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    I turned the wheelie control and ABS back on before sending him off. Didn't want him showing me up.
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    Top of the podium boys! But I didn't have an umbrella girl like Mike! How did Casey escape all the pictures?!?
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    Rolled into the drive bout 30 min ago. Right at 800 miles in 2 days on my little green froggy. Gotta be one of the most inexpensive weekend getaways I've ever done. Had a good time, awesome weather. Lets do it again ed
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    Awesome ride! Thanks for coming out, JJ! 185 still has some rocks but A was worht it!
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    Home. Great ride today. Lunch tasted almost as good as winning again!
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    I'm trying to be a corner worker, if that counts
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    For future reference. I live near 79 and 47. So if you guys need a trailer in the future. Call me and I can have someone or myself get my trailer for you. My number is in my profile
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    Spent the day doing some hard but rewarding work thanks to my buddy Jason It's harvest time so while on the back roads keep an eye out for the farmers
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    Home. 858 miles. The grom did fantastic!!! Great time
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    started as this, an unloved bicycle with a cheap ebay engine kit. School wouldn't let me park my motorcycle in the garage without a parking pass. So I carefully read the student handbook and basically a motorized bicycle is allowed because it isn't classified as a motorized vehicle per MoDOT definitions. Why not pedal? Because I have to wear professional dress and getting hot/sweaty and grease marks all over my pants from chainrings isn't ideal. So I made this. It's fun to ride around the neighborhood and commute to school on. Easy enough to do, goes ~30 mph flat out. Cruises low 20's. I was having fun and acquired a rolling frame with built in tank. See all you having fun on groms and wanted to make something a little more sporty than what I had. Some guy and Florida had hundreds of these roller frames and was blowing them out before Irma hit. He thought his warehouse was going to be washed away. Also got a cheap mildly souped up chinese engine. I dunno how much these engines make. They say ~5 hp, but I don't know if I believe that.. And to go any faster than 30, I have to gear it to the point I pedal to 15 mph or so before I engage the engine. There's no transmission, just a clutch disc and whatever gear ratio you set with sprockets. And I was having way too many issues with the second chinese motor. Then an idea @crash put into my head started taking over. After browsing craigslist for cheap small dirt bikes, I lowballed on a KX60 and the dude let me have it. 60cc (obviously de-stroked to 50cc for legal purposes to ride it on the road ;) ) 2 stroke, 6 speed. This motor makes 14 horse according to google. The transmission is nice because now I can gear it to do 40's (or more) and still be able to take off from a stop. There's a whole motorized bike community that races and all kinds of stuff for this. It's actually a huge thing in St. Louis. People spend $800 on 10 horse engines, and another 250 on kits that allow you to use a bike's derailleur. The entire KX60 dirtbike was a fraction of that. And there isn't really a rule book for the series soooooooo......... And for fun Ninja 250 with a rider - ~475 lbs and 30 hp Grom with a rider - ~400 lbs and 10 hp Mango's bike with mango on it - ~ 200 lbs and 15 hp. So...... should be pretty quick The motor fits in the frame fine. @ZRX4ME helped me cut some brackets among other things with this project. The hiccup now is getting the exhaust to fit. Might have to go to a muffler shop. Or the other idea I had was just use a small section of exhaust flexible tubing between the outlet and expansion chamber just to get the pipe routed around the frame. and I gotta get the pedal cranks to clear the right side engine case.
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    Found the lid to Evan's tub. Right under my front wheel.
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    It was September 30th when the "Gromulans" beat us a 3rd time to Bixby. We could have picked up the pace... but others where worried about rock chips on their Galaxy Class Star Ships Between now and then, we've had a good stretch of warm sunny weather, followed by 1-2 days of hard rain. Should be good to go, although "T" has had some decent repairs too. So many roads... So little time...
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    I was thinking about racing against a Grom with my R1 but because they keep winning against that GSXR I chickend out.
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    GLAD to lend a hand!!
