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    As you may see, I put a thing saying not to be a dick. Hopefully most of us regular members can comply, or we'll have to revisit that....... Also, I added a couple of bike/riding questions for new members to answer. Should help us weed out robots, maybe...
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    ^This guy gets it. Anyone here riding a TW200 in Bee Tree park on mothers day by chance? Got a wave out of him/her.
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    Me too .... thanks Mike/Khaled/JJ for all the extra effort.
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    I had a good time it was good seeing everyone today! I guess we call that our spring.
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    This bike has just 10k miles on it and has the BMW Premium Package installed which includes the full complement of electronic assistance: Ride Modes Pro (Dynamic and Dynamic Pro), Dynamic Traction Control, ABS Pro, Gear Shift Assist Pro and Dynamic ESA. Includes BMW side cases, SHAD top case, custom Sargent aftermarket seat, SW-Motech engine guards, PUIG tall windscreen, radiator guards and LED Aux lights. Also has cruise control, heated grips and highway pegs. Bike is a beast and runs like a champ. It is in mint condition, has newer Michelin Road 5's and just had 10K service at Gateway BMW performed on it late last year so it is good to go! Text or call John at 314-956-5786 for more pictures or questions.
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    I am going to ride tomorrow, likely to Bixby. If you can make it hit me up if you have my number, otherwise post here and we will figure something out.
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