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    Picked up the H2 SX SE from JMP Cycle yesterday. Everything went great! I still think Kawi is being kinda cheap not including bags with this ride, but, whatever. Bags are on order. Because this sled will be required to go places. Looking forward to getting that first 600 miles done.
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    Yes... it came in the form of a 300hp car
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    Looks like Friday will be the day I finally own more than one Japanese bike at once After having a pair of English bikes for over a year now. 'Course, I'm not getting rid of anything...yet. I might qualify for bike hoarder after this.
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    Weekend was a blast! Weather was great Friday and Sunday, not too bad on Saturday until we went to leave and then the rain started coming down. Never underestimate wind chill at COTA, it was freaking cold Sunday morning. I posted some random pics on Facebook the past few days but here's a few from Friday & Saturday for the non-Facebook folks. Tonight I might get to do a few highlights from the races yesterday. Much better photos from Sunday. Not a technically good picture but still interesting to look at...
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    Missing riding and this picture is so tempting.
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    Glorious Spring day everyone, I hope we all cashed in a sick day today. Thanks for adding me here at STLAR. I've been a member since Dec but finally making my 1st post (I think). I move to St Charles from San Antonio, and I grew up in East Tennessee right at the tail of the dragon, where I learned to ride unscathed by the grace of God. I happen to be on facebook market place saw a dirt cheap 99 R6 in the local area here, low balled the guy and he actually accepted the offer, now I am riding again after a sentence prohibiting any moto actives from an ex wife. Looking to meet up with future ride/drinking buddies for all things motorcycle and beyond. Not being a native here I don't really know many people outside my work much less those that ride. As well as add more to my garage and break into the track and racing scene learn things I don't know, that I don't even know, I don't know and have fun. My 1st bike was a 1992 Honda CBR F2. I look forward to seeing y'all out there I ride 94 out to Hermann mostly. Now enough of this I didn't call in sick for no reason I'll be on 94. Thanks again for the add! -Stanimal
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    Too late, Mike. You're in charge of the bikini bike wash. Bust out your 2-piece and schedule your waxing.
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    Just so we are clear .... Everyone is welcome to come out to Texas and have some fun! If we plan any big multi state rides or anything like that I might post them up here as well just in case someone has some time and wants to go with a group on some fun trips like that.
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    Home! Good time tonight. Thanks terry, this will certainly help with the wear and tear on my kitchen floor
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    You know if a guy didn't obey all the laws of the road like I do: he would not even need to make one turn on that stretch of road 😎
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    Took the long way home today, to the tune of 60+ miles through Chesterfield, down through Eureka, and took the FZ-10 for its maiden voyage on Rock Creek Rd. Most importantly, in all this, I blew past the magical 600 mile break-in period. Just waiting for my oil and filters to get shipped.
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    Date has been pushed back due to Winter making a comeback.
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    The best description I've heard so far is "it looks like a stealth bomber got drunk and f--cked a scooter"
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    replaced the brakes on my car last night. It went fine, but working on small, light weight 2 wheeled vehicles that have been primarily ridden in nice weather, and relatively low mileage, has absolutely ruined me. Any daily driver car maintenance sucks in comparison.
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    When given a choice, take the old "US" Highways instead of "Interstate" Highways for crossing the great plains, or any other locations for that matter. Closer to home, south western Wisconsin is okay and following rivers such as Mississippi and Missouri can give you relief from "I"- 70, 80, 90, etc
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    Depends on the goal for the ride. WEST Scenic, the 2 days crossing the plains isn't a big deal. Sturgis, the Black Hills, maybe even into Montana and Wyoming. Lot's of national parks, and scenic things to see. Harder to find cut-and-thrust roads. Twisty chasing. Your going to want to trailer across the plains to reduce travel from 2 days to around 1. Then, go up into the mountains of CO, mostly south of the I70 corridor. I'd suggest basing out of somewhere from Avon, CO west. The loops will be a little long for a day, but doable, and some nicer twisties. Independance Pass, that kind of thing. If you are going to do a pass, make sure it's PAVED. EAST Scenic, go straight for the Smokie Mountains. Base out of Asheville, and do the Blue Ridge Parkway. Twisty chasing. Closest to Northern IL, that I've experienced would probably be, KY. South of Cinci, and south of Lexington, I've found some interesting twisties. Cinci as I was passing through so really only saw one or 2 roads, and I was trying to make time. Not very successfully. Lexington because the MSTA based a national there, twice, and had some local routes built up. Another place; WV, and SE OH have some great twisty roads. A little challenging because they often go straight over hills that we(the midwest) would usually try to angle around. So corners can hide right over the next hill. I've based out of Marietta, OH and had some great twisty days. Eastern TN, and Western NC also. The draw there, of course, is the Cherahala Skyway and Deal's Gap. There's always Arkansas
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    Why am I getting blamed for everything? But yeah how could you not get umbrella girl pics? Let me guess with that lens you were zoomed in too far?
