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    The weather is looking good this Sunday! Anyone up for a ride? I have not gotten out yet this year, I am really wanting to go riding. UPDATE - Meeting at the QT at 40 and 94 in St Charles. 10:00, KSU at 10:15! UPDATE - Meeting changed to Washington at hwy 47 and 5th st by 11. FINIAL UPDATE - CANCELLED
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    World Super Bike 2019 Season Kicked off a few weeks ago. And OMG!
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    round 2 is this weekend. its going to be a hot one.
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    https://www.pentestpartners.com/security-blog/gone-in-six-seconds-exploiting-car-alarms/ After purchasing and fitting several high-end ‘smart’ alarms to cars, costing ~$5,000, it was discovered that two of the largest aftermarket alarm systems have critical security flaws that allow: The car to be geo-located in real time The car type and owner’s details to be identified The alarm to be disabled The car to be unlocked The immobiliser to be enabled and disabled In some cases, the car engine could be ‘killed’ whilst it was driving One alarm brand allowed drivers to be ‘snooped’ on through a microphone Depending on the alarm, it may also be possible to steal vehicles