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    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Hope everyone has a good and safe Holiday with your friends and families. I also hope to be seeing more of all of you in the future:)
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    Lol. I actually did "finish" it. It made me feel like I was going to die Power wheelied 1st 2nd and 3rd when it came on the pipe. I rode it to school frequently. It was an awesome contraption, albeit terrifying. Before I moved back to KY I sold the engine and some other bits, and scrapped the rest. Wish I could have kept it but I'd get the cops called on me constantly in my subdivision if I tried to ride it around here. Neighbors wouldn't take kindly to a 2 stroke screamer ripping through our subdivision . I actually had the cops called on me a few times for riding a 50cc honda scooter "too fast" once or twice. So rest in piece. This DID make me want a 2 stroke bike of some sort. And brought back fond memories of an old Yamaha Blaster quad I used to have. Video clip below https://i.imgur.com/jET8owc.mp4
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    Also, mark your calendars, for January 24th-27th will be the St. Louis Car & Motorcycle Show.
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    Happy Thanksgiving !!!!!!!
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    MotoGP is offering pre-season videopass for 1€. Now would be a great time to try it out if you are interested in it. Enjoy up to 4 months of MotoGP™ VideoPass for a very special one-off price The first Official Test of 2019 has just finished in Valencia and now comes an unmissable opportunity to secure VideoPass access for all of what remains of 2019 Pre-Season, for only €1! For just €1, the Black Friday offer grants you full VideoPass access for the entire 2019 Pre-Season so that you can follow all the Official Tests, including: Jerez Test: 28th - 29th November Sepang Shakedown: 1st - 3rd February Sepang Test: 6th - 8th February Qatar Test: 23rd - 25th February In addition, you can access all of motogp.com’s OnDemand video content. Offer valid until midnight (CET) of November 25th! http://www.motogp.com/en/news/2018/11/22/black-friday-watch-the-entire-pre-season-for-only-1/280056
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    Happy Thanksgiving !!!! Anyone interested in riding Saturday the 24th ????
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    Hope you were able to get out today. I was out for a few hours but I'm battling a cold so I just putt-putted around my area and took it real easy.
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    Happy turkey day everyone. Leftover for the next few days 🥗🌽🥦🥑🍞🥟
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    You be up and running before you know it. Good luck with it.
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    Already renewed my Video Pass for 2019... I've always waited until just before the first GP of the season... I'm looking forward to seeing what the off season has to offer... especially since I'll be pretty much flat on my back for 2 months. Needed something.
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    DP was a favorite of mine too, as the "little engine that could".
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    No pain... No gain... Additionally, look into seeing a Chiropractor and all the way down to having your feet/shoes checked out 🏁
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    I know Dani didn’t get any MotoGP championship but still in my eyes he is a winner. He truly was too small for the bug bikes.
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    Ride but do the work not just stretches.
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    I’m doing all different kind of stretches. I know i will heal and it will take time. I just wanted to know if anyone still rides even though they are in pain.
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    Shovel snow then you have a reason for. Actually I lie on stomach and arch feet and head up and rock back and forth.b also push-ups. Gws.
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    As winter start come in, the motorcycle show is looking more and more tempting.
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    Happy belated @Dippnet !!
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    I find this thoroughly amusing.
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    I'd think we can get rid of all 5 and not lose much; would have to setup paypal so that we just go in directly and pay STLAR. Otherwise, without competent IT help (Jason/Galen), we'd foul the thing up if we do some upgrades. 'All you gotta do is .....' I don't think a private FB is an equivalent; it would mostly just be a big whatever-thread. And, we'd lose all the rich history that's out here... Plus this forum costs very little, or I might have a different opinion. We just gotta liven it up a bit again; perhaps some harsh criticism/belittling and of course extreme profanity is in order? Why the fuck would anybody take a little tiny deer anyway? LWSFPOB (Left Wing Snowflakes For Protection Of Bambi)....
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    I'm really hoping Sykes + M division can bring a fight to Rea. Would make WSBK pretty awesome!