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    One week more to go. Make sure to get the bikes ready.
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    He wins because you didn't add the cool B's and U with dots
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    I gave her a couple healthy modifications if anyone in particular cares. 😀 Zx9r tail swap, and wheel anodized prior to tire mount, with matching chain.
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    1rst session; light rain 2nd session; heavy rain 3rd session; light rain 4th session; no rain, but damp 5th and 6th; dry and just fine 🏁
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    Very wet in the morning sessions, I didn't think it would ever stop raining. But it cleared up and we had 3 good afternoon sessions. Hoping for more dry sessions tomorrow.
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    Greetings fellas, I was planning on jetting down on Sat night but I had no idea they do demo rides, so I'm going to head down Thurs night. I happen to be from the area before I moved to the STL area and if you would like I know of pretty good bbq down in those parts. I'd love to meet up with y'all down there, be a perfect introduction to the group. If you have a good POC number or would like mine let me know. Thank you https://www.blacksbbq.com/ http://smittysmarket.com/ https://saltlickbbq.com/ https://rudysbbq.com/ Austin needs no tour guide for nightlife but I have long list of good ol Texas Ice houses in the area.
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    Welcome! Love your R6! Had one just like it, and wish I had never sold it. Brought it home April 17,1999. Got to ride it home in a snow storm.
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    Aaron n I rode to Washington for lunch today
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    That’s nothing. Ducati insist that I take it to a dealer to check tire pressures.
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    Thanks Steve from all of us at JMP Cycle Kawasaki. That is an awesome Sport Touring bike. We look forward to hearing where it takes you. Come On Summer!!! Or at least warmer weather.
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    I rode to work this morning. Hit a patch of wet pavement... handlebars started turning to the left but the bike just kept going straight for a half second. Sphincter-contraction hit level 11. Guess the bit of water was a little frozen or something.
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    Riders Discount has 50% off the Arai Corsair X. http://forums.13x.com/index.php?threads/50-off-arai-corsair-x-helmet-sale.351320/ They have the Red Curve, Vinales 1, and Dani Pedrosa.
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    inappropriate content. Self-policed 😈
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    So here is the tentative planning for the Spring Ride. Who: All are welcome! What: Brisk Ride to welcome in the 2018 riding season. Where: Start at QT(391 N Main St, St Peters, MO 63376), Destination Big Muddy BBQ(401 Broadway, Hannibal, MO 63401) When: April 29, 2018 meet at 9:30am, kickstand's up at 10:00am. Ending???????? Why: Why not? And of course Khaled guilt tripped me into it. So there is all the main information. Pace will be everyone's own pace. Route will be determined upon group size. Route may include some gravel(fair warning). I will discuss it more at the April Meeting on Tuesday the 3rd. If you have never been on a STLAR ride please attend the meeting. I am hopeful for beautiful weather, and a awesome ride. Please post your questions (Spring Ride questions(you know who you are!)) And if you plan to attend post it so we have good numbers to plan lunch. And go for the ridicule.
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    And on the Kawi front. Bags, and bag mounts are IN! Match painted panels, are back ordered until some time in June. We're seeing if I can get away without those painted panels, and just tape over the screwdown points for the panels. I really need these bags ON the bike. I got an AR rally to go to in mid May. Gotta figure out what will pack where in these new bags. If all goes well, after work Friday I'll finally be registered, and plated, with MO. Then I'll see if Eric is around to get a baseline set on the suspension.
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    186 This week I started a differant approach. Working out was making me so damn hungry in the evenings, so I stopped working out and not eating anything at all after lunch during the week. Down three lbs so far
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    Got busy so I didn't post up. It rained again, then dried up but got cold for Sunday Despite the weather, it felt good to lean, hang and hold the throttle wide open
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    Easy now, that looks too much like Fall. Let's enjoy Spring and Summer first...
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    Thx for posting them. I’ve been using Sygic app for gps on my phone. I have always had to put waypoints in for route planning. I like the look of the Kurviger app. The only down side I’ve seen is I’ll have to go with the pro version for it to work offline. the up side is its only 10 bucks
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    Might be hard to hold the umbrella when your on the track. 2cents!
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    Imperial Star Ships I think?
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    That's because it is! No motorcycle should pull a trailer. If you can't fit it on the bike. You don't need it.
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    Picking mine up tomorrow!
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    Looks like the new regulations are working, out of four races there has been 3 winners.
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    Starting weight: 172 Last weight: 162 Current weight: 160 Perfect goal: 145-150 Realistic Goal: 155-160 I'm sure Easter will make the number go up.