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  1. I was cheap when I had my ex500 and used a bike inner tube around the cush rubbers Wouldn't do that now... But if you're ballin on a real budget might work better than the current situation
  2. Whatchu drive Scott? Wish I could make it but I work
  3. Modern FI bikes have ways to measure incoming air. Most bikes probably use a MAP sensor. If an aftermarket filter flowed more (within reason) the ecu would add more fuel to compensate. FWIW the guy that did the test is a Yamaha tuner. He could not make more power with a K&N air filter. Some bikes might gain a little bit with a filter, but mine doesn't.
  4. there was a dyno test on the FJ09 and it lost power by switching to a K&N, and even the GTYR (Yamaha's oem aftermarket division thing). Stock filter made the most power.
  5. oops, forgot to say welcome here. Good seeing you out today!
  6. I liked this post by accident. So I used the fancy new button to un like it. but then I felt bad un liking it so I un un liked it.
  7. those are some seriously cool designs
  8. out. see you all sunday
  9. Happy birthday Dave!
  10. I've never ridden a super sport bike
  11. those are some healthy numbers
  12. It's just so much easier to ride than the speed triple in virtually every aspect. I'm loving it.
  13. FJ test was a success. Leans over well. I never dragged a peg or hard part either. Thing is a missile from corner to corner in 4th on P and DD.
  14. Twist of the wrist 2 is on YouTube. Great to watch.