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    Looks like we're keeping the site/forums around.
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    https://www.indianapolismotorspeedway.com/news-multimedia/news/2019/09/12/motorcycle-racing-returning-to-ims-in-august-2020-with-motoamerica-2019 Good to see they kept the same weekend as MotoGP was on. I never did it, but the downtown event was a good match for the racing event.
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    Greetings from Hartford City Hoosierland. Sorry been absent, but life got really really busy, as some know I got married, and bought a Goldwing. Sold the Goldwing and bought another Blackbird (a really really nice one)The rest of the story is I had to do dirt work around our house to have the ground drain around the house instead of into the garage and into the basement, that was a party in itself. I rebuilt the garage and insulated it and installed A/C and Heat blah blah made it nice. I bought a truck (big semi truck) in January and been really enjoying owning a big truck. I am making a decent living doing it but geez I need to eat less, gaining weight has been a big issue, although I like food so it is a battle. I finally bought a chatterbox X1 headset hope you all still use them, look forward to one day taking a weekend and coming out there for a Bixby or Hannible ride. I did leave Facebook due to, well politics, and the uge to blab on stuff that I should not really get bent on was too strong and I am much happier not seeing all that social stuff, and all over all. Not to mention Zuckerbergs attitude that he is allowed to do whatever he wishes with our info. I do miss you guys and the rides. I hope all are well and think about all that I know, every time I look at my bike and reminisce on the good days. One day we will be out there before it gets too cold out, soon I hope. At least I get to see some action from there watching Todd's Videos and trollin' from afar that way. Hope to see you all Soon. ~Brandi aka Aphrodite
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    Who's going to the last MCRA event of the year? They really need some more riders to come out, the attendance has been low this year. I will be there both days! And setting up on Friday afternoon.
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    I'll be there and riding both days 🏁
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    Had a super good time at Mid-state kart club in Springfield Illinois last weekend. Lucky enough to get 2 3rd place finishers in the main events. One more round to go October 13.
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    Sounds like we might need to plan a road trip!
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    AAAAAANNNNNNDDDDD not chords! yay😎
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    WHO would want to see Marquez ??????
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    Yeah, but you can't see Mark Marquez!
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    I might go, I’m thinking about it 🤔
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    Great day!!! Thanks for leading guys!
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    Another great day spent with an awesome group of friends. JJ thanks for setting up the ride and everyone have a great week. 😇
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    Home safe , Great day !! Thanks to all for a good day of fun !!
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    Changed the meet location and time... Looks like some other hooligans from IL are going.
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    Probably see you down there... but I'll be going a little slower... have fun
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    FYI. aside from that I don't have FB anymore the reason I don't are are for the reason I would hate to see STLAR go there. None of my business since I have been absent anyway I guess. I did vote a NO though. 1. Zuckerberg says FB owns all content and can so what ever they choose with that content and statistics. He did not mind paying a multi-billion dollar fine for violating the laws doing so either. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/12/technology/facebook-ftc-fine.html 2. His organization could close the group anytime, if he/they deems it to be done for whatever reason, justified or not. 3. Should something happen to the FB or the FB group and a number of people were exclusively there, well would they find their way to the STLAR website. 4. What would happen to the STLAR website?
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    I almost did the hill climb out at CCDR!
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    They no longer purr when you put a bunch of holes in the exhaust canister Growl more like it.
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    I have less than zero interest in electric anything. I gotta hear that engine purr
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    You just love to hate him. He's like the Dallas cowboys (of the 70's) on wheels.
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    Yes, it’s a lot shorter than going to Austin. Easy to make a weekend out of this!
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    Thanks for taking care of this Jason 🏁
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    Destination: TBD Meet up Location: Eureka QT Meet: 8:30 KSU: 9:00  Looks like it is going to be a nice day tomorrow.
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    I had a great time, thanks making it out!!
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    Destination: Bixby When: Saturday, 9/7 Meet: 9:30a @ Arnold QT KSU: 9:45a
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    Looks like I missed a good one and a rare Dozer sighting on a STLAR ride.
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    Home. Great ride/lunch!
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    Aaaaaannnddddd home... only about 200 miles but weather was perfect.
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    As soon as they get the refueling/range thing figured out I'll be ready.
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    In + 1 Debating on tires because I'm less than halfway through the current set and the Angel GTs seem to last.
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    In, made my reservation. Fully admit to backing out if weather is going to suck ass.
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    I hope your doing good, I tried calling a while ago will try again soon.
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    I like the trailer behind it Those look like their ancient. May be @GSXR55 can show them how it's done with a more modern version
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    I'm glad you're doing well @Aphrodite and congratulations on all of the changes in your life.
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    Thanks for the wishes guys. Sorry for the lack of response. I moved to Knoxville and forgot to check in here every once in a while!
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    Maybe he's better off. My music folder contains thousands of my wife's songs; too many to delete out. Right when we get on a road like 125, instead of ZZ Top or something, I get Barbera Streisand... I really need to fix that!
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    I came to stlar in spring 2013 as a freshman in college. I had my 1995 EX500 Ninja. I learned so much about friendship, riding, and bike maintenance from all of you. I bought a speed triple that was out of my league shortly after joining. Thanks to the members of this group, I was able to maintain and safely ride it. If I'm being honest, I did not like or enjoy my time at school. I had some dark feeling times. I didn't like most of my peers, and I didn't care for STL city. I never felt like I fit in or shared interest. This (STLAR) was my home. You were my second family. I've had numerous people in this group go above and beyond for me. Today I received news I passed my North American Pharmacy Licensure Exam (NAPLEX). It's the board exam for pharmacists. Several times I wondered how I would ever make it this far. You guys and gals rooted for me and believed in me from the start. There were several times I doubted myself. There were nights I couldn't sleep, and wondered how/if I was even going to make it through school. STLAR was my getaway. Talking on the site, making rides on the weekend, it was my escape. I was pissed off my Triumph left me stranded on the way to Bixby but I got a tow home, and a garage to store my bike in thanks to this group. I even got help fixing it up. I was pissed off we got tickets in Hardin IL, but I laugh about it now. There are random meaningless parts from several rides that I remember vividly. Thank you to every single one of you that interacted with me, and made these memories with me. There are no groups that can replace you. I still plan to return once in a while, and make some non-member rides. Really, I wanted to extend my gratitude for STLAR's hospitality. I learned so much about my riding, my bikes, the meaning of friend's, and myself. Thank you.
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    We didn't seem to miss any turns once Dave showed up!
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    https://www.nomartirechanger.com/Articles.asp?ID=256 This is using the No Mar tools ... the concepts are the same. Bead Breaking... Compressing the tire in the right places... lube... lube is your friend. How To's at the bottom of the page.... watch the extras... they are funny.
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    For a long time people have been asking for a "Dislike" button. The new board software kind of allows for that. Up until now you have been able to hit the "Like" button now there is a green up arrow instead for posts that you like and a red down arrow for posts that you don't . Remember that you shouldn't "dislike" something someone says unless you really mean to. That is ... "dog says... I'm not riding today" If you are "sad" that dog is not riding you might be inclined to click the dislike button but that's not what it's for... The dislike button means you really are "displeased with this post". There is nothing really about this that is for more than just fun but it's something to try out. Let me know how you "LIKE" it. Oh and the results end up on your reputation page so most are starting out with a bunch of "LIKES" already since that's all you had so you've got a long way to go to be "disliked".
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