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  1. jmiller

    A piece of my Sat(4/18) ride. MO34

    That looked like fun. I love that section of 34. I usually make it a point to eat lunch at the Zephyr because my friends wife owns it and they are good people.
  2. Where did the AMA stand on this? Does anyone know?
  3. jmiller

    A few Flat River pics from earlier today...

    When the National Enduro comes to Park Hills KTM might have demo rides of all their woods bikes XC-W models. Last year I went and rode all the two strokes and four strokes once and you get to ride one of the bikes twice. It's on May 16th & 17th. The demo rides would be on Saturday. And they give you some gift cards like $300 off a new bike or $500 in KTM parts, money off a rekluse clutch, some savings in oil purchases.
  4. jmiller

    A few Flat River pics from earlier today...

    I feel like I am cheating on my wife when I look at that.....At least when that thing screams at you...you enjoy it.
  5. jmiller

    This Morning

    Was that with the new Kenda tires? I was wondering how they handled.
  6. jmiller

    St Joe 4/6/15

    Now everyone can see how to properly pivot your bike across a log. Even when you yourself does not want to cross said log.
  7. jmiller

    St Joe 4/6/15

    I suck at hills...that's why I was wanting to ride them. Here is the link again for the 3" rock video. The video is blocked from my work. That may have something to do with it. https://youtu.be/nqetBJIuRQc
  8. jmiller

    St Joe 4/6/15

    Ryan we already went over this once before. However, I will be more than happy to entertain this conversation again. Your bike = 4 stroke. It will not fling as far as my 2 stroke. I am not sure why. Scientists don't even know. Next time we need to find hills like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkqS7tEHceg
  9. jmiller

    St Joe 4/6/15

    Ryan and I was playing at St.Joe trying some hills and rocks. My first time trying a pivot turn over a log. The bike made it. I had a blast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqetBJIuRQc
  10. jmiller


    Chris, I wish you good luck. This is quite funny...I didn't quite put the face with the name untill I saw the pictures posted. I met you at one track day. I also saw you again last May at the National Enduro at St. Joe. Talked to you for a bit while my daughters were taking pictures.
  11. jmiller

    Monday March 16th St Joe

    I made plans for Monday morning otherwise I would go. If anything comes up and cancels my plans I will let you know.
  12. jmiller

    St. Joe this Saturday

    I like Kenda tires.
  13. jmiller

    St. Joe this Saturday

    Can someone request an unlike button?
  14. jmiller

    St. Joe this Saturday

    Now Ryan, I am going to reference your own video you posted in regard to 2t vs 4t. You need to pause the video at :51 seconds and read statistics. They don't lie. BTW if I had any video skills we would make our own video of 2t vs 4t. It would be a blast.
  15. jmiller

    St. Joe this Saturday

    My goal is to bring everyone on a 4-stroke over to the 2-stroke world.