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    A picture paints a thousand words. I think that a lot of other people I didn't understand this at first, and tried to jam a bike into a left hander by cranking the bars left (counter clockwise). To quote Arnold in one of his movies, "Big Mistake!"
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    I'm out. Im washing my hair that day. Plus I'm more of a justin bieber fan. Not really.
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    I can take all you, and if you catch up I will James Bond you with oil...
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    Stock 'o7 not necessarily, old tires/new tires/touring tires and it come down to one thing... ...ride your own ride... but no one can if I am in front, sprinkling you all with oil Jus saying.
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    Im still new to the club. My first ride with them they were waiting maybe 3+ minutes for me. Now its maybe a 2 minute wait on a more spirited ride. You move up slowly and if you are patient you move up safely. You move up quickly you crash and you stop moving up or moving at all. Like RR (I notice I say this a lot hahaha) ive been in a ditch waiting for people, holding screaming people down, it gets old fast. Ride your own ride and you'll be surprised how much youll improve... I hope this is some consolation if you really do hate us...or them With that said, hope you had fun today and cant wait to see you out there! Always good seeing new member and meeting new riders.
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    Not sure if your pissed or not? Thing is I did tell you that I have a tendency to give lots of advice to new (especially first ride riders) ! I also mentioned that after a ride or two I normally relax a bit , and that most of the other typical ride leaders don't get on your case like I do and I'm not a typical example of the club. Also if you recall I said more then once that nobody cares if they need to wait a few minutes for anyone and that you should just ride your own ride . You know that me and Tom were taking turns leading you so you would have an example to watch. We were both trying to set a pace that was right for you and we were both picking it up since you requested faster. On The return on P you passed me in the straight and when I asked you said you did not want the rest to wait for you. Trust me on this we don't care and we have a don't need to wait ride about 1/20th of the time so it's the standard STLAR ride if waiting is involved. After that I decided to let you go on your own for a bit to see if I was way off on the pace I was setting for you. Well no you went wide and got within 6 inches of the right shoulder with the standard remaining lean angle not being utilized. You did better today then many on your first ride but with two weeks or whatever of motorcycle experience you need to consider that someone waiting for you has got to make sense - how could it not? You may have just been kidding but my sense of humor is a bit week but keep in mind that I have sat in ditches with people over twenty times listening to them screaming and also that others on this site are way more relaxed then me! Carry on RSD Hope to see you on another ride as long as you drop the (I don't want them to wait thing).
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    Bummer I was just thinking of posting this video again www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfbAFgD2mLo JK
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