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    Didn't want to post whore in the other threads for fear it would be in poor taste or detract from the purpose of those threads. Haven't been able to get up to see him due to work, family obiligations, and last minute trip planning, hoping to visit him when I'm back in St. Louis later this week.
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    Celebrated 14 year anniversary with my wife today. Went out for nice long ride this morning through House Springs - Eureka - Chesterfield. Wanted to get a few pics from the GoPro but all I could ever get was her head poking over my shoulder. Perfect weather in the morning. Ended our day by making the long-ass trek up to Grafton to do the ziplines and have some dinner at Piasa Winery. Never even close to dragging a knee with her but she enjoys the twisty roads as much as I do.
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    So I am going up Cycle Gear to get a set of speakers for a frs radio to wire into my helmet. I was helped by this younger gent, who seemed much to smart to working in retail, but hey he probably does it for the kicks. Mango helps me find a headset, he noticed that my gloves were showing the age with a split seam, he let me know about the lifetime warranty on the gloves, finds me a new set. Little bit of paperwork, and off on down the road. Too bad the head set uses a usb port instead of a 4 pole 3mm jack, no worries on that though. Awesome Job! Glad we have Case working the counter up there. Internet High Five to you Mango...
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    Wow is pretty much all I can say! I can't believe the difference just between yesterday and today. I am sooooooo happy with the progress we've seen in the last few days. Still a very long road ahead but man, what an amazing day. Stephan and Kathy, wish you could have stayed just a little longer. Michelle and Kirk got hooked up via Skype (or Facetime, or whatever it was) and were able to see and talk to each other and tell each other they loved each other. I had a hard time keeping the tears back. Kirk was able to see his new baby daughter with his mom and dad, aunt and sister in the room. Quite an unbelievable day!! Khaled and Michele stopped in and was there when I left. Ran into Galen just getting onto the elevator and I think Tom was stopping back in this evening. Seriously happy!!
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    Whole lot of skills in that video. Wow!
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    To get mushy for a minute, I posted this on my fb wall and I know some of you aren't on there and some of you are included in this. ... So with all the negative things going in right now, I actually have a LOT to be Thankful for this year.... As many of you know, I went through the TOUGHEST time in my life this year... I literally almost died on my motorcycle on April 26th and yet it makes me realize the great things in my life... 1st is my baby, Karen Falbe.. she did more for me that I could never ever explain, and didn't expect anything in return except me to heal and get healthy...I LOVE YOU BABY. .. 2nd our fur-baby Buddy was by my side the whole time once I came home... 3rd my bosses Steve and Sue Nemish... when a lot of jobs would've let someone go if they couldn't work for 6 month, they saved my job for me AND kept my insurance going when they didn't have to.. I love them for that... 4th EVERYONE that donated to Karen and I during the fundraiser that my friends put on for me... it seriously let me focus on healing, when I saw that weight lift off Karens shoulders... I can't explain to you guys what that meant to us.... I'm literally tearing up as I write this.... I LOVE YOU GUYS MORE THAN YOU'LL EVER KNOW... I have some really good friends in my life, and THAT I'M THANKFUL FOR.... I never felt alone going through all that.. EDIT: I don't know how I did this, but I didn't mention my family... THE BEST MOST SUPPORTIVE FAMILY THERE IS!! I love you guys. .. Matt, Josh, Becky, Karen, and William.. and I can't leave out my mother, Debbie, that's not on fb.... sorry, it must've been my TBI! LOL sorry. . I'll stop being mushy now... just please know that I appreciate you all.. and I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Just for you... Cell phone or camera can't do it justice. Tried every setting on both. And your namesake... Fast little suckers. Barely got a picture, kept running out of frame.
