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    Date: 10/27/2019 (Sunday) Meet Spot: QT Eureka Meet Time: Any time before KSU time KSU Time: 9:30 Destination: Who knows?
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    Home safe. Great ride. Thanks Todd.
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    87 million people affected. What's that, 7 cents each?
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    Let me know if something is broke besides the chatbox. I have no idea why it's broke.
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    Culpeppers Grill and Bar 3010 W Clay St, St Charles, MO 63301 https://maps.app.goo.gl/DsHnT  6:30p-??? Come out for the last meet of the year. We'll be handing out awards for best dressed, most miles ridden this season, best food destination, and there'll be formal wear and swimsuit rounds for those who wish to participate. Just kidding... We're just going to drink beer and and have fun.
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    Planning on riding to Hermann tomorrow. Meet Time: About 10 AM (DST ends tonight so make sure clocks are set appropriately) KSU: 10:30 AM Meet Spot: QT on 94 I know it's cold but we are running out of days to ride
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    I missed a good one. On the bright side, Michele has a new-to-her quilting machine 😒 I had to haul it back on the 20 foot trailer - yes it's that f'ing big.
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    Mike said he was about to do the same thing 😂
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    I just remembered that this morning... Either way, we'll make due.
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    Yup. Another good one. Gotta get them in when we can.
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    I will update the first post I do remember but just in case anyone else doesn't
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    I think I can, just got home from work, I'll see if something starts.
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    Okay leaving start time as is. I wouldn't want to leave any later if we're doing Bixby. Bourbon route is shorter.
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    Ops, I thought it was tonight Glad I didn't drive out with out checking first
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    I’m in and I booked Putnam for that Monday.
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    Not really my thing, but ok.... https://www.harley-davidson.com/us/en/motorcycles/future-vehicles/adventure-touring.html
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    I will in private as far as the suspension BS We had a great time on the way down no rain great roads. Day 2 was different 😉 - we figured we would skirt the edge of the storm and we did for a while. Then, on the way to the Cliff House, we saw the clouds but none of us said, hey we should put our rain gear on... It was a good soaking. Out of the Cliff House,we decided to head back instead of dropping down into Jasper for gas. We had dense fog and, Well, one of us only gets 100 miles a tank 😁. SoI stayed with Mr 🦊 and waited while JJ and Dave got gas. While waiting, we started hearing thunder and the skies opened again while we were on the side of the road. This time with rain gear on though 😂 Michele made the wise decision to stay at the hotel for Day 2. Through the whole trip I kept fiddling with my suspension because it never felt half as good as it did before... I was unsuccessful. It's one of those trips that you remember later and talk about the drenching rain and fog and running out of gas... That's the adventure 😁
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    It did rain but it was definitely an adventure today 😁.
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    I will be there. Should be retired by then!!!
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    I never got around to a "facebook" account, a.k.a. facepage, buttbook and liebook. IMO, this is what destroyed "forums".
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    Not going to make it ☹️
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    It is looking more like a not making it situation 😕
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