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    Just got back into town, this is probably gonna be awkward and all but I DGAF, lol! I want to thank both you guys for being so profesional and awesome to me my first ride with stlar. I've been through alot last year (2016), my best friend since high school was executed in a double homicide downtown, along with another guy I went to school with,....and that puts a lot into perspective for a guy like me. Riding becomes more than just fun. It "leans" more towards therapy. As much as I am nowhere near the riding skill as most of you, how awesome of you guys to wait up and treat me so nice at the end of each intersection. It's the little things in life..... Thanks again.
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    Went for a ride today. Looks like ya'll have been there before.
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    Ride did occur, the ride departed the QT at 9:27 am, arrived Bixby 11:30 am, route FF - O - HH - Project Road - F - 49 - A - 185 - P - C - DD - 32. Perfect weather going down. Coming home trying to beat the rain which started at Potosi was torrential for about 40 miles finally quit on the 21 once the two lane began. Yes it rained, was home at 2:10, bike is washed and back in the shed. See you another time. PS A lot of bikes at Bixby, a lot of out of staters, Goldwings, Harleys, very few S Bikes.
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    Saturday, June 24: Meet at Eureka QT at 9:00. Will leave a little after them, I guess. (actually not a race or competition, but....) If we get there first, we'll play: Will follow this route to Potosi, then P to DD to 32 to Bixby (right?); I didn't find a map all the way to Bixby on the site. https://www.google.com/maps/@37.7288116,-91.0638511,12z/data=!4m2!6m1!1s1xIIbl0IL7CJq4igri19avgzqqkA
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    Well, made it home ok. It was a small puncture in rear tire and was leaking really slow. I just got it changed. Hope everyone's ride was good for the rest of day. Thanks Todd for help.
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    There's really no reason to "drag" a knee on either the street or the track but it does make a good gauge to touch it down occasionally to get a feel for what your lean angle is when you're riding that aggressively. It's also fun to throw a shower of sparks I guess. I "rarely" do it on the street, except in a select few slower corners once in a while. Personally, to get to that level I would suggest working at it at the track. It's MUCH easier to do it there because you are hitting the same set of corners over and over and over and over and you know what's in them and have fewer obstacles to slide into if you get it wrong. But that's just my opinion and don't judge people for how they might choose to ride. For me, turning and going faster became a little easier after the first time I touched a knee down, because I knew that if I was hitting corners and not touching a knee down after that I knew I could go faster. That all of course depends on the radius of the corner, conditions, grip in the corner, and of course risk involved with getting it wrong. The reason it doesn't make much sense to do it on the street is because you usually aren't riding through the same set of corners over and over. Usually when you hit a corner on the street you are hitting it for the first time on that particular day, and conditions in the corner can be drastically different from day to day. You don't know if there is gravel or water in the corner, etc. So on the street you have to leave yourself a MUCH larger margin for error, or you get a helicopter ride. Also, on the street the width of the lane you have to work with is very small compared to on the track where you have at least twice as much lane. You don't have to be as precise and if you exit a little shallow on the track, no big deal. If you exit shallow on the street you end up in the left lane. If you exit wide on the track, no big deal, you ride through the grass, on the street you hit a tree and get a helicopter ride.
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    parts parts parts parts parts
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    Sorry I forgot to post when I got home. I must like hot weather. I was actually thinking about running on the way home. Good ride, thanks Todd. Glad to have another Illinois guy although Jeremiah, there are Chicago area groups closer to you probably 😄 Lastly, to my way of thinking, Cookie Monster looks like he's enjoying himself; Elmo not so much, even with the reach-around.
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    Which reminds me, in!
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    Yesterday was such an awesome day.. Everybody out riding, doing their own thing, and to my knowledge, no significant mishaps... (other than Cho's behind.) See there St. Louis, it can be done. I was out on my own ride but knowing that bunches of my friends and cohorts from forums and Facebook were all out really made my day. Yeah I got chores today but there is still MOTO-GP to catch up on and maybe a little cruse up the River Road later, but this has got to have been one of the EPIC motorcycle week-ends of all time in St. Louis. Thank you all for helping make it that way. //dog
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    New to signing up at STLAR. Have been enjoying the rides with you guys and learning how to ride the back roads properly.And the food is good at the stops.
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    I went to cycle gear at lunch time today. I finally have a decent jacket for riding. Woohoo!
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    Aaron you are quite welcome. But, what me and Speed did with you on the ride that day should be normal behavior for any of the STLAR rides. You are always welcome come out and ride with me!
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    Did you see how much @Irresponsible_Robot drives/rides to the meeting? I wouldn't but he does.
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    The worst part of flying for me is my ear drums pop at altitude. One time I got to talking to the flight attendant about it and she gave me some chewing gum and said it would help. I sure fell for that one!!! My ears still popped the whole flight and it was a miserable experiance getting all that gum outta my ears!
