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    I chose not to vote since I'm not really "active" here anymore and just pop in time to time to say hi. Some of the reasons I don't like FB groups 1. You can't create threads by a simple title. You have to just post what you want. This would make it hard to keep dates in line for ride posts. 2. You can't have separate sections like we have here with new rider intro, 2wheel deals, etc. everything goes in one spot. The only way around this I see are pinned comments for the sections. Example: "Post your 2 wheel deal links as a comment to this". If someone posted a ride, it could get buried under posts from different topics. 3. It's very hard to search the group for a past thread you want to re-visit, or if you're just searching for something. Searching forums isn't always easy, but you can always do a google search with site:stlar.com (or whatever the forum name is) to contain all searches to that site. I've had great success searching several forums this way. With facebook, you can't really search this way. You can't click on someones profile and see all their started posts and comments within the group. 4. you can't do things like show unread content (that I'm aware of) Some of the reasons I do like FB groups 1. It's accessible, and may boost activity. (With that said, FB shows member count in the group as well as new posts per day/week/month depending on how active it is. People probably aren't going to join a group that isn't active with at least a few posts a week) 2. free I really don't see much advantage to moving over to fb besides cost. Long time members without facebook won't be in the loop and it's pretty much objectively worse as far as organization
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    I came to stlar in spring 2013 as a freshman in college. I had my 1995 EX500 Ninja. I learned so much about friendship, riding, and bike maintenance from all of you. I bought a speed triple that was out of my league shortly after joining. Thanks to the members of this group, I was able to maintain and safely ride it. If I'm being honest, I did not like or enjoy my time at school. I had some dark feeling times. I didn't like most of my peers, and I didn't care for STL city. I never felt like I fit in or shared interest. This (STLAR) was my home. You were my second family. I've had numerous people in this group go above and beyond for me. Today I received news I passed my North American Pharmacy Licensure Exam (NAPLEX). It's the board exam for pharmacists. Several times I wondered how I would ever make it this far. You guys and gals rooted for me and believed in me from the start. There were several times I doubted myself. There were nights I couldn't sleep, and wondered how/if I was even going to make it through school. STLAR was my getaway. Talking on the site, making rides on the weekend, it was my escape. I was pissed off my Triumph left me stranded on the way to Bixby but I got a tow home, and a garage to store my bike in thanks to this group. I even got help fixing it up. I was pissed off we got tickets in Hardin IL, but I laugh about it now. There are random meaningless parts from several rides that I remember vividly. Thank you to every single one of you that interacted with me, and made these memories with me. There are no groups that can replace you. I still plan to return once in a while, and make some non-member rides. Really, I wanted to extend my gratitude for STLAR's hospitality. I learned so much about my riding, my bikes, the meaning of friend's, and myself. Thank you.
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    Got in around 1:30pm, a few minutes in front of me... another accident on Riverview, checked that 911 was already called and blame Trump. Great ride today, so I'll eat a late lunch, was worth waiting for. Thanks for leading Dave and for posting Nate.
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    home safe! thanks for a great ride today! On the way home on F I saw a red convertible Audi R8 that had just driven off the road a few minutes before. He was like 60 feet in to the woods down a small ravine! Luckily he din't hit a bigger tree! Those cresting, decreasing radius turns 'L getcha! Guy was fine, real macho rich type... surprised he didn't blame the road... or Obama.
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    also, I ordered a new front sprocket with a couple more teeth... so next time my RPMs can relax on those straights! woot!
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    wish I could make it. @Speed I forgot my maps are saved to my old computer and I haven't the time to move them to the new one. here is a couple routes for you. Down https://goo.gl/maps/45HMqaycSmFAzShD9 Return https://goo.gl/maps/PxUPGuAKZrxu4vuD8
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    The Kawasaki dealership in Columbia had a customer back out on a brand new 2018 ZX10R SE version - 2018 Ninja ZX10R SE You know what it is, what the retail price is ($21,899.00), $18K out the door is a screaming deal IMO. The $18K includes the $1500 savings from Kawasaki, there is no more wiggle room, or so I was told. YC Powersports at 573-875-4445 and probably talk to Chris Wright, he is the General Manager They still have one or two of the Duke 690's, brand new old stock, for $5K out the door as well.
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    And thanks for leading, Dave!
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    Home safe. Had a blast! Thanks Nate!
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    Home safe outstanding little ride today. Thanks @natnaz for setting it up and Dave for the route!!.
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    Dammit. Just woke up. Guess I will ride to bixby
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    My condolences to you and your family.
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    Okay. Sorry for your loss.
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    Very sorry for your loss.
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    I would love to join you guys once in a while. Mondays are out, that’s the day I take my wife to the airport every week. But Fridays most week would work. But not this week, going home to support my brother and family, he lost his wife at 72 due to a heart attack yesterday.