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    Congradulations to Barry, had his lowest ET ever, today mid-day session. Thanks to all that came out, first time on track for me since last year.
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    Matt & I will be THERE !!!
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    I hate facepage...
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    MCRA Gateway August 3rd - 4th is right around the corner! I'm planning on being there both days. Anyone else planning on going?
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    Great job Barry! Glad you made it out Chris! It sure was a nice weekend and good to see Albert and Gene. Weather was perfect!
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    I am planning to be there both days!
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    I've been out of town the past 2 weeks for work and vacation and purposely put down my phone for the most part while on vacation last week. Looks like there was never a post for the monthly meeting... (*cough* @ZRX4ME, @stiffneck, @GSXR55 *cough* ). Judging by the lack of activity or posts from anyone pining for the meeting this month, I'm questioning if we should cancel it this month. I should be able to make it tomorrow but I don't want to be sitting there by myself so if enough folks are up for it, we can have one.
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    I would go but will be in Sonoma for next weekend’s Moto America race.:)
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    I'll drop my trailer off Friday, if it's needed, might do Sunday, few laps, not sure yet.
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    The brakes are great! Flushed it out again to be sure there was no debris in there. On Saturday morning last time out, I had air in my brakes and the brake bleeder kit I had was aerating it instead of really bleeding it. Lost a ton of time and couldn't pass tech for the first session. Gene skipped out on his first session too just to help get me on track. So @cyclesailor was my weekend MVP!
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    I will try to make it but not 100%. Crazy week.
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    I was planning on making it...
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    Lunch in Hernann... sorry to miss this.
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    I’m thinking about going.......When is this again?
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    Here are some of my favorites from the weekend. Credit to @Morbo for these two great shots! My wife took the rest of the pics. @jjester @reed12b