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    My A-10 - 79-0173 in 1988 at Myrtle Beach Air Force Base My assistant crew chief (also a Todd) and I went the extra mile on this airplane. This was right after getting a fresh coat of paint. We also painted the letters on the tires to give them that white letter tire look. We polished the hubcaps and the ladder to a mirror finish. It most likely was the sharpest A-10 in the inventory and our plane was selected to be the Wing Commander's plane. I traveled around to a few airshows with it during that time. I ended up getting Crew Chief of the year in 1989 for Myrtle Beach Air Force Base. Much credit goes to my assistant crew chief for that! I make a short appearance at 41:08. Also, I had worked on F-16s (including the Thunderbirds) when I was stationed at Nellis AFB at Las Vegas from 1981-1983. I also worked on F-4E and F-4G models at Spangdahlem Air Base in West Germany (before the wall came down) in 1983-1986.
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    Went to Niehaus cycles today and this followed me home:) The riding position is perfect for my old ass shoulders.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Hope everyone has a good and safe Holiday with your friends and families. I also hope to be seeing more of all of you in the future:)
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    Thank you to these veterans for escorting Lana's uncle Virden to his resting place. Uncle Virden was a veteran of Pearl Harbor and the battle of the bulge. #?? #thankyouguard
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    ? Happy Thanksgiving to all my STLAR friends. Enjoy and be safe! I am thankful to know this group
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    It's like riding a bike ?
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    First track day ever - 2012 Dom was there EDIT: Not Dom in the picture though.
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    I can confirm 1) the paving of Hwy K from Annapolis to Ellington is holding up beautifully. 2) Eminence Dairy Shack still makes a tasty burger 3) Hwy 19 is closed due to the bridge being rebuilt over Crooked Creak, this is between Salem and Cherryville. But worry not. The detour, VV, to M, to 8 is in very good shape, and isn't boring. 4) 440 sMILEs in a day is still a lot of miles to cover.
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    Home safe, thanks for inviting me out Khaled. Big thanks to him, Stephan & Kathy for helping me out with my busted red leathers. I'm Todd, btw. Black '11 gsxr 750
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    "Cool story, bro" time... Went to a charity thing for a buddy's family this past weekend. It was for the buddy's cousin who passed away due to illness earlier this year. This is Jefferson county so think lots of fun, drunk rednecks around. Ended up winning a new Benelli "Super Black Eagle 3" shotgun. I know zilch about shotguns so the 'cool factor' was lost on me. Ended up winning it (off 1 ticket no less, pissing off the guys who dropped $100+ on tickets ). Gave it to the cousin's father since hunting was a passion they both shared. The dad, along with half my buddy's family were tearing up, coming up to me and giving me hugs or shaking my hand. Those who know me know I'm anxious about lots of attention and displays of emotions around strangers. Not a germophobe, just massive social anxiety. My buddy came over and hugged me saying he & my wife were laughing at how awkward and uncomfortable I looked which is why he came over and hugged me too. I ended up getting a call from the father a few days later to thank me again and apologizing since he knew he was pretty intoxicated. He is planning on customizing it and getting it engraved as a memory of his son when he goes hunting. My buddy just texted me to give me shit saying I'm more welcome at the family parties than he is now.
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    Some pics from "Valley of Fire". Had to add a Crash saying for good luck for the ride.
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    Got out for a bit yesterday to ride and brought my camera with me. Most of my favorite spots were chained up or otherwise inaccessible so I went to my old favorite Ameren UE site on the Meramec River in Oakville. Been there a few times and finally had them tell me I was trespassing and needed to leave. Didn't care... only frustrating part was I was well within site of the security gate and they watched me ride up, scope out the surroundings, get out my gear, shed my riding gear, etc., etc. and snap only about 10 shots before deciding to chase me off. Took longer to get everything out and packed back away then to actually take the photos. Doesn't have anything sexy going on like Steven's D675 subframe swap but I dig it. Aesthetically, it's about 90% done.
