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    Some people asked me to post this the next time it happens and I said i would. Friendship Friday - Sept. 7th. After work - 5pm to when ever Friendship Brewery - 100 E Pitman Ave, Wentzville, MO 63385 They have food and beers and for me ... they have STAG. Informal get together... happens on short notice on a random basis and is usually fun.
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    Rained a little bit in the morning but otherwise good.
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    Yup, great to get together. I just don't like that this place is 45 minutes away; takes me half an hour to get there.......
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    Well, "down the road" turned into this week when I realized I'd have to take vacation just to get my bike into a dealer to check the code. For $17 shipped I got the parts to make my own harness. If it works, awesome sauce, if it doesn't, well... it'll just not connect with the OBDII scan tool. Was able to run to Terry's and test out the harness and it worked like a charm (much to my surprise) and we read/cleared the code.
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    Meeting at the QT (109 & I-44) at 9:00 AM, KSU @ 9:30. Should be warm but not horrible. Moderate pace. Haven't decided which bike I'll be on. Come out and have fun!
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    Good Judgement... there are better days ahead.
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    The heat convinced us to cut it short. Still had fun this morning. Thanks for coming out, everyone!
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    Home. Sorry for bailing so soon, but the wrist was just hurting to bad. Be safe out there.
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    Had a good time tonight. @jjester If you can still pickup a Scorpion R2000 at a good price it would be a good track helmet. You'll have in earplugs, so the noise won't be an issue. And you'll constantly be moving on the track (hopefully), so ventilation won't be a problem. Plus they're Snell approved.
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    Yes. Hot but better than rain. We packed up after lunch and went to the museum so they can see it, then headed home.
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    In +1 or +2 hopefully.
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    Had to replace both fork seals because they were leaking. Thank you to @crash for showing me how. I still need to bleed the brakes and put fairing back on then start getting ready
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    I should be able to make it.
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    The track has a really fun layout. Allegedly it was designed by the same guy that did Barber. The host TrackAddix is very chill and it wasn't very crowded. The track surface leaves much to be desired, probably on par with Gateway. They run short 8 lap sprint races in the evenings if you want to join. A "superbike" class and a lightweight class. A SV650 or FZ07 would be stuck in superbike. Saturday we had 2 group format, 30 minute sessions. I dropped 1 tooth on the CS sprocket, new Vortex carbon ceramic pads, and new Q3+ tires. Bike felt very different which took a little bit to get used to. It was too hot though. I'm pretty sure I gave myself a heat stroke. Severe headache and nausea all night / next morning. Sunday blew rocks. We got rained on. Not enough to warrant slapping on the rain tires and deal. Just enough to bring the oils out of the track and make it SUPER greasy. It was an open track format, and they normally only run a half day so it was half priced. I did maybe 8 laps throughout the day before packing it in and heading home. I'd go back if there was nothing else available to ride and I was really desperate. People in the paddock have talked me into trying Hastings. They run the same format, 2 group Saturday, open track half day Sunday but is butter smooth, catered dinner Saturday night and the track owner George is a hoot. I had written off Hastings as its so far from me, but not anymore. I'll be going, probably not 'till next season though.
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    I had a Fun ride chasing Pookie but,the early return was the Right Decision. My body temperature has finally returned to normal.
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    Home. Even though I only did a short ride this morning it was exactly what i needed for my therapy.Be safe and i shall see you all soon.
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    There's a Strong possibility I'll ride.