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    For those that get one :)
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    I've been watching past races to get my fix. The Sepang test is the 6th,7th & 8th of this month. I'm really excited to see and hear a group of the new Triumph 765's. The new RC213V looks like the size of a 600
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    I’m down 33lbs. My race suit is so loose now it’s awesome.
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    Crap.... I just realized, I need to create the 2019 member badges. I'll try not to make them look like bandaids this time, okay @Speed?
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    Happy Birthday Mike, I hate to be late at things like this! Just like I hated when my girl friend was late with her period!
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    Finally got around to replacing swing arm ($50 used) so that I have rear stand spools, since one of the brackets 'broke'. Got new chain ($50) and borrowed Todd's (who's he right?) Chain breaker/riveter. Had to buy special tool ($18 + 3 weeks from China) to remove pivot 'nut', which any one can borrow it you ever need; different than the one used on a Kawasaki - mine would work on kaw but not the other way around. Took about 4 hours. Not too bad.
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    Happy Birthday ED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Happy birthday Ed. 🏍🎁
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    14 is good! I added 2 miles yesterday so I'm at 34, a bit of headstart on February ...
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    I'm going to try to run 365 miles this year. Already on track to do 730, but that's unlikely to last.
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    You remembered? Thank you 😁
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    HBD! Hope you have a great day:) Thanks for watching out for me!
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    Here I go againπŸ™„ 193 lbs Goal: 170
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    Look at all them sport touring motorcycles. Resistance is futile, lol
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    Awesome ride today really enjoing the fz07
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    300+ miles... Thanks for posting and leading Nathan, most excellent day...
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    Thanks to all who showed up for a great ride today. I have never been on a long distance ride in the month of January. πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
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    252.4 miles door-to-door. Saw as low as 34 and as high as 60 deg. A great January riding day. Thanks for suggesting this Nathan! Good to see all those that shared the day.
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    I plan to dispose of all chocolate shortly. Hopefully can run 3 miles every other day. Only 36 minutes (and hopefully less soon).
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    Good News!!!! "We are excited to announce that the Riders Discount brand will continue to deliver the best service in the industry. Based on the outpouring of good will from our customers and friends, the new company will continue to offer the same great service forum members and riders everywhere have come to expect into 2019 and beyond. How are we going to do this? For starters, many of the same people who had been part of Riders Discount in years’ past have returned. Furthermore, TJ will continue to be your direct contact in this new company. We have quite a bit of work to do, so we ask for your patience and understanding while we take care of some details in order to offer the best service in the industry! We expect to have the transition fully completed in six weeks. While we won't have our sub-forum here, you can always call us on 866.931.6644, send a note to forums@ridersdiscount.com or PM Riders Discount directly, as always. The level of service we offer to this community will never change! Lastly, we want to offer a big thank you to all of our awesome customers that have reached out to us over the past few weeks. It was truly heart-warming and perhaps the biggest factor in doing everything possible to keep the Riders Discount brand alive. With gratitude for your kind patronage, The Riders Discount Team"