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    Well, here she is. Freshly rebuilt and ready for abuse. I've already been yelled at by a neighbor for running around the neighborhood breaking it in. Darnit! I was hoping to get a few more runs in to heat cycle it. And it's just too damn much fun. Anyone got a great big parking lot I can hoon around in for a little while?
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    Is she single??? Never mind I just remembered what happened the last time I dated someone from there!
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    I got to spend Christmas with family.
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    I’ve noticed that in all of the photos of me on my parents’ refrigerator I’m wearing a full-face helmet. Not quite sure what to make of that.
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    Home! 317 miles of joy. Here are some other points of interest. JJ I ran that moto GP road just for you. #??✊????
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    Every time I would be by Moto Europa I would look at the Ducati panegale and saying to myself I will never be able to get one of these but I would always say ...some day. Well when I lost my awesome mom ( Dorothy) in February,shortly after she settled into heaven she sent me the Ducati I thought I was never going to have. Dot knew I importance having fun. Some are tired of hearing the story,I will never be tired of telling it.So I put it on the plate?
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    gen 2 ex500. Picked it up for $1300. Sold it a year later for $1600
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    Something a little different: my 2012 CBR250R.
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    So many different ways to find joy... do what you want... find your own way... you'll make friends to ride with along the way.
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    Hell....that looks exactly like the last fight I was in. The next morning me and grandma promised each other we wouldn't drink that much Jager meister ever again.
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    Home safe. Sorry for showing up with a crappy tire. Thanks Kathy and Stephan and Todd for riding back with me. We ended up having lunch in Washington and putted back on 94 with fuel lights on 3 out of the four bikes It was an adventure. I think I am going to transfer the tires off the track bike onto this one (only two days use) and put slicks on the track bike.
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    We might be losing a member to the street fighters here before long. So proud of the boy.
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    Also bought a black r3! Bike bundle success. Really good to see everyone who was there!
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    Can we please keep this thread on what we are doing for Kirk and his family. Thanks.
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    I knew where to find the best one around
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    Hello all! The 1st Stlar Meeting of 2019 will be March 5th at the Culpepper's St. Charles location. 6:30 to ? Stlar dues will be collected up until April 1st. The dues will be reduced from $25 to $20 for '19. Stlar will provide several appetizer platters for members attending this event. I hope to see you there!!
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    Got some more done on the Z.....today worked on "the hill"
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    Not long ago, I was telling someone that I really never feel embarrassed anymore; I can speak in front of groups, I sing karaoke -- badly ... No problem... Then this post came along. So this is me pretending not to be embarrassed by admitting that I had a moped... I thought I had the memory erased... (I was young, I was broke, I lived 2 miles from work, I had it less than a year and I bought the Honda CB350 Four...) Do I need to resign?
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    Awesome weather Nice crowd Good friends exhilarating sessions memorable moments street / track / wherever you ride, having fun and being with good people is what it's all about. As always, RTS
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    Rolled in to the homestead. I hate riding at night. It's harder to tell if you are at just the right upward angle so you have to go pretty much by feel.
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    Warp 13.0 but we'll keep that classified from the Empire, to avoid any Imperial entanglements
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    Gary Virgin at the Evansville Superbike Shop is some sort of freaking magician. I just could not get my 2016 ZX10R to run exactly like I wanted it to after installing the Graves cat eliminator exhaust. I dropped the bike off with Gary last week and picked it up today. I haven't fully put it through its paces yet but I did put about 100 miles on it this evening and it is 1000% better than what I had before. I am totally amazed at how good this thing is running now. I won't say what he charged me because I feel like I WAY underpaid to get him to tune this bike for me and he must have given me some sort of special deal. I cannot thank him enough. Hopefully it races as good as it runs on the highway. Will find out 4th of July weekend at Putnam. I'll still be a rolling road block but it certainly won't be because of the bike.
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    And... look who I caught, hard at work, in Turn 2.
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    We play show, not tell. Otherwise we'd feel dirty afterwards.
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