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  1. Manual or auto? N54? 500 probably isn't going to happen on stock turbos. Your best bet will be intakes, catless downpipes, intercooler, and a JB4 with mhd backend for E85. Or meth could also work. Hopefully your car had the hpfp replaced. With all that through a manual trans you should see ~450 at the wheels. I'd also have some spare coil packs on hand. With no lsd, not sure I'd even want that much power at the rear wheels. Spin city can get dangerous. Good luck! Will be following this thread.
  2. It'll get you to your destination. Just won't get you back all the time ;)
  3. Sedici leathers can be sized wrong. Go to cyclegear in bridgeton to return them, or swap them out for a different size or different pant all together. I would look into a 2 piece suit with a 360 degree zipper. Best of both worlds
  4. I just put a ram handlebar mount on. I don't think I could go through the stem because the bars would be in the way. Maybe it would have fit. Eventually I might get a master cylinder reservoir cover with a ball on it. Or get one of the handle bar clamp base ball things. but this works for now
  5. I still vote for CTSV or RS7 for a beast of a luxury sport dd. But yes, any of the new DI V8 from GM are serious business. I think even a 455 hp Camaro SS 1le spanked the GT350 up and down the track
  6. Chevy SS would be nice. Infiniti Q50 red sport or lexus ISF/GSF if you want Japanese.
  7. I don't necessarily advocate tuning, but certain APR tunes on a Golf R don't void the warranty. And I've seen DSG golf R's running 11's in the quarter with just a tune. I think even some VW dealers perform APR flashes. You might look into that if you're concerned about straight line power. I'd drive them all and see what you think
  8. Drive one and see. It's a larger turbo than an ST so it'll take a second to light up. The St has no lsd, and only a baby K03 turbo. So it spools fast, but doesn't have anything up top. The RS is quick once it spools. ST roasts its brakes on track days and spirited driving because it uses the brakes to vector torque. 2018 RS is awd obviously, and even added a front lsd. Is also really look at a golf r
  9. Chiefton looks great to me. Ironically, here's one next to a street glide. And an independent 3rd party right next to me said the Indian looked better
  10. 2700 miles @Morbo Honestly adjusting this chain is a shot in the dark. Going by what the manual says has the chain as tight as a banjo string. Iirc it says 0.2-0.6 inches of slack, adjusted on the center stand. The forums, and even our own ZRX4ME think that's way too tight. I try to keep it around 1" measured on the side stand. The first adjustment was to loosen the chain to around 1". The 2nd and 3rd adjustments were because I was measuring around 1.5" of slack, so I tried to get it closer to 1". This is my first 525 chain (speedy is 530) and also my first new chain (all previous bikes had a chain broken in by the PO) so I have no idea what to expect as far as frequency of adjustment or what's normal. I'm also pretty ham fisted with the throttle, which doesn't help I'm sure. I'm not mad about spending money to maintain a bike, or to improve aspects of a bike I don't like. I'm upset because I don't like spending money to "engineer" a bike to how it should have come. Even the gilles adjusters are also a GYTR part (Yamaha's performance division), Yamaha genuine accessory part, and carry a Yamaha part #. So it's like Yamaha KNOWS the oem equipment is sub par, and offers something a step up as replacement. I don't think I should be paying for it. But whateva. After this, the bike should be good to go.
  11. Nothing wrong with a Harley by any means, but have you looked at the Indians as well? chieftain looks pretty comparable. When I was lurking around the Indian show room, all those bikes looked stunning.
  12. had to buy gilles chain adjusters which I'm kinda pissed about. The oem adjusters are inadequate (typical Yamaha, scrimping on safety matters). They're too soft, and they don't seat against the axle. So the axle digs into the aluminum. This is only the 3rd time I've adjusted the chain. Here's mine now Here are what some guys look like Here are the gilles which hold the axle in place so this shit doesn't happen.
  13. Cyclegear can order you whatever you want. If it doesn't fit, you can return it. You can repeat that as many times as you want. RevZilla has a good return/exchange policy as well. Nobody local really sells them. You could check the vendors next time there's a track day but they're usually a little pricier there. Also keep an eye on Craigslist and the mcra classifieds
  14. My grandpa gave me his 350 four when I was 14. It was sitting for longer than I'd been alive. I was gonna restore it but quickly found out it was worth nothing, and not worth the work I guess my technical first was my dad's honda metropolitan
  15. gen 2 ex500. Picked it up for $1300. Sold it a year later for $1600