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    Picking up tomorrow. This ain't no canyon carver though; Gonna have to learn how to hang off of it I think. 2010 ABS/NAVI, 11K Miles. Thanks for finding this, Ed!
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    If he comes to a meeting and galen n I are sitting near each other , he could be scarred for life
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    Got out for a little ride today:
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    This here's Midnight Madman, good buddy. Imunna find a rubber duckie to glue to the trunk when I get those pipes Bonnie posted... Gonna have us a convoy of little duckies (Groms, etc.) out to Bixby one of these days.
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    312 miles today. Awesome ride!
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    Got a little work done on the "Z" Next bars, sliders,pipe,intake!
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    That hasn’t stopped others before
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    The food was good and it was nice getting out, but this place is just not the same not wearing boots and leather:)
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    Finally got through touching up (quite poorly) my selections from MotoGP from 2016. I might get to all the 2017 shots before heading down there this April but I doubt it. https://www.flickr.com/gp/jdh1978/o6wn17
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    Welcome to the Goldwingers! As with any motorcycle first thing you wanna upgrade is the exhaust. And I already know your next question...give me a bit to find who makes them and where you can buy
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    When I got to the end and saw Suzuki on the coat it all made sense. JUST KIDDING GUYS!!
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    Thanks, was a most excellent time!! The timing, trip there and back, hotel/shuttle service to and from the show, and the show itself was great. I bought a couple of T-shirts for Mrs. ZRX, got priceless technical info from the same Suzuki Technical Service Director I conversed with at the '17 show, bought some tire valves from Steve Nemish at No-Mar, talked with Lee Parks as I have done since '04, Bought 2 spacer discs for my rear Pit Bull Stand and was told about new products coming out. And, I saw a LOT of motorcycles including new, custom, and classic. Best of all was the respect, friendship, and camaraderie shown among Dave, Chris, JJ, Steven, and me throughout the whole event. It's what Stlar club members do.
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    For those not well versed in "nerd"... JHONKA The Jhonka are one of many tribes of primitive, troll-like creatures found in the lowlands and throughout lesser dungeons. Their low intelligence makes them quite susceptible to toilet humor and cheap gags such as "Gimme five. Up high. Down low. Too slow." FREQUENCY: Common INTELLIGENCE: Low ARMOR CLASS: +2
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    Just hit 1/3 of my weight loss goal. Down 18.4 in just over 5 weeks.
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    KTM supplies them when needed, you just have to look along side the road where there are stored for your use. The K rock is on top then the T rock and M rock on the bottom.
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    Extreme ice racing Saturday night anybody going? The British bulldog likes to do selfies he usually wins every year. It's a good time🏍❄️💨
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    Happy to say the bike is running again. Performed a de-flood procedure I found on a 600rr forum along with Terry's guidance and it fired up just fine and idles smooth so I think the plugs are ok too. Had a freak-out moment when I was letting the bike cool down and noticed a small puddle of coolant. Again, Terry to the rescue, and helped diagnosing the leak as just some loose clamps/contracted coolant hoses. Changed the filter/oil and rode to work today. Rode fine. Thanks again to @ZRX4ME for your help. I'll get your battery charger back to you soon.
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    Currently down 15 lbs since Christmas. Still a long way to go.
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    I don’t recall reading that rule anywhere.
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    Learning on the dirt is a good way to go , and it's fun.
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    7 bike in 19 years, and I only totaled the first 2 of them.
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    I am glad you guys made it home safe. That is also what Stlar members do:)
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    Nice Ed, that one looks like it is going to be a lot of fun. When I count mine up I am at 12 🤔,but I do have one in my basement with me while I watch the Olympics. #🏍📺😉
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    Almost home, snow not a problem, most excellent trip, lunch good too.
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    Thats like 3 bikes now since I've bought one. Looks like I better step up my game
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    Just get a super moto set of wheels and bam 2 bikes in one.
