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  1. Pookie

    STLAR FALL RIDE 10 28 18

    350 mile day! Thanks for leading, Ed!
  2. Pookie

    STLAR FALL RIDE 10 28 18

    still planning on it.
  3. Pookie

    STLAR FALL RIDE 10 28 18

    I plan on making this one too.
  4. Pookie

    Sunday 9/30 - Lunch in Bixby

    Thanks for riding, Dave! Bonus Steve too! Love these warm days. Not many left this season.
  5. Pookie

    Sunday 9/30 - Lunch in Bixby

    Messaged Todd. He said he's in pain from riding the ZX-10 today.
  6. Pookie

    Sunday 9/30 - Lunch in Bixby

    I was waiting for that comment.
  7. Pookie

    Sunday 9/30 - Lunch in Bixby

    That's why you have two!
  8. Pookie

    Sunday 9/30 - Lunch in Bixby

    I may not get any takers and have to bring up the rear on your scooter ride.
  9. Headed to Bixby for lunch. Meet at the QT at 109 and I-44 at 9, KSU at 9:30. Brisk pace. Come out and have some fun!
  10. Pookie

    Sunday 9-23

    Bridges are open on 94. Rode over them yesterday. Not gonna make this one. Have fun and ride safe!
  11. Pookie

    Yamaha R6 Akrapovic Slip-on 2010-2018

    I also have the clamp, antiseize and instructions.
  12. I have a new-in-box slip on for 2010-2018 R6's. This is the S-Y6S09-HASZ which includes the exup valve. This is a direct bolt on pipe. Nothing extra is needed and nothing needs to be done to the computer. Current price from Revzilla is $631. The price for mine is $400. Firm. http://www.akrapovic.com/en/moto/product/1239/Yamaha/YZF-R6/2016/Slip-On-Line-Titanium?brandId=41&modelId=328&yearId=4147 Again, this is new-in-box and never been installed. I'll add some pics tonight.
  13. Pookie

    Sunday 9-23

    Probably be there too.
  14. Pookie

    Bixby Sunday 8/26

    The heat convinced us to cut it short. Still had fun this morning. Thanks for coming out, everyone!