. I figured I would wait until I find out if I get accepted before going too far. They'll let me know in a little over a month (Jan 16th). Would be cool to get a house instead and let whoever wanted to be involved come on out.
  9. Application submitted (PPIHC)

    No need to throw Dozer under the bus so fast LOL. Do you have a crew yet/ Place to stay, etc???
  10. Yesterday
  11. Application submitted (PPIHC)

    I've done a lot of riding between 12 and 14 thousand feet over the last 15 years and I'm personally not that worried as it hasn't really effected me nearly as much as a few of my buddies who shall remain nameless (Dozer Dave). Most of that is dirt biking which to be honest requires waaaay more energy than what this 10 minute street bike ride will require. As long as I get myself back into relatively good shape and I spend some time up there in the week prior to the run I think I'll be fine. I'll still be slow but it won't be for lack of altitude prep.
  12. Application submitted (PPIHC)

    As the time gets closer you should try getting in some high altitude training (biking, jogging). This may sound strange, but take a gameboy or something of the sort with you when training. Play a game which forces you to focus and make quick reactions. Play it before you start your training, and continue to play any time you stop and take a break. Altitude has an affect on the brain, and your mental sharpness will decrease. Mental strength is going to be just as important as physical, or you won't be able to react as quickly towards the top of the peak. Here's an article on altitude and your brain.
  13. 2018 Challenge

    I bet freak has one of these:

    Lol! I had to google it. Didnt even know about them. 155cc's. I think they look kinda neat, I wonder if they'll ever be available in the states

    Came across a great deal on a nice suit that I can't wait to use with my favorite bike I think they'll go well together. Motorcycle friends are great!

    Sort of an understated elegance to that!
  17. Back in `68

    I do have to say that picking up just about any motorcycle mag from the early 90's on down is a treat for me. kinda like going back in time. its always cool to see the styles and tech from the past, and even the ads.
  18. BIXBY 12 03

    damn right! we do this instead
  19. pikes peak

    I had actually watched that last winter for the first time. I've always heard of the IOM TT but never started to pay attention to it till recently. Me and 2 other guys from work are planning on going in 2019. We're going to the the "glamping" thing instead of a hotel. I don't expect Guy to be there (racing at least), but obviously it would be pretty awesome if he was.
  20. Pole Position?

    Maybe January/February... Too much familj /rodina /rodzina today
  21. I should get in to boating

    that would be my thursday yacht. My friday and weekend yachts would make that one look pale in comparison and I guess while I'm dreaming I would also have a on-board motorcycle museum
  22. Kawasaki Z900RS - Vintage done right?

    awesome! is that your FJ in your avatar? what year? pics?
  23. Kawasaki Z900RS - Vintage done right?

    pretty cool! reminds me alot of my z125 actually
  24. Happy Birthday Dozer Dave

    happy late birthday dozer dave! hopefully many more to ya!
  25. Application submitted (PPIHC)

    I think I'm afraid of heights
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