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    Thank you Terry for the educational evening on changing tires and pressing in new bearings in my rear wheel. This is a great club with lots of experience I very much enjoy being a part of. Aaron thanks for sticking around and helping out.
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    I talked to jj last night and he answered my question. All is good. I'm in
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    Knowing that"No rider left behind"... I will send my wife with the grom team next time, that should hold them back and allow for the win.
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    Those damn groms are worse than pecker gnats!
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    You guys missed the best part For some reason this particular scene came to mind https://youtu.be/Uzae_SqbmDE
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    11+ years with my pneumatic tire changer, and I wouldn’t want any other machine. Over 350 motorcycle tires changed on it in my garage. Let the machine do the work instead of you. Advantages: No to low effort tire changes. Takes minimal floor space. Very quick in operation. Disadvantages: relatively expensive, heavy, requires compressed air and/or electric power. I acquired mine used, mounted it on swivel casters, and needs compressed air only. If you want to see or use my changer you’re welcome to it. Many in Stlar have seen it in operation or have used it themselves. Terry
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    I'm working on a plan to insure the ankle-biters win this one too
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    https://www.yamahamotorsports.com/sport-heritage/models/vmax most likely my next bike
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    Small bike syndrome
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    1250 miles on the bike in the last week. A few of those miles were on the drag strip.
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    Saw one corn field getting harvested heading North of St. Charles on 94 today. Which means we'll be able to see through the corners on Femme Osage again pretty soon.
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    As the leader instructed 3 of us continued on and got pie. Hope you guys get home soon. Someone was on the way with a trailer when we left.
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    Happy birthday buddy. It's warm out, you should celebrate with a day off on the motorcycle Thanks to FB for the picture contribution.
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    Still at SLU with Evan. Looking like it was just a dislocation and maybe a chip so far. He's had an MRI, an x-ray and now a CT scan. Waiting on results of that.
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    Well, it's not quite my birthday but I couldn't wait:
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    You can make your donation and ride 400 miles for CF on your motorcycle on Saturday.
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    Hope you guys had a good ride down there sorry I had to cut off but breakfast was waiting at the campgrounds. Ed I think I'm going to make this work.
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    Thank you for having me....looking forward to meet all of you ...this is my third season on a crotch rocket... love to learn and following experience,safe, fast rider
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    Also no more hiding out for your birthday!! https://www.stlar.com/forums/index.php?/calendar/1-community-calendar/2018/9/26/
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    Home safe. Awesome weekend. I wish we had @whatarush come for better routes. Thanks @crash, @Dippnet, @Manny and Mark for coming out to meet us. @Dippnet- I wasn't trying to push just getting some video. On P I wanted to pass because JJ said I didn't have cord showing yet after DD. Sorry if I was riding too close on any of the roads. On KK I knew if I rode my normal pace, I wouldn't have any tire left.
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    Well this ride ended up a bummer for me. Chain decided it was time to quit. Probably a lesson or 2 to be learned from this one when I start the surgery. I'm just thankful it didnt end up in my wheel. Riding low and slow today with no gear on so a 60mph high side wouldve been pretty much textbook carnage. Also thankful dozerdave dodged any debris and hopefully no harm to his cool new ride. Also thankful cool guys like Ed to hang around with me and help till pop got there with my trailer. And finally, and by far most importantly, thankful I have more than one motorbike Theres still daylight left today and a whole sunday tommorow to ride so I'm getting ready to throw a leg over betty white right now and head back out.
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    Oh and we alos got to meet the owners of that beautiful house with the manicured lawn we broke down in front of. lets just say you had to experiance it to get the full effect super nice people
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    Best on the bike was 11.9 @ 113 I think. Got the car to start doing 13.5 @ 108 after you all left. One of the races was against a cbr500r
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    Home made fender eliminator. I'll be selling these for $99.95. Looking at that picture my OCDC tells me it's a little crooked. Looked fine by eye. Have to look at it again tomorrow.