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    Didn't want to post whore in the other threads for fear it would be in poor taste or detract from the purpose of those threads. Haven't been able to get up to see him due to work, family obiligations, and last minute trip planning, hoping to visit him when I'm back in St. Louis later this week.
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    Celebrated 14 year anniversary with my wife today. Went out for nice long ride this morning through House Springs - Eureka - Chesterfield. Wanted to get a few pics from the GoPro but all I could ever get was her head poking over my shoulder. Perfect weather in the morning. Ended our day by making the long-ass trek up to Grafton to do the ziplines and have some dinner at Piasa Winery. Never even close to dragging a knee with her but she enjoys the twisty roads as much as I do.
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    On the calendar And it's official, I am riding again, as of yesterday (May 30th) about 15 miles worth near home on the Tiger
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    Thanks, I am too young to actually retire but too old to have much of a chance at getting a job making the same money. But I hated my job and decided life is too short to be miserable all the time.
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    Today is 1 year since Kirk's accident. Kirk has made a lot of progress and is still making progress but still has a ways to go. You go Kirk! Love ya buddy!
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    This belongs in the what ever thread. I now have a kid. Kara Nicolle Born Today at 4:21 pm 6lb 13 ounces. Everyone is doing well.
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    I just did something I have never done in 43 years of working, I got mad and quit my job. Oh well I will have lots of time to go riding.
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    So I am going up Cycle Gear to get a set of speakers for a frs radio to wire into my helmet. I was helped by this younger gent, who seemed much to smart to working in retail, but hey he probably does it for the kicks. Mango helps me find a headset, he noticed that my gloves were showing the age with a split seam, he let me know about the lifetime warranty on the gloves, finds me a new set. Little bit of paperwork, and off on down the road. Too bad the head set uses a usb port instead of a 4 pole 3mm jack, no worries on that though. Awesome Job! Glad we have Case working the counter up there. Internet High Five to you Mango...
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    Wow is pretty much all I can say! I can't believe the difference just between yesterday and today. I am sooooooo happy with the progress we've seen in the last few days. Still a very long road ahead but man, what an amazing day. Stephan and Kathy, wish you could have stayed just a little longer. Michelle and Kirk got hooked up via Skype (or Facetime, or whatever it was) and were able to see and talk to each other and tell each other they loved each other. I had a hard time keeping the tears back. Kirk was able to see his new baby daughter with his mom and dad, aunt and sister in the room. Quite an unbelievable day!! Khaled and Michele stopped in and was there when I left. Ran into Galen just getting onto the elevator and I think Tom was stopping back in this evening. Seriously happy!!
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    This was the session right before the race: I was having a lot of fun.
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    I just wanted to share my experience today. Dave (whatarush) came out this morning and put a windshield in my new (to me) truck. Great fast service, great price, and great finished product. I am very satisfied and would recommend using him for any of your auto glass needs. Thanks again Dave!
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    Speed3 and Speed Triple. 2 peas in a pod shoutout to axa for driving me to get the bike last week. And speed for giving it a home while I didn't have one
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    So, this has been happening since about Thanksgiving. Some guys buy Corvettes when they hit their "mid-life crisis", I just buy another motorcycle. Phase 1. Pretty standard accessories. Phase 2. A little more involved. The Daytona and the Street Triple share the same rear subframe. If you happen to find someone who is converting his 2014 Daytona 675R, in Crystal White, into a race bike, they may sell you the tail, seat, and appropriate bolts for a good price. Then, I just have to drill, and tap, 6 new holes, though I got away with 4. And get a seat cowl kit for the passenger seat. Oh, and take off the passenger pegs. As well as mount an R&G tail tidy, with Rizoma Zero LED blinkers. There's more to come. But, this was the major change.
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    Nothing on the news this year, Ferguson has made these idiots seem tame.
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    I heard the sound of freedom today got to see some cool old planes and the little getinandflylikehellicopters in the museum. pic of the sign in the condo room we're staying at
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    I was with Kirk til I got kicked out at 9:00. We called Michelle and told her good night and all that mooshy stuff. He was lifting his legs out of his wheel chair to the floor today and lifting them back in. He seems to be showing an improved range of motion from both legs. Yay. More work to be done on the speech/physical therapy side but getting closer every day.
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    Daddy meet Chloe Kathleen: Thanks to Drew for the Get Better Maverick shirts for the family!
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    REDBONE and Reed12b I have your shirts, will have them with me at Big St Charles bike night this Thursday and also the MCRA General meeting tuesday night if you're able to make it to either one of those events, if not get with me to set up a time to pick them up. Thanks to everyone who bought a shirt, raised $250!
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    Thanks to Anthony Dean for donating all his profits ($301) at the track today! I gave it to Amy this afternoon. He's the Bridgestone/Michelin dealer at the track (in addition to a very fast racer). His wife is the one who sung the National Anthem this weekend. Thanks Anthony!!!!!
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    turned in my last final for the semester no to long ago and NOW I'M OFFICIALLY INTO THE PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM!!! The way my school is set up is kind of weird but basically, I'm done with undergrad and into grad school!
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    Theres something wrong with your picture, I uploaded the correct one below...