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    My assistant has to be out of town so I cannot (won't) work without one. So, I would like to ride. At this point, it is tentative, based on the weather of course. Destination: Hermann Meet Spot: QT in Weldon Spring Meet Time: 9:30AM KSU: 10AM Pace: Whatever... We will regroup at every stop sign and turn.
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    Home safe... Thanks Mike for leading. Absolutely needed this break today. Took my fun route home so I'm not miserable on 21 the whole way. Other than a wrong turn taking me a few minutes out of the way it was a great route home for me. Stopped off at QT as well to grab a drink and relax for a few minutes. @stiffneck... since we tried looking it up, my route back was: 21 -> E -> CC/Upper Blackwell Rd. -> Hardin Rd. -> V -> JJ -> T -> TT -> 61... which gets you right by I-55. Now it's time to do work.
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    Forgot to post home. Thanks for leading Mike. Great day
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    your enthusiasm is overwhelming
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    In! Aaron... don't worry about pace, you know we wait for everyone. Most likely I'll be in the back as I'm one of the slowest in the group.
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    To be honest, knee position, and even body position is a less important factor than "weight" position on the bike. If the goal is speed, and not photogenics you should be really good at transferring your weight to the optimum spot in relation to the bikes center of gravity for any given situation. When taking a left turn you want to get it off to the left side of the bike, when taking a right turn to the right side of the bike, when accelerating you want your weight forward, when decelerating you want your weight to the rear. Your legs will be doing a lot of work and your feet will be also changing position (inside foot back). You really can't get your maximum amount of weight as far off the bike as possible without having a Marc Marquez like body position. That is, in a corner he's got both the lower half and upper half as far off, and as low (lower center of gravity) as possible. And sticking the knee and elbow out gets just that little bit more weight as far from center as possible, and also acts as a good lean gauge since it's out there. The more weight you can get away from the center of the bike the less lean angle the bike itself has to have for a given speed. That means the bike can go faster before reaching it's maximum lean angle. So I don't think people should be too hung up on exact body position, but think more about weight position for a given situation. Having said that Marq weighs about 50 pounds. I can hang just my butt off and move the overall CG of the bike as much as he does moving his entire body off. Also, I can't get in a crouch like those guys because my belly gets in the way. I still need to take a rubber mallet to my tank to make a belly receptacle.
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    I can start posting more about my top speeds if we're worried about setting a good example. Pretty sure I hit 65 the other day on C!
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    Home. Good ride! Thanks for riding along Aaron! Oh, stay away from Y for a while. Freshly chipped!
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    Amy, Ryan, Chris from MotoE and myself...
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    I would LOVE to get 100 miles before getting a fuel light when delivering parcels.
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    Except that one time...
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    I'm glad you enjoyed the ride. Riding is definitely therapy for a lot of us. Focusing on the present moment makes other issues disappear. Riding is also about the people and not just the motorcycle. I enjoy the lunch and talking as much as riding.
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    Yeah, if you remember my story I listed at $2900 for my '09 650 which is what I really wanted. I didn't want to haggle. Well, everyone got pissed because I wouldn't haggle and it wouldn't sell, so I relisted it at $3300 and they haggled me down to $3100 and I sold it like the next day for $200 more than I really wanted.
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    Wait;in on the ferry
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    I tried to share my mints with dave but he catches like stevie wonder
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    No worries. It's not like you had an expired plate or a plate off a different bike and no motorcycle endorsement on you DL and someone had to pay your bail or anything like that.
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    Booked my room and paid my track day fees, I am committed now. LOL
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    Putting your knee out for me is more about body position and habit from track riding. In those pictures it seems to me that he was going with the goal of dragging knee which is fine. If he got his body off the bike more then he wouldn't have had to lean the bike as much and then wouldn't be dragging knee but would have more traction available to him. In any case it shows that dragging knee isn't always about speed as he is doing it for show. About previous post I must have missed the post that RR had up and I am to new to be able to say why it would be deleted but I have seen in other groups that I have been part of post that include speeds that are kinda high be deleted because they did not want newcomers to get the wrong idea. In any case RR try not to take it hard or as an attack because I haven't even had the chance to meet up with you yet and I am sure it would be my loss if I did not get that chance. Same for you LeanLady.
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    There isn't much I hate more than to have to pull my glove back off just after putting it on to dig my key out of my pocket!
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    Do not forget, hold you breath and pout.
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    I had to look up "DGAF" and "FNG"
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    I had a great time! Thanks Chris!
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    buy it The best way is just to tell Todd he misses his 650, and wants another smaller more comfortable street bike that he could also race in the gt lite class
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    Higher res versions of the photos can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=449112032112264&id=100010404123900
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    Home safe Thanks for leading Todd. Good to see Tom and Chris. Ed beat us there and out of Bixby. That's a fast little Zuma.
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    There are three kinds of people in this world. Those that can count, and those that cant.
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    Thanks Dave for posting and leading ride! Great ride today.
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    The announcer just used a statement I'm gonna steal "They are members of the "FBI"... "The Fast Boys from Illinois" ... Crash and Dozer ... you gotta new nick name.