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  1. 2017 Annual STLAR Picnic 10-8-17

    Not sure if I'll be making this one. I've got a ten-year class reunion in Iowa the night before. Not impossible, but not sure what the logistics on that would look like.
  2. Guess I'll do a Build Thread

    Good thing I wasn't going to do that, then.
  3. Guess I'll do a Build Thread

    Got them on and went down to the roundabout and back - bike feels much taller now, no idea why. I'll need to come up with a more permanent solution for mounting the brake fluid reservoir, right now it's just zip-tied in place. No probalo.
  4. Brake pads

    I dunno how it is on the water-cooled ones, but checking the valve clearances on an air-cooled Duc like mine is actually super easy - it just takes time to get access to the rear cylinder. That Panigale doesn't even have a timing belt to deal with!
  5. Guess I'll do a Build Thread

    One way to find out, this thing only needs to be comfortable for ~20 minutes at a time.
  6. Guess I'll do a Build Thread

    Well, the first shakedown at Gateway has come and gone, and the only real deficiency I was able to find was ground clearance, as my lovely assistant Barry will help me illustrate: Hopefully these Tyga rearsets that came in today can be of some assistance in this matter.
  7. MotoGP 2017 Thread

  8. 2014 ZX10R non-ABS For Sale (SOLD)

    He'll still have at least a couple sport bikes lying around, I wouldn't be too worried.
  9. hello guys

    Welcome? Welcome.
  10. Turtles on the road

    I am twelve and what is this.
  11. MCRA Gateway Trackday August 5 and 6

    Bis Morgen!
  12. Stlar Meeting - Tue Aug 1

    That's 'cause you didn't get her a shirt!
  13. You Ducati guys might be riding Harleys soon....

    I'm not applying it to the industry, I'm applying it to ze Germans.
  14. You Ducati guys might be riding Harleys soon....

    That does make sense. Ducati's been making VW pretty good money these past few years, especially when you consider what they payed for it.
  15. Photobucket - 3rd party hosting

    For those of you that use the Facebooks I made a photo album for image hosting and set the visibility to "Me Only". That seems to be working so far.