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  1. Wet this week but supposed to be dry Saturday. Anyone interested in riding down to Owensboro, KY to see the recent Nicky Hayden statue? Would be mostly interstate . thanks in advance.
  2. Sunday looks busy but should have some time to ride on Saturday pm. Anyone interested or have the time?
  3. Anyone have any free time for a ride Sunday afternoon?
  4. Not to thread jack but are any IL guys riding on Sunday? if so would it be possible to meet up and ride over? thx.
  5. So is anyone riding this weekend? Both days look good to me.
  6. What time would you do the SoCo to Potosi? I'd would be interested.
  7. Just checking to see if anyone is up for a ride this weekend. Saturday is probably the better day for me but Sunday works as well.
  8. Sounds good. 8 am at Mickey D's sounds good. I will be be on a 2004 Kawasaki ZZR 600. Or the smart ass answer: I'll be the guy on the bike! Thanks.
  9. This post is for Crash. I tried sending you a PM but it wouldn't let me. Are you going on the ride tomorrow? If so I would like to meet up with you for the ride over. I live in Greenville and will be taking I-70.
  10. I was .looking to do route 127 south of Murphysboro some time. Maybe run down 127 to the very end
  11. Shoot me a PM if you are interested in riding. I have most weekends free.
  12. Is the QT torn down then? If so, where and when are we meeting? Need an address as I'll be coming from IL.
  13. I have two items I would like to sell. 1) brand new pair of Sidi boots. EU size 43. Barely worn. Asking $300. Model is the Cobra Gore Tex 2) brand new set of oxford saddlebags. Asking $175 Will post pictures later
  14. True about Hardin and Grafton. But was mainly an observation on the rest of IL in general. There are exceptions like Southern Illinois and some parts of Northern IL.
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