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  2. Is it possible that I might be blocked? I can’t find it when I search and I’m not already a member. My name is Taylor Johnson, if someone on here has admin access to the Facebook page I would appreciate it if you can take a peek for me.
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  4. First time I've logged on in months. MM.
  5. It's STLAR on Facebook.
  6. I sold my BMW so I no longer need this tire. They usually are priced around $215-220 but I am selling this for $180. Eric
  7. Having trouble finding group rides these days, can anyone post a link for the FB group? It seems like you guys are moving towards that for ride posting.
  8. I tried double posting on FB and here for a couple of rides. Everyone that came saw them on FB. Even the people that are anti FB don't sign in regularly to check updates.
  9. Yep. Still dead great memories of the past for sure.
  10. I'll be on my way in a minute.
  11. I should be able to make this.
  12. Hannibal Ride May 22nd, 2021 Meet Time 9am Location. QT, 391 Main St, St Peters, MO 63376 Any other questions? 🤣
  13. I thought about this statement and ... well you really don't have everything right here... (1) There is not good security. This sight has been hacked so many times and the cost and time and effort to make it secure would be pretty high. (2) People want to connect with their other friends and groups outside of STLAR and you can't do that easily here. You can belong to other groups and motorcyclists and invite them to join the STLAR FB page easily. (3) You can host live vids and chats on FB etc... can't do that here. (4) There is both private and public group chat. (5) And well it's free. Granted, some people aren't comfortable being on FB ... but you never have to post anything and only have to look at the STLAR FB page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/125440149235
  14. Facebook is easy and nobody has to maintain it. I'm looking for riding more touring style than "balls out" like the old days. (Though there is plenty of that still happening too.) Made some new friends too. Love riding with old friends though. There's video of rides posted almost every week and discussion about MotoGP, pie runs, trash talking, bikes for sale and so on... but all in a Facebook, youtube, Instagram format. But you have to bite the bullet and be on Facebook.
  15. Great to see you guys still riding 🏁
  16. Too bad most everyone went to Facepage, when we have everything we want right here.
  17. FUN,FUN,FUN was had by all !!!!!
  18. Good day Good ride! Thanks Khaled and Michele!
  19. CORRECTION: Phillips 66 301 W 5th St, Eureka, MO 63025
  20. Destination: Bixby Meet Time: 10 am Meet Location: Eureka QT unless it's still under construction. If it is, please suggest another option.
  21. Given how dead it is.... I wouldn't spend too much time on it... (*cough* I haven't updated "member banners in 2 years.. *cough*)
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