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  2. draginpegs

    MotoGP 2019 Pics

    I had planned to attend. But had a chance to go to Phoenix AZ. So we went😎 Next year we will be camping.
  3. cyclesailor

    MotoGP 2019 Pics

    DYN-O-MITE photos !!!!! 1
  4. Hopefully you can make it next year. I own this camper. It replaced the one we bought last year with all the problems. So far this one has been good. The reviews say it is basically a MT09 (I guess they changed the name) that is just better looking. I can't keep three bikes (or may be I can ) because I am not planning on riding as much so something has to go. The FJR can't go because it's for sport touring and we're planning on doing some riding this year with that. I just wanted a bike that goes back to basics for me, and comfortable. It was fun on the little test ride and I think I can still ride it at a decent pace but not like the ZX10.
  5. I would have liked to make this trip but ended up in New York instead. so I would love to go to Austin with you guys next year. Do you own the camper or was it a rental? yamaha xSR900 has my FJ09 engine and it’s a lively one. I still like my ZX10 though. Thanks for posting the pics and videos. 🤘😀
  6. I, naturally, liked the GSXR1000R the best, over the S1000R & MT10. Didn't like the CBR at all. The Yamaha Eluder is a big joke.
  7. I test rode the RNineT, the SV650 and the XSR900. XSR900 ticks the boxes. The RNineT was weird, buzzy with torque steer (it was the best looking but quickly fell to the bottom choice). BUT that's if I do buy anything at all.
  8. VID_20190414_094240039.mp4 VID_20190414_122407953.mp4 VID_20190414_140937538.mp4
  9. It's on FB but I will try to post some stuff here. We had an awesome time and enjoyed the non-Marquez win (well at least most of us ) We ended up taking the camper which worked out well with gear and the number of people going. We tested several motorcycles and I am seriously thinking about going to a XSR 900 from the ZX10r. I will likely post that for sale soon. We had severe weather on Saturday and had to evacuate and Sunday started out cold but improved by race time. Very good weekend. You should come with us next time.
  10. So how was the trip? No one posted anything about it?
  11. Morbo

    MotoGP 2019 Pics

    For my non-Facebook friends and/or those who just don't do FB... Here's a few of the pics I took from this past weekend. I'm still going through my photos from 2017 so I have no idea when I'll ever get back to these so I figured I'd post a few while I had the time. Imgur Gallery
  12. jjester

    MotoGP 2019

    Amazing race!!!!
  13. Steve

    Emissions Warranty

    Excellent information and you are correct that some dealerships may need to be educated. These claims are filed via the normal warranty claim system, they just have to check a different little box.
  14. Steve

    Motorcycle Collections

    Several years ago I met Rich Chase, and when I had the chance, I went to see this collection of motorcycles he said he had. I've known plenty of motorcycle collectors over the years, and I'm sure most of us have more than a few. My 1st trip up was enlightening, as it took everything to a new level. Here is a video of the earlier collection - Recently Rich sent out a video of the "museum" and the collection as it is now - And it's all down a gravel road in Iowa..... Not bad, eh?
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  16. We might need to rent a party bus next year.
  17. Speed


    I don't wash my bikes but I do clean them once in a while. For the matte finish on the ZX10, I use a matte detailer, like this one. Chemical Guys SPI_995_16 Meticulous Matte Detailer and Spray Sealant (16 oz) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FQHY64S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_D8ARCb2XYG70T
  18. natnaz


    I think a few fellow riders have had a Matt or satin color bikes. I was wondering how you guys clean and protect the finish. Thanks
  19. I'm jealous! Have a fun and safe trip everyone. Like Barry said maybe next year.
  20. Looks like I forgot to post here: In!
  21. Have a great trip guys and travel safely! I really thought about going this year, but life keeps getting in the way. Maybe next year.
  22. jjester

    2019 Challenge

    I'm doing some riding again on the stationary bicycle, I'm getting in about 20 miles per session. I hope to do 3-4 session a week, we will see.
  23. Dippnet

    Ride Saturday ??

    Looking good you two!
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