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    I just loaded a short 3 min video. Playing around with editing software and wishing I had a more powerful computer. It will take some time for YouTube to finish all the loading stuff for this video.
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    Looks like @Tavo, @dogpark, @Speedballer and I are all home. Another great ride for the books.
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    You all missed riding two great roads today. F and N
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    A GIANT thank you to @Speed, who works crazy long hours and gets very little time to him self, but when I needed help working on my bike, he wasted his entire day in my garage and driving around for tools. Also a special thank you to @ZRX4ME for being just a phone call away for technical support . Here's a picture of me and the bike after all the work was done. Rode it to Overland Park, KS this evening.
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    Here is a tutorial on the X2 Slim... I also learned that my X1 Slim hooks up to my phone pretty well but I really don't care. I also learned that I can use a stereo patch cord and plug the Cardo output into the AUX port of my X1 Slim and hear it fine but I don't think I'm gonna mount two units to my helmet ... 1 device and a camera is enough.
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    “I had to lay it down to save it” That's a good one too.
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    *** UPDATE: Syberg's - bar area - 'official' meeting start at 7:00... Suggested arrival time 6:30 *** Hey y'all, I think Tuesday 3/7 would be the evening when we'd normally have our first dinner meeting of the year, back in normal times. I hoped we could do at the Triumph Grille, but they are permanently closed. Please reply if you're interested, and suggest places. For any lurkers out there, this is a good way to meet the group before you decide to go on all-day rides with us... (You do want to meet the group and you do want to go on these rides, but we're gonna abuse you if you show up with worn out tires and crappy gear like that one guy...) That said, if you need tires changed, there are several of us who have tire changers and will help with maintenance/repair for the price of a beer, at most. Don't let your bike sit in the garage another year!
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    Had a great time
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    Look at Erik's pics on FB...
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    Pictures from the BP at Y and 30. All done with the ride, on my way home
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    We are currently in Potosi.
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    I'm home. Great seeing everyone who could make it.
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    It’s cutting edge stuff. Will eventually trickle down from the racing circuits.
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    Both those guys have done a ton of stuff for so many. But we all try to help out eachother when it's needed. It's been that way ever since I've been here.
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    Weather is looking like it might be decent for Sunday but after next few days of rain coming.
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    Iron County sheriff, deputies charged in criminal conspiracy https://fox2now.com/news/missouri/iron-county-sheriff-deputies-charged-in-criminal-conspiracy/
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    Get up to speed with our comprehensive dictionary of motorcycle slang Be sure to scroll down and look at "Gixxer"
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    I've got a good used gixxer
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    Tower Grove, South Grand, CWE, Lafayette Sq, Hill, Benton Park, etc.... Love/miss all those areas.
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    No worries, I think Mike mentioned it, but not 100% certain. I already voted on the assumption this was a new, regular spot. [Edit] I'll qualify my 'No' vote - the restaurant looks good, I'm just getting a bit burnt out on driving a good ways no matter where we've had meetings (I'm sure Mike is too). If we change to this spot, I'd probably still go. I just haven't said much (till now) because I haven't done anything to find a different spot so it's not my place to say anything unless I'm willing to offer alternatives. I appreciate you putting in the time and effort to try and find a different meeting place. [\Edit]
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    *Various TrackDay orgs/businesses Putnam April 29/30 May 2021 May 28 June 17/18 July 8/9 August 12/13 September 23/24 Autobahn Raceway May 27/28/29 July 1/2 July 29/30 September 2/3 September 23/24 Brad and I are planning on Putnam 2x and Autobahn 1x this year. We would possibly also like to caravan to Barber Raceway in Alabama 1x
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    Oh how I love Barber. Definitely going there again.
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    Are you trying to give @NoGas more ammo? LOL
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    Motoamerica has had a lot of good action recently. After watching the Daytona 200 for 12 bucks on their site, I'd rather just pay 100 for the whole year. Who else is watching Motoamerica? When you pay for the year, do you get the archives going way back like with the MotoGP subscription?
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    I just watch all the races on YouTube free.
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    Great turn out tonight. Glad to see all the old faces.
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    I'm in and look forward to seeing everyone
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    @Speedballer, I knew it! You guys are hooligans! Nay, ruffians!!
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    Used the new chatterbox with @dogpark on a ride today. He used the older unit and channel 8 was still the same frequency, so we had no connection issues. Though he stated he could hear me very clearly I could not hear him as well. I'm guessing that's just a consequence of the aging unit. When listening to my phone's music and GPS the new Chatter box was very clear and definitely loud enough for triple digit speeds. (So I'm told by someone who tested the unit on a closed course in Mexico.)
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    Are you telling me to find an old XR200 or 400 so I can learn to ride off road too?
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    Welcome back!!! This rain is messin' with my riding schedule also, but I'll still pop down to Gateway BMW for some parts and probably spend the rest of the day working on the bike in the garage. What are you riding?
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    i think it says on Facebook but not here ... Which one!
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    I'm in. Probably will be in scrubs for most of these since I'll be on my way back from IL Who's checking the locations?
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    I’m keeping my MotoGP subscription and watching the highlight videos on YouTube for WSBK
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    There a BMW channel? 🤣
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    Thank you! Also, I'm now realizing that It's written by Nick Ienatsch commonly known from Yamaha's Champ School. I've watched a lot of their videos
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    Wow, great ride!!! Here are some pictures Firstly: I'm sorry if I blinded anyone with my ultra bright headlights Then can we talk about how cool the bluing on @bluejeans's exhaust is: While in Cuba we spotted a celebrity! ( @crash ) Good times were had: Thanks @SprintST and @jjester for helping me limp the bike home after we discovered the state of my rear tire. We all know @crash would say there's another run to Bixby left on that rear
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    Get you body armor and head on down. Channel 5 story 4 mins from Mayo Ketchup
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    Channel 8 it is . This switch was meant to be. Just rode to KS and hit a tiny sprinkle on the way, the Cardo gave out.
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