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    I made it! I am now a racer:)
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    I had an amazing time, I got to hang out with and ride with some good buddies. @Rhoms15 @reed12b @Dippnet @crash @Eternalodyssey @cyclesailor @MaximumJEFF
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    I am riding bicycles on Saturday hopefully if the weather holds. So, that frees up my Sunday for riding Meet Spot: QT in Eureka Meet Time: 9:00 AM KSU: 9:30 AM Destination: Bixby Pace: I am riding a naked retro bike, so definitely slower than the old me. Of course this is weather dependent but I think it's only supposed to rain Saturday night.
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    I just beat the rain too. Good call JJ.
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    Hey look, pictures! https://photos.app.goo.gl/XkR65vZHE8oDAVcE9
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    Nice little ride today I'm glad I came out.
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    Culpeppers Grill and Bar 3010 W Clay St, St Charles, MO 63301 https://maps.app.goo.gl/DsHnT  6/4, 6:30-???
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    You got some really nice shots!
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    Nah, it was a momentary lapse of navigation on my part. Then I thought maybe slip in a little back road I used to use to get to work. But, then I looked south. NOPE! Rain just started here as I was checking my oil, so all dry and safe. Tech tip, though. Anodized aluminum dipsticks may look great but they transmit ALL the heat from the motor into your fingers, if your not quick enough. Nice 155 mile day overall. Thanks for posting it!
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    Home safe. Thanks for coming out. Thank you JJ for leading and sorry Steven, I didn't even see you turn off at Mid Rivers. I didn't say bye.
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    Up and moving. Should be there.
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    Well, maybe Mennonite - He does drive and ride mechanized machinery
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    I am in and ready to go!
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    Matt and I are riding both days. I will try to be there Friday afternoon.
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    I'm in and I'm planing to get there with early enough to help setup.
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    Who is going to Gateway next week? Come early on Friday and help setup the track. I try to get there by 2. The track has security overnight and no trailers may leave after dark, so I feel comfortable dropping off my stuff after setup.
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    There is a few of us riding. Don’t be afraid to come out and watch:)
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    Call me if you get lost, you will have to take the back way into Pere Marquette park.
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    She's a beauty... I'll be cruising the Missouri here in a few days...