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  2. Ride Sunday, the 20th?

    I'm in the same boat Jimmy... I'm out for this whole week-end...
  3. Ride Sunday, the 20th?

    Damn Ride 2 is out....I'm so behind....I guess I'm going to have to breakdown and get a PS4
  4. I see a ride posted for tomorrow, and I'd love to go if my schedule permitted, but it just ain't in the cards. Would anyone be interested? It's all hypothetical as of now, so the destination is up in the air. If no one wants to go, I'll just play Ride 2 on my PC.
  5. Anyone who would like to take a leisurely ride up can join me at the MotoMart located at 3750 New Town Blvd, St Charles, MO. This is just north of MO370. Not the one on MO-94, next exit west. Leaving at 9:30 am should allow plenty of time to get there before opening ceremonies at 1:00 pm. We'll take MO-94 up to Alton, hop over The River on US-67, then find our way to IL-111 to cross cut to just south of Springfield. We can still get a $10 discount per ticket if purchased before Aug 25th. If I get a headcount I was going to try buying them online so to get seats a bit closer to the start/finish line, and all together. The race isn't usually a sellout, so tickets can be bought at the door for $40. But, no guarantee where they'll be. This really is one of the marque races of American motorcycle dirt track racing. So if you've got the day, I think it's worth seeing. Final race should be going off at 4:00 pm. So, probably leaving around, or after, 5pm to get back to St Louis.
  6. 2014 ZX10R non-ABS For Sale (SOLD)

  7. Black Hawk Farms

    Decided I missed my dirt bike so I went riding to the creek by the first silo. At least I didn't fall down
  8. Black Hawk Farms

  9. Last Ride Before Surgery Bixby Run

    Thanks Mike! Should be a nice day. See everyone tomorrow!
  10. Festival of the Little Hills in St Charles this weekend. Packed with people and traffic.
  11. Black Hawk Farms

    Spoke to soon 🙄
  12. Black Hawk Farms


    Happy Belated!
  14. 2017 Annual STLAR Picnic 10-8-17

    Not sure if I'll be making this one. I've got a ten-year class reunion in Iowa the night before. Not impossible, but not sure what the logistics on that would look like.
  15. Last week
  16. Road Runner

    Look what Zack Rack just picked up:
  17. Black Hawk Farms

    Updates and pictures as well from you guys in Colorado 🙂
  18. Black Hawk Farms

    Roger that, dry weather ahead 😎
  19. Black Hawk Farms

    Looks nice out! Report in with lots of updates and pictures!
  20. Black Hawk Farms

    Ryan and I are at the motel just south of town. Will be riding Midwest Track Day; BHF tomorrow 😛🏁
  21. Tires

    I'm currently running Q3's. They offer amazing grip and are very sticky in the twisties. Bought them at 4WO|Truck parts &Motorcycle last March. The downside to the traction and handling is that they seem to wear a bit fast. Overall, I'm very pleased with them. I would recommend them
  22. Can't make it. Out of town again this weekend and next. Good luck with surgery!
  23. TODD

  24. TODD

    Looks too fast for me. I want something slower. ;) I am not interested in performance at all, more comfort.
  25. Have fun and good luck with your surgery. Hopefully a quick recovery. We'll be on the CO trip as well.
  26. TODD

    In the american cruiser world the vmax is definetly not usually challenged. Harley, indian, victory... none their vtwins can hold a candle to them in stock or mostly stock form
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