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  1. Absolutely - love seeing the final product put back together!
  2. Hi - sorry for the delayed response (it's a bit slow around here during winter). Current turn around is about a week depending on complexity of parts. Shoot us a call or email and we can setup an appointment for you to check out our showroom and talk about you're project. http://www.fusecoatings.com
  3. Couple of pictures from last nights Midnight Madness. The tank was completely airbrushed!
  4. Thanks - we have some really talented folks on board with us and have really invested heavily into equipment (hydrographics, airbrush, laser etching, full color printing). Any application, any idea/design, we can do it! Event Note: Also forgot to mention that our airbrush artist will be doing live demo on motorcycle tanks all night. He's extremely talented, stop by and say hi!
  5. Stop by our booth at Gateway for Ocktoberfast. Mention STLAR for a free FUSE shirt. P.S. - Also any shirts I owe will be mailed out this week (Sorry), been crazy busy around here lately.
  6. PS90 we just finished for a customer. Turned out great, LOVE IT! Any shirts that are owed are going out today.
  7. Motorcycle helmets? We've done them before, no problem. There will be a seam in the middle, which we can hide (if its hydrographics). Now if you want air-brushed then thats even easier, just really depends on what you want exactly.
  8. Back from vacation...couple updates. 1. We've brought on a full time airbrush artist. We are super excited, at this point we are able to do pretty much anything on any sort of application you guys can throw our way. He is extremely talented, can't wait to post some of the projects we have in the pipe. 2. Showroom will be complete by the end of the month we are hoping (its been crazy busy around here). 3. Any shirts or hats that I owed have been shipped out TODAY! 4. I'll be at the next track day, just picked up a long zoom lens (yay!) (Easter Egg: Next 3 people to post in this thread with their shirt size get a FREE Fuse shirt)
  9. Finished last week....turned out pretty cool I think.
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