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  1. Drag Racing at Gateway

    mike is adding the rt to the et for a total time from when the light went green
  2. Drag Racing at Gateway

    Best on the bike was 11.9 @ 113 I think. Got the car to start doing 13.5 @ 108 after you all left. One of the races was against a cbr500r
  3. Drag Racing at Gateway

    Speedy goes faster when it's hot
  4. Drag Racing at Gateway

    Speedy started. Thought it was a 2 stroke but that's ok. Gotta keep the valve guides lubed am I right? Just gonna send itttttttttttttttt
  5. Drag Racing at Gateway

    Yeah, helps with weight transfer once you're good/consistent at launching, which I'm not. Lol
  6. Drag Racing at Gateway

    sounds good to me. Too bad I don't have any ratchet straps for the front
  7. Yes, actually see if I can break 30 mph on the way
  8. Drag Racing at Gateway

    I'd bring the SV1k if I were you. It'd be fun to run it against my speed triple.
  9. Drag Racing at Gateway

    Dammit, I wanted to bring the FJ down for this but I won't have it in town. I'd be down to run the speed triple again I guess. Last time I did 11.6 @116. Should give you 600's a good run >:)
  10. Stlar Meeting

    game time decision for me.
  11. Mangos newest bike

    got some good seat time in. Trying to do shorter trips, varying throttle and let it cool off. Probably going to buy a sprocket adapter, and spring chain tensioner. Then it's all set. Until I decide I want a better engine I had no idea there was such a culture around these motorized bikes. eBay is FILLED with cheap parts and quality parts alike.
  12. Mangos newest bike

    It's murder on these city roads, but whatever. Security won't let me park my motorcycle so we'll see what they say about this
  13. Mangos newest bike

    BEHOLD Built it in about 24 hours. Would have been considerably less time if I used a better starting bike. And didn't strip Chinese hardware. But it fired up first try and away I went
  14. THE WHATEVER THREAD Tempting.............. Getting to lazy to pedal to class.