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    Home safe... had to take a detour on the way home to get off the highway and enjoy some more curvier roads. I-44 was killing me after awhile; and I had some dude in a Viper trying to get me to race him for the better part of 15-20 miles. Thanks for leading Dave, I very much needed the good times.
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    Finally made good on my threats to get another 250 today... sort of. It's a 2015 CBR300R, which I'll be tinkering on to make more trackworthy in the coming months. Might shoot for Gateway in August, but we'll see.
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    Two more pictures at the start:
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    Here's how we started out!
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    For those of you who don't Facebook (or I'm not friends with on F/B)... Despite the weather being pretty crappy - cold, cloudy, and windy - we all survived Saturday. Morning warm-ups were pretty eventful. Track was pretty cold or tires weren't warmed up or both but there were several crashes in free practice Saturday morning. I managed to get some pretty good shots before running into technical difficulties with camera gear. I threw some up in Imgur and here's a few to whet your appetite. Click here for the full gallery.
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    I can confirm 1) the paving of Hwy K from Annapolis to Ellington is holding up beautifully. 2) Eminence Dairy Shack still makes a tasty burger 3) Hwy 19 is closed due to the bridge being rebuilt over Crooked Creak, this is between Salem and Cherryville. But worry not. The detour, VV, to M, to 8 is in very good shape, and isn't boring. 4) 440 sMILEs in a day is still a lot of miles to cover.
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    Home safe, thanks for inviting me out Khaled. Big thanks to him, Stephan & Kathy for helping me out with my busted red leathers. I'm Todd, btw. Black '11 gsxr 750
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    Golly what a great fun night with Bill & Karen at Friendship Brewing meeting new Motorcyclist planning great future rides.
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    Having breakfast across from Joan Mir.
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    When Hitler finds out United breaks guitars:
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    Home safe. Sorry for showing up with a crappy tire. Thanks Kathy and Stephan and Todd for riding back with me. We ended up having lunch in Washington and putted back on 94 with fuel lights on 3 out of the four bikes It was an adventure. I think I am going to transfer the tires off the track bike onto this one (only two days use) and put slicks on the track bike.
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    Axa seems to have a medical condition--he can't seem to get that grin off his face...lol
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    One of them was feeling frisky about 30 minutes ago:
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    It's hard not to be snobby when you're better than everyone else.
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    Personally, I just go with the Johnson's Baby Oil. Not the stuff with Aloe in it though, that's bad for the clutch.
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    We found a scratch on one of Barry's knee pucks. We're not 100% sure but we think he touched down somewhere.
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    Looks like your first in your age bracket LOL
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    I don't think Dave knows any straight roads
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    The guy who deliberately wrecked a motorcyclist and passenger was sentenced to 15 years for aggravated assault. Dude is 69, so, depending on how Texas does parole, the asshat may spend the rest of his life in jail because he didn't want to be passed. Curious if attempted murder was ever considered, given his past convictions. http://jalo.ps/RBOV87k
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    Ok you two, go find a forum that doesn't make me feel inadequate
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    This weekend was AWESOME!!!!! I cannot wait to go again next year, mini van and all!
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    Here is a typical gixxer rider
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    Great race day !!! It was good too see so many motorcycle enthusiasts out and about. Except for the snobby Ducati guys and their special exclusive parking area.
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    Our farm is about 12 miles from Galena and my wife graduated from Galena High School. I know the guy (Terry Miller) that is showing them around US Grant's home. We actually converse on Facebook almost daily. Pretty cool:
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    A little breezy but perfect day other than that. New track surface is awesome! It's like highway A!
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    I always prefer my AC/DC covers to be a bit more high brow.
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    I love this stuff... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnEFeOCf_7s
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    Fun happened on the way home... https://1drv.ms/v/s!Aj1JKDD8hIfRhW2JCvGSxgHoygaN
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    Home safe. Excellent day. Huge thanks to Dave for setting it up and leading most of the way, and Steven for guiding us back to familiar road!
