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    Dont think foir a second Ive given up riding. Between some health issues, home maintenance and repair, and the impending birth of our 1st grandchild, motorcycling has taken a back seat to other necessary activities. As Arnold once said..."I'LL BE BACK!!!"
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    I've watched a couple of his videos.
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    My accessories are all in I guess it’s time to put it back together.
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    Was in Gulf Shores Alabama, swimming.
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    Thank you Nathan, Brandi, and Gene! I periodically go out to the garage, pat the ZRX and Vstrom on their seats, start them up, and grin like an idiot. 3 years later I'm STILL nursing the Father-to Be's '99 SV650. If Eric didnt have time to ride before, I KNOW he wont be riding for a while after the addition to the family has his "Coming Out Party". But I will!!
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    We sure did. There’s always next time.
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    Dang I was so on the fence about riding, I should have came and checked the site. I hope you guys a had a good time.
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    Anyone up for a ride on Sunday? Nathan and I are riding to Bixby or Cuba. If anyone is interested post up and we can work out a meet spot....thinking meet in Eureka around 9:30 with KSU at 10am If no takers we will be leaving from Washington instead.
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    I shall check it out. There are a few good documentaries on Amazon prime. Let’s hope this year we ride more often than being indoors and watching movies.
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    My bike was filthy from the road grimes so i hosed it down and washed it with soap then Air dried it.
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    Excuses excuses. Happy holidays and have a safe trip.
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    I have not sold my bikes, just not interested in riding when the roads are questionable with all the salt and sand they drop when it snows. After a couple more rains the roads should be cleaner. Until the next snow falls!
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    Too bad most of you have sold your bikes or aren’t riding anymore. Today even with the wet roads and threat of rain we had a great day. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone.
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    Happy Birthday BARRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Two very well accomplished racers. I wonder why they didn't ask 93? 😏
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    Lewis Hamilton & Valentino Rossi: The Ultimate Ride Swap https://youtu.be/3V6RQFbsIr4 The Best of Lewis Hamilton & Valentino Rossi's Swap (crash.net) https://youtu.be/6VVF43B_uwc
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