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    I would definitely be in but running the โ€œZโ€ in Springfield at the first Mimi Moto of the year at Mid-state kart club. Have fun!๐Ÿ๐Ÿ’จ
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    Had a blast! Thanks, Nate! Good to see everyone!
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    Home safe and sound, thanks so much for posting the ride! I had a great day and even though I am an old slow rider I can still have a good time! Per Rever it was 277 miles for me.
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    If he gets his Act together then he will ๐Ÿ˜€
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    Maybe at this point, will be working late Friday into Saturday, been awhile for off shift shizt. It's been sooo long, not sure I remember how to ride
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    For my non-Facebook friends and/or those who just don't do FB... Here's a few of the pics I took from this past weekend. I'm still going through my photos from 2017 so I have no idea when I'll ever get back to these so I figured I'd post a few while I had the time. Imgur Gallery
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    weather permitting Let's meet at QT on 44 and 109 . Time is at 9:00 and Ksu 9;30 Sad part is that this is an official STLAR ride to me and it's well into later part of April ๐Ÿ˜ซ
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    Great ride all. Thanks for posting the ride Nathan
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    Home safe excellent day!! Thanks Nate for setting and thanks to all that showed up.
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    We had a chilly and gloomy start. But it ended up to be an awesome day. Today I realized how much i have missed riding. Thanks to all that showed up and shared the tide with me.
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    no gravel... just some rough road for a while ... take the first paved left after the green EBO sign... the vid shows me taking a right at the start because I blew past the turn the first time. https://youtu.be/H_6_3qcTVvI
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    NEWS - HARLEY DAVIDSON SPEAKS TO "DECLINING BIKE SALESโ€ The reasons for the slump in sales at HD are not President Trump's fault. Apparently the Baby-Boomers all have motorcycles. Generation X is only buying a few, and the next generation isn't buying any at all. A recent study was done to find out why Millennial's don't ride motorcycles: 1. Pants won't pull up far enough for them to straddle the seat. 2. Can't get their phone to their ear with a helmet on. 3. Can't use 2 hands to eat while driving. 4. They don't get a trophy and a recognition plaque just for buying one. 5. Don't have enough muscle to hold the bike up when stopped. 6. Might have a bug hit them in the face and then they would need emergency care. 7. Motorcycles don't have air conditioning. 8. They can't afford one because they spent 10 years in college trying to get a degree in Humanities, Social Studies or Gender Studies for which no jobs are available. 9. They are allergic to fresh air. 10. Their pajamas get caught on the exhaust pipes. 11. They might get their hands dirty checking the oil. 12. The handle bars have buttons and levers and cannot be controlled by touch-screen. 13. You have to shift manually and use something called a clutch. 14. It's too hard to take selfies while riding. 15. They don't come with training wheels like their bicycles did. 16. Motorcycles don't have power steering or power brakes. 17. Their nose ring interferes with the face shield. 18. They would have to use leg muscle to back up. 19. When they stop, a light breeze might blow exhaust in their face. 20. It could rain on them and expose them to non-soft water. 21. It might scare their therapy dog, and then the dog would need therapy. 22. Can't get the motorcycle down the basement stairs of their parent's home.
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    **SOLD** Current Mileage: 3,594 Factory Warranty until November, 2019 or 36K miles New set of Bridgestone tires installed about 1400 miles ago Adult ridden, always garaged, never dropped or wrecked, no track days, just used for weekend rides Premium Package: Gear Shift Assist Pro Cruise Control Ride Modes Pro Forged Aluminum HP Wheels Heated Grips Dynamic Traction Control Dynamic Dampening Control Only a couple extra items: BMW tinted windshield Graves fender eliminator Title in hand If you have any questions or looking for additional information please send a PM or email me at: dsbguy@yahoo.com Thanks for looking
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    I'll be there but,may not ride the entire day.
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    I should be able to make it. Kicking myself all week for talking myself out of riding last weekend.
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    I've ridden with Scott, and this bike truly is as nice as he says. Well cared for, and always looks like he just bought it.
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    Just checked the weather forecast, it will be between 40 to 44 degrees at 9:00 AM. It will be in the 50s most of the day. Better put on an extra layer!
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    Tow it behind your car