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  1. Okay, I'll bite. I started off on a 2012 CBR250R. Lovely little thing, lasted a little over a year before I stuffed it into a boulder near Defiance. After that came a 2013 Suzuki Gladius. Insidiously awful. Not bad in such a way that you notice, but just dull and uncomfortable enough that you think maybe this motorcycling thing isn't for you after all. Engine was a real sweetheart, which made the rest of the bike it was wasted on even more of a crime. As a last-ditch effort to save my passion for motorbicycles, I traded the Zook in for a lightly-crashed 2012 Monster 696. Absolute brillo pads. Handles like a mosquito, and makes a noise like a Balrog having an orgasm. Still have it to this day. After doing a track day on the Monster, I thought I'd better get a dedicated track bike. Enter the 2015 CBR300R. Every bit as lovely as the 250 was, but also every bit as crashable. After a misadventure at Gateway left me dressed as a pirate for several months, the wee bastard was mostly relegated to commuting duties (still in full track plastics, because why not?). After several years of this I decided the CBR's talents would be better used elsewhere, so I traded it in for a shiny new 2020 F850GS. Wonderful truck of a thing. I can now visit family back in Iowa without losing all my fillings on the way there. And then having my head come off.
  2. The implication being that low-powered motorcycles are fine, though? I never should've traded in my 300...
  3. You know what I haven't done in forever, seems like? Moto-camping at Tom Sauk! If anybody else is interested, I'll edit this post with a meetup time and place, probably somewhere Festus-ish on this coming Saturday (10/12) afternoon. If not, no worries. Your weird uncle Robot doesn't mind sleeping in a bag in the woods by himself. That... sounded better in my head.
  4. In. Edit: Out. Just realized how early I need to get up in the morning. 😑
  5. Hey look, pictures! https://photos.app.goo.gl/XkR65vZHE8oDAVcE9
  6. I’m not sure if the Meramec counts as a creek, but you get the idea.
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