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    I had a minor get off, I missed one session and got back out. @crash and @stiffneck helped me get the bike back up and running in hurry. Overall I had a blast it was an amazing weekend, big thanks to all my STLAR buddies @stiffneck @reed12b and @Dippnet. And I can not thank @crash enough for all the stuff he did to help me get the bike ready for and out to the track and back!!!
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    Heres a little phone conversation to get you familiar with bixby
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    Home safely, thanks Gene for leading. This was a great little ride, just what I needed.
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    It was a "Most excellent weekend"
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    I did a few track days, just not my thing .
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    Anybody else? gonna be ridin big bikes, not little ones, so you'all dont have to worry bout tryin to keep up
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    Wow, it didn't take but one track day and now you want to do it again. It is like an addiction only satisfied by a track day.
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    The bike will be ready this week. The wife may take longer. I knew she would not take the crash well.
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    @stiffneck needs his garage partner
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    A couple of us are riding to Linn. We are meeting at the ZX at Hwy 100/Bluff Rd at 7am with KSU shortly after. Zephyr Express 6791 MO-100, Washington, MO 63090 (636) 239-4525 https://goo.gl/maps/o6gNhmLBe5w I'll be riding the Versys, so I plan on riding my leisurely pace. Post up if you plan on making it.
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    Scars give character 😉
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    I used a very small drill bit to drill the ends of the cracks. Then I drilled holes to zip tie the cracks. I used the smaller bit to drill along the length of the crack so epoxy could go through the holes for greater hold. It’s as strong now as before the wreck. Way ugly though. Way. It’s got its own style I guess
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    I’ve had the parts for a while but didn’t have time to put it together. I had a buddy weld the hole in the tank. Foot brake lever was only very slightly bent and was fixed in the vice. New peg and toe piece. Bought a used swing arm and just installed it today. I forgot that the chain goes through the swing arm so I had to cut it. Not sure if I can get a link or should just replace it. Spent some time sewing the plastic back together with zip ties. I’ll use some epoxy for good measure before I install them. I’ll take some pics in a bit just because of the level of ghetto.
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    WE had Great Ride,Almost. The doe crossing in front of me caused a "Emergency All Stop",but we still had a Great Ride !!
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    Preach it brother!!!! I have been touting Nick Ienatsch "Sport Riding Techniques" since I read it back in 2008... It's available in the St. Louis County Library system... People will always come back with Lee Parks Total Control ... yeah those techniques will help you with control of your bike but if you want to maintain control of your bike but mostly about not "over riding" or pushing your bike. Then they'll come at you with Pridmore way or Twist of the Wrist and they are great too... Twist is awesome but if you really want to understand the math and physics ... get "Sport Riding Techniques" , I read it every year at Christmas time ...
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    Likely will be there +1
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    I keep meaning to pull the forks and replace the seals on the rc51 so I can start track days but everytime I start to I get busy messing with another bike. Speaking of which I sold the z125 a couple weeks ago and bought this12" wheel mini. Its amazing the differance a additional gear and 25 more cc makes
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    I just signed up for Putnam!
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    I could have swore I posted this in here a couple of years ago but danged if I can find it. Sorry if it is a double post, delete if so. I used a cargo strap to compress the springs to get the top cap off and although it worked I figured I would look for something a little more professional the next time I needed to tear my forks apart. I recently developed a bit of a leak in one of my fork seals so I ordered a new seal and started looking around for a spring compressor. I found several online that ranged from about 50 to about 250 bucks. I found some people who made their own and I decided I would make my own but I made mine a little different than any of the others, or actually a cross between a couple plus my own touch that I didn't see on any of the others. I've been wanting one of those heavy duty long clamp devices which is basically what that 250 dollar compressor used. I figured I could use it in my spring compressor and use it as a regular clamp. So I picked up the clamp for about 30 bucks and about 10 bucks worth of other parts and this is what I ended up with:
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    GoPro video from inside the display packaging: Pictures: http://knauer.homeip.net/gallery/maverickfundraiser