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    Did Todd have both wheels on the ground and riding like an adult?
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    Interesting, however I think the Hit Air vests are better for a few reasons: - Neck protection missing from the A-Star - watch the dummy's neck in the rear-end hit - Looks like tail bone protection is missing too - It uses a battery and thus needs regular replacement (~25 hours of life). That implies an on/off switch to conserve battery life, so you don't want to forget to turn it on (or off, unless you have a spare or two on long out-of-town trips or track day weekends)! I like the good ol' mechanical wire approach on the Hit Airs...just need to remember to clip it to the tether, which the STLAR Hit Air gang are good about checking before rolling off. And of course this would remind anyone who gets one of these to confirm its on. - If leathers are tight already (especially at the start of the season or after a nice, big Bixby lunch), might not fit at all, or be really tight/uncomfortable even without inflation. - But most of all, it appears to need some type of abrupt change (i.e. IMPACT) to actuate it...and with some of the speeds we know happen, would prefer actuation microseconds at the end of the Hit Air tether. My 2 cents...
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    Saturday May 6th Meet at 9:30am, KSU at 10am James W Rennick Riverfront Park 500cc or less First leg - https://www.google.com/maps/dir/38.5610131,-91.0105126/38.4993671,-90.9001408/38.5452716,-91.1335994/38.5349068,-91.1646766/@38.546684,-91.1341914,11.43z/data=!4m31!4m30!1m10!3m4!1m2!1d-91.0052631!2d38.5534782!3s0x87d94e9759b0e8a5:0xdac1bafc6d150335!3m4!1m2!1d-90.8926292!2d38.5159333!3s0x87d937ceda4d2383:0xdb89bed3f5983d3!1m5!3m4!1m2!1d-91.0251548!2d38.4775412!3s0x87d9457e8eac24bf:0x793f58240d3b2e1!1m10!3m4!1m2!1d-91.1413206!2d38.5366037!3s0x87d956cb019eb96d:0x2c3b50f03db87f7f!3m4!1m2!1d-91.1971124!2d38.5010615!3s0x87d957c2191c16db:0xe421903e6522ed92!1m0!3e0 Second - https://www.google.com/maps/dir/38.534926,-91.1645556/38.5674996,-91.0719289/38.5609434,-91.0105908/@38.5571279,-91.0120175,15.28z/data=!4m10!4m9!1m5!3m4!1m2!1d-91.1761067!2d38.5642082!3s0x87d9542a675cc30d:0x3c5befb28dc68597!1m0!1m0!3e0 The ride ends at John G's Beir Deck across the tracks from the park. A chase vehicle will be following in case of breakdowns The park where we are meeting has ample parking for those who are interested in trailering their bike there.I'm posting for a friend and my wife and I are planning on going. I don't know much more than that other than all kinds of bikes are welcome. I figure if anybody wants to meet early at my house in Augusta, I'll cook some breakfast depending on who and how many shows up.
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    By the way, ABI pictures are up.
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    That's my buddy Dave right there. Gives it a twist after he shoves it in.
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    My self-fat-shaming initiative seems to be working. According to 2 different scales I'm down to 190. On those same 2 scales, I was about 197-198 a few weeks ago.
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    I remembered the Hitler video about dragging knee that was posted on the forum some time ago. I Googled it to watch it again, and then found this new one about Hitler and track days. 3:21 had me in stitches. :-)
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    I would have to get a passport as well but I would say it would be very unlikely that I would go. I have grown to want absolutely no part of commercial flying. I'd rather take a canoe.
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    Some of the places we go riding, I expect to see this..
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    Home safe. Awesome day! Thanks Dave!
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    Home. Thanks everyone for coming out. A big thanks to Steven and JJ for taking over the ride after Stu spotted my oil leak.
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    Home safe. Great ride today. It was nice to put some more faces with screen names.