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    Why Big Falcon Rocket of course. ;)
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    Check out this sonic boom:
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    Stumbled across this today. A somewhat popular racing series in the US is going to add the 847 triple as an engine option. http://www.uslegendcars.com/media/news/legend-cars-international-announces-new-water-cooled-fuel-injected-fz09-legend-car-engine.html I used to race bandoleros, which is what a lot of people raced before moving up to legends. US legends seen below These cars use an air cooled Yamaha 4 cyl. You can get a 1200cc open, or a 1250 sealed. The 1200 is out of an FJ1200. I'm not 100% sure where the 1250 came from, it was never in a bike. Anyway.... The 1200 makes about 130 hp and the cars have to weigh 1300 lbs w/ a driver. The rear end is a solid axle modified from a Toyota. Fiberglass body on a tubular steel chassis. You get your choice of body style. #13 in the pic is a sedan, the other two are coupes. Slightly different wheelbases. You can even get different models of the sedan and coupe styled after 30's cars from Ford, Dodge, Chevy. As I said, I raced bandoleros (the small cars pictured at the top of the article) but made the decision to focus on education instead of stepping up into a legends car. I've always wanted to get back into the series. Now that I'm about to graduate, my education will allow me to pursue this. Seeing they're now going to use the heart of my bike has me much more interested. Fuel injection and water cooling are a huge win. The air cooled motors lasted about a season if you made every race. I think they ran too hot. The air cooled engines probably make a bit more power. But trust me... These cars do not get all that power to the ground. They are incredibly tail happy. Getting on the throttle after it sets still requires an egg on the gas pedal approach. I believe the old trans was a 5 speed as well. Drivers usually didn't shift. They'd swap the rear gear to one that would top out the straight in 4th gear. The cars could carry enough speed through the turn downshifting wasn't required. Being the FZ/FJ trans is a 6 speed, there might be some shifting that has to go on if the ratios are closer. And the 847cc motor is a bit peaky. It definitely has a power band to it. I don't see magazines talk about it, but compared to my speed triple... It definitely has a top end hit. I'd also like to use it for SCCA events, as well as track days.
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    Weather permitting I am leaving for Chicago Friday afternoon. Plan on going to the show on Saturday so I might see you there in the morning. We have to keep an eye on the weather because Chicago area is getting snow everyday for the next 5 days😱
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    Mom and dad made the trip over to KSC before the sun came up to watch the Falcon Heavy launch. It should be taking off at 12:30 central. Wish I was there with them:
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    Okay, finally might actually get around to fixing this thing after my little adventure at Gateway in October. Overall I'd say it left in way better shape than I did. I've already got a new windscreen in hand, so all that's really left for parts that need ordered is for the rearsets. Gonna need a new peg and shifter linkage thingy. The clip-ons held up well, just need to readjust. If anybody has a good technique for removing air fence from mufflers, I'm all ears. This bit's gonna be the biggest pain, probably. Gonna need patched, filled, and painted. The original piece isn't painted (it's that colored resin stuff that Hotbodies uses), so color matching might prove a challenge. I'll probably start digging in to this over the coming week or whatever, so watch this space.
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    Another fun day on Sunday to help keep us safe. Thanks for letting me hang around.
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    I mountain bike as well as road, mountain biking is a lot tougher for sure, but a lot more fun the element of wrapping the bike around a tree is always there
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    Holy shit you guys. You know how most retailers will throw a sticker or two in with your order? California Cycleworks gives you candy. Fuckin' candy. This changes everything.
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    Here we are at 2/1 at 220# dry weight. In other words, about 1150# on the Goldwing solo. Insane. Goal is 195# sustained thru 12/31 + 20:00 hilly 2 mile run. Hunger Games, I'll call it...
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    These guys do some of the best reviews, and they seem to have fun while making them. Their "Budget bike battle" series is pretty good as well.
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    I think I'd name that pic after the football player and sports commentator: Dick ButtKiss
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    Did a little "Z"ing around today:)
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    Great seeing you guys. I know this is a motorcycle forum but it was still nice to get out and do some 94, F, and Femme... Even if i was in the car...
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    We got our first Z900rs in brown and orange. Test rides start at $11,199. Looking is always free..
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    That's why it pays to own a factory service manual and a couple of tools...
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    Guess I am spoiled with niehaus cycles , I get treated very well and that's why they have sold me 67 bikes if I get treated right I will be a dedicated customer for life. Maybe I was to harsh in saying bsc sux, I have known people that got really good deals on bikes , but also know people with horror stories about there service dept.
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    Big st Charles sucks!