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    Glad you guys had fun! Sad I missed it. Got the dates mixed up, thought it was next weekend. On the bright side, my schedule conflict took me to Tennessee, so I rode Deals Gap instead.
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    Home safe. Nice group. About 1100 miles. Thanks Dave for leading.
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    Especially a back up bike that is signed by Kenny Roberts Sr and Kenny Roberts Jr:)
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    Had some ups and some downs but overall I still enjoyed the weekend!
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    Some pictures. I didn't use the rain tires this weekend but they will be ready for next time.
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    I had an amazing time this weekend. Sunday started out cold and damp but the track dried and it was a great weekend overall!! @Dippnet Won a Kawi z125, Congrats Buddy!
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    Thanks everyone for making this such a great trip....we had a great time with some awesome people.
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    Home safe, I had an amazing time. Our Pathfinder came through big time. Thanks to all who made it out and a huge thanks to Dave!!
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    There it is guys, had a great weekend till this. I will come back better and stronger ??
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    Barry's fashion statements!
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    I keep touting this book... here's a link ... http://ironbrothersmc.com/motors/[Sport Riding Techniques]/Sport.Riding.Techniques.pdf
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    Thanks for letting me tag along. Had a blast. Great roads and group. Thanks for leading Dave and accommodating my small gas tank!
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    A whole new level
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    Riders Discount is doing combo deals on RST products. Track Pack: Race suit, boots, gloves, and base layer; for $949 shipped. Street Pack: Textile jacket, pants, boots, and gloves; for $549 shipped. http://forums.13x.com/index.php?threads/rst-combo-pack-fall-sale.356013/
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    I just checked the weather, it is now a 20% chance of rain on Sunday!!!!! I am in if this still happens!
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    The forecast changed a couple of times already, hopefully it keeps changing to the better.
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    Carol says we can can stop by for a little bit. We'll bring something too.
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    Another “Z” means more projects ??
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    The route for Sunday wouldn't connect properly going over Push Mtn. or AR 215 after Oark. Saturday OCT. 20th.gpx Sunday OCT. 21st.gpx
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    that pic reminded me of Niklas Ajo's save
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    After getting a road report from Ed. I decided to change the route for day one. New route has been updated in both posts
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