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  1. And thanks for leading, Dave!
  2. Home safe. Had a blast! Thanks Nate!
  3. Home! Thanks for posting JJ! I forgot you turn left on F. Thought you took DD home. See you in the AM tomorrow.
  4. MODOT has chip-sealed Highway U between 94 and Warrenton. The center of the lane is basically gravel at the moment so the Warrenton detour is out if we do Hermann. I rode it last weekend and it's about 10 times worse than 185 right now.
  5. Actually, I can either. How close do you need to stay to home, Nate? I wouldn't mind a quick Bixby run.
  6. I'm game for Saturday as long as the weather holds!
  7. It's just too damn hot.
  8. Awesome day, gentlemen. Great seeing everyone!
  9. Home safe! Thanks for posting, JJ!
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