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  1. mangosmoothie

    Need some new gloves

    Yeah I'm on the FJ forums. And I'm also less than thrilled with A* I've only heard good things about HELD, will look into those. Anyone use KLIM, HELD, or REV'IT before? Also seeing a lot of those offerings.
  2. mangosmoothie

    Need some new gloves

    Hey guys, Need some new gloves for cooler days/rain. I had some Alpinestar apex drystar, but they're nearing the end. They really aren't waterproof, they're impossible to put on once they're wet, they're falling apart on the index finger, they fit horribly. I have small hands and wear a size small. These are like a Large glove with a small size inner liner. So the fingers just don't fit. So the real requirements are waterproof, and warm (like able to ride down to 50*). What suggestions do you have?
  3. mangosmoothie

    STLAR Meeting - 9/4

    I have an EXO R2000. Was one of my favorite helmets. I didn't find it to be that loud. I really liked the air bladder. Some people think it's a gimmick but I actually used it.
  4. mangosmoothie

    Stlar Meeting!

    should be able to make it
  5. I'm a 34. I'll take it if you still have it, would definitely use it.
  6. mangosmoothie

    Happy Birthday Speed

    happy birthday Khaled!
  7. mangosmoothie

    Speeding ticket and new Missouri law

    I used ben capshaw when I got a ticket a year or two ago. Went from mandatory court appearance to a parking ticket. so that was nice.
  8. mangosmoothie


    I feel the same way about my speed triple. Its outdated compared to the fj, but still more capable in certain aspects. I also think the Triumph has a soul that the fj lacks.
  9. mangosmoothie

    Happy Birthday WhatARush

    Happy birthday Dave
  10. mangosmoothie

    ICON helmet

    Transition shields for bell and shoei are nice. I wish more helmets had the transition shield option. The icon does not have snell approval. Im not sure if its because they didnt test it, or it failed. Im going to assume they didn't test. It meets ece and sai. Mcra only requires ece, dot, bsi, or snell. Snell guidelines are weird. I thought they were "stricter" but that didnt necessarily mean more likely to survive.
  11. mangosmoothie

    ICON helmet

    Massive front vents
  12. mangosmoothie

    ICON helmet

    As some of you know, I worked at CycleGear for a short time. During my time there, I had exposure to quite a lot of helmets. I never rode with them, but I tried a lot on, checked out the fit/finish, quality of materials, etc. I never was a huge fan of ICON helmets, or gear. seemed to be for the sreetfighter/stunter crowd with the designs. I saw a couple variants while I worked and they seemed fine for what they were. Their newest flagship line is the airframe pro. The brozak color scheme caught my eye. It was time for a new helmet soon, so I threw it on my christmas list. Well... santa delivered. Except it was backordered until recently. Quality of materials - outstanding. The liner feels as good as the Shoei's and Arai's I had experience with with. The D rings are anodized matte red. The little button that buttons the strap excess is metal. The finish of the helmet is flawless. I can't say how durable it is yet. It does appear to have a clear coat type of coating. So I don't anticipate rock chips destroying the graphic. This is one of the lightest helmets on the market. I believe the airframe carbon is the lightest helmet on the market. Mine is the composite shell. Speaking of shells, they use 4 different size shells across the size range. This is a good thing, and most high end helmets offer 3-5 shell sizes across the line. The shield is held shut by that metal pin. It creates a very tight seal. If you want to leave the visor cracked, it seems to stay pretty well at the first click. Otherwise you can rest it against the peg and it will stay cracked. Venting - outstanding. This is the best ventilated helmet I've ever used. I'll attach another pic of the top outside vents. They're massive. There is also a distinct difference with the chin vent open vs shut Noise - Not so good. It's loud. But wear earplugs and it doesn't matter Wind - No buffeting. Very clean air. Comfort - I wear a size small according to the chart. It fits awesome. Usually helmets cause a hot spot on my head until either I get used to it or they break in. Not this one. A little tighter on the cheeks than I'm used to but still comfortable. It fits great. It seems like there is a little space above my head which prevents hot spots and allows ventilation. I also dig the cutout on the back. It allows for free head movement with gear on and in the tucked position. Other notes - field of vision is huge Based on my experience with this helmet so far, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the airframe pro. I would put these helmets right with Shoei and Arai based on my experience this far. ICON has come a long way.
  13. If I'm not there don't wait for me. Last minute decision if I'm going
  14. mangosmoothie


    Ooooohhhh. I thought that was a pic of the dragon. LOL