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  1. Home on time. Thanks for letting me tag along this morning!
  2. I can't make the trip (out of vacation) but I plan on riding to Bixby Saturday morning with the group.
  3. And thanks for leading, Dave!
  4. Home safe. Had a blast! Thanks Nate!
  5. Home! Thanks for posting JJ! I forgot you turn left on F. Thought you took DD home. See you in the AM tomorrow.
  6. MODOT has chip-sealed Highway U between 94 and Warrenton. The center of the lane is basically gravel at the moment so the Warrenton detour is out if we do Hermann. I rode it last weekend and it's about 10 times worse than 185 right now.
  7. Actually, I can either. How close do you need to stay to home, Nate? I wouldn't mind a quick Bixby run.
  8. I'm game for Saturday as long as the weather holds!
  9. Awesome day, gentlemen. Great seeing everyone!
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