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    It was a pleasure riding with you all. 😎
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    It always makes me uncomfortable that I have to lie about being a robot whenever I submit an online form.
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    Heading to Hermann Meet at QT on 94 in Weldon Spring 5905 MO-94, Weldon Spring, MO 63304 Kickstands up at 10:30am
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    Sorry I missed this. I was doing something a little different this weekend.
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    I'll be at at Speed's house between 7 and 7:20. I have 1 duffle about 24x10x10 inches. Chicago Weather Friday: Lake effect snow early, then partly sunny. High: 33, Low: 24 Saturday: Cloudy with flurries. High: 32, Low: 23
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    Some of us are heading to Linn or Bixby MO on Sunday. Meet at Eureka QT with kickstands up at 9:30am
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    Well Paul didn’t fly too far. But it was great seeing paul and Galen. Despite salt,gravel and mudd it still was a fantastic day. Eric it was nice meeting and riding with you. As always Dave set out great routes.
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    Fridays are a normal day off for me, so I'm up for just about anything.
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    But HP and Torque? And the 3 cylinder sounds so good I have not even changed the exhaust.
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    Might try to get up there ... still have to see if I can get away from work.
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    Can’t wait to ride this season!!
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    Home safe. Thanks for posting. Good ride.
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    Home....thanks for coming out.
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    Heading out for a ride right now myself. Sorry I missed this!
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    Yes indeed, was the best Chicago Bike Show yet for me. New Fieldsheer heated gloves and vest with self-contained Li batteries, was able to score a 2020 Suzuki Accessories Catalog(put away for someone else who didn’t pick it up), and lots of Suzuki mechanical information from the factory district service manager. Now thinking about an electric-assist bicycle for Lisa after seeing them in action. The deep metalflake flake emerald green Kawasaki 900rs would be mine if I decide to part with my Honda 750 and Kawasaki ZRX1100. Many thanks to Khaled, Steven, Galen, and JJ for making this trip so enjoyable!
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    I think Lorenzo will be on the factory team in 2021. He's being listed as a test rider for 2020. Possibly because he was under contract to race for Honda in 2020 prior to his "retirement". Calling himself a test rider and not running any races this season with Yamaha might be a loophole around the Honda contract.
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    U guys have fun I’ll be doing a shorter ride with Kathy today🙂
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    Rise n Shine. Time to get the long johns on. See you all. Here comes the wallered out Sportbike711.
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    Planning on it if my neck cooperates.
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    I'll give you my old tv with the built-in player... (Otherwise I'm not sure how I'll ever get rid of)
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    The smoothness of the inline 4 is what attracts me. I've ridden both and the smooth operation without much of a noticeable difference in performance plus the taller stance and comfy seat are attractive.
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    I will find out this week. I think you spelled that wrong - XSR900
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    I found out where this road is located at: Swiss Sustenpass
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    This is a nice riding area.
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    Let me know if you notice something broken (besides chatbox)
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