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    I'd vote family arena. They do scca events there so it must be big and wide open. I doubt it's highly patrolled at all times.

    hey techy guys, when I go to visit motortrendondemand, I get a "your connection is not private attackers might be trying to steal my information" goes on to say this server could not prove that it is; its security certificate expired yesterday. This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection. sooooooooooooooo what should I do here....... every other website seems to be working fine
  3. NINJA 300

    oh man my ex500/ninja 500 was a fun bike. they're just very dated. the engine is a bored out 454 which dates back to early 80's. It was a quick bike with 60 hp. They're pretty reliable for mild to moderate use. Not super durable as a track bike or backroad warrior. Easy to fix. They're carb'd but mine never gave me issues. 2 CVK's which are easy to access. I could get them off in 30 minutes. If you want Yousef to learn bike maintenance, or he wants to learn it, the 500 is great. They're also cheap. $1500 should get you a decent example. The 2nd gen was made from 94-09 so parts are still around. And insurance was pretty cheap. For me as a brand new rider it was $150/year liability. The brand new Ninja 400 is probably equivalent to the old 500 in performance. There are some pretty cool supermotos out there too if he's into that kind of thing.

    what happened to falcon heavy's middle rocket? I know it failed to land but never saw what happened. Sucks the roadster is going to miss mars.
  5. Happy Birthday Freak🎂!

    Happy birthday
  6. Racecar series gets FZ09 engine

    Stumbled across this today. A somewhat popular racing series in the US is going to add the 847 triple as an engine option. I used to race bandoleros, which is what a lot of people raced before moving up to legends. US legends seen below These cars use an air cooled Yamaha 4 cyl. You can get a 1200cc open, or a 1250 sealed. The 1200 is out of an FJ1200. I'm not 100% sure where the 1250 came from, it was never in a bike. Anyway.... The 1200 makes about 130 hp and the cars have to weigh 1300 lbs w/ a driver. The rear end is a solid axle modified from a Toyota. Fiberglass body on a tubular steel chassis. You get your choice of body style. #13 in the pic is a sedan, the other two are coupes. Slightly different wheelbases. You can even get different models of the sedan and coupe styled after 30's cars from Ford, Dodge, Chevy. As I said, I raced bandoleros (the small cars pictured at the top of the article) but made the decision to focus on education instead of stepping up into a legends car. I've always wanted to get back into the series. Now that I'm about to graduate, my education will allow me to pursue this. Seeing they're now going to use the heart of my bike has me much more interested. Fuel injection and water cooling are a huge win. The air cooled motors lasted about a season if you made every race. I think they ran too hot. The air cooled engines probably make a bit more power. But trust me... These cars do not get all that power to the ground. They are incredibly tail happy. Getting on the throttle after it sets still requires an egg on the gas pedal approach. I believe the old trans was a 5 speed as well. Drivers usually didn't shift. They'd swap the rear gear to one that would top out the straight in 4th gear. The cars could carry enough speed through the turn downshifting wasn't required. Being the FZ/FJ trans is a 6 speed, there might be some shifting that has to go on if the ratios are closer. And the 847cc motor is a bit peaky. It definitely has a power band to it. I don't see magazines talk about it, but compared to my speed triple... It definitely has a top end hit. I'd also like to use it for SCCA events, as well as track days.

    That makes more sense. I love his hyperloop idea. I know nothing about rockets or anything about what he's doing there. His cars just seem like a flop that have a huge fan base for no reason. But... you are certainly right. He shook the automotive world and now cars like Audi and BMW have the same hardware. Porsche is now making a plant for e cars as Scott pointed out. Chevy has an entry level Bolt EV that looks somewhat promising as well. Not sure if all that would have happened without him.

    still doesn't explain why you like the cars

    I know we have a lot of Tesla fans here but this is ridiculous. I never liked the guy, or his automotive products. Seems like each week is another nail in the coffin The P85D is as fast as a miata around a road course. It's one of the slowest cars you can buy for the money. They might have since fixed the issue the car was experiencing, but its still pretty embarrassing. They go a quarter mile from a dig. And that's the extent of their performance. My hot hatch brakes 60-0 better than this car and it's brakes are a parts bin special from Mazda, Ford, and Volvo. Half the model 3's were shipped with a different headliner than what buyers were anticipating. They paid $5,000 for a premium interior package and are getting cloth on headliners visors and b pillars, instead of the alcantara they were expecting. The Model 3 front suspension is inadequate. The solution is zipties and glue instead of a new design. Wozniak called him out on the self driving part. "they came up with some sensors that Elon Musk said would drive itself across itself the country by the end of 2016 (...) Musk said in October 2016 that Tesla's cross-country demonstration trip would happen by the end of 2017. He then said last August that it would happen by early 2018. He again signaled in December that the timeline had been pushed further back." The top of the line Audi's and BMW's have the same self driving hardware as the Tesla cars. I had no idea until I looked into it. The fit finish and quality control are among the poorest in the industry. Dealers are putting felt around the door to quiet the ride. On an electric vehicle nonetheless. He took way more orders for model 3's than he knew he could make. I do not understand why people buy his cars or his hype. Those of you that support him......... Why? I'd like to hear opinions from the other side.

    Great seeing you guys. I know this is a motorcycle forum but it was still nice to get out and do some 94, F, and Femme... Even if i was in the car...
  11. Are center stands over-rated?

    my ex500 had one and my fj does. I find them convenient for maintenance, and for storage. Putting it on the center takes up less space in my garage, and allows me to kind of slide it around.
  12. Chicago Motorcycle Show

    I'm out now :'(
  13. Touring Bike

    Thats kinda dumb it doesnt have a radio. Silly triumph
  14. Touring Bike
  15. Chicago Motorcycle Show

    I'm in.