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  1. I'll need to see how I feel Saturday. ~7.5 hours may or may not make my foot fall off at this point.
  2. Stlar Meeting!

  3. MotoGP Austin 2018

    Rolled into Perryville around 5 this morning. Assuming Dave and Erica made it home in one piece I think we can mark this one down as a win. Now to start going thru my over 9,000 (!) shots from Saturday/Sunday and figure out how I'm going to blackmail Karel Abraham.
  4. My first Kawi!

    Ob du gut sein.
  5. My first Kawi!

    Natürlich ist Hans naß. Er ist unter einem Waßerfall stehen!
  6. My first Kawi!

    Das ist mir so lästig.
  7. My first Kawi!

    Google Maps can kinda do it via chained destinations, but you have to hit continue whenever you reach a waypoint. Works fine in a car, not so much on a bike.
  8. MotoGP Austin 2018

    Sounds good to me, we'll be in touch.
  9. Putnam Park

    That's quitter talk.

    Short on-ramps, passing, etc. Even people who ride like me need to give it the business every once in a while. It's rarely even an issue, but I figure deciding ahead of time that I'm allowed to use all of my engine if I need it gives me one less thing to worry about.

    My understanding it that it doesn't really make any difference. First thing that happens once the bike rolls off the assembly line is somebody takes it and revs the piss out of it on a dyno half a dozen times. I make sure to do the break-in oil change on time and don't really worry about it beyond that.
  12. MotoGP 2018

  13. My first Kawi!

    That’s nothing. Ducati insist that I take it to a dealer to check tire pressures.
  14. STLAR Meeting!

    The storm shutters for my car haven’t come in yet, so I’m out.
  15. Need your opinion on Mac books

    Does the Air have an optical drive? I'm thinking they don't, but that's not that big of a deal really.