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  1. Guys, Sorry I missed y'all yesterday, sounds like it was a great ride! Totally spaced another commitment I had Sunday morning. But I'll try to get out to the next area ride! Hope everyone has a great week. Ian
  2. Great to meet everyone today! I had a blast ogling all the bikes and drooling over 1-piece suits and tire warmers... Looking forward to next weekend's ride! I'll be sure to follow any news about where/when closely! Have a great week all!
  3. Thanks maverick, I just read about Gateway. I will be there tomorrow- look out for me would you? I would love to meet some of the STLAR folks I'm Ian if you see me there!
  4. Hi everyone! I have been in St. Louis now for a couple years and finally got around to hauling my bike from Nashville, TN. I have been riding since I was about 6- mostly dirt. I bought a new SV1000 in '07. I rode it hard for years, track days and back country roads. I've had to rebuild it twice now due to disagreements with Isaac Newton and his wacko theories about velocity and inertia. So, I would love to meet up with some experienced riders who know a few roads to take that aren't choked with cops and SUV's!!! Also really looking forward to finding out more about local track days. I thought there was a NASCAR track across the river... anyone know what I'm talking about? If anyone wants to know more about me, I invite you to visit my Linkedin page: www.linkedin.com/pub/ian-smith/24/550/a50/
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