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  1. You know what I haven't done in forever, seems like? Moto-camping at Tom Sauk! If anybody else is interested, I'll edit this post with a meetup time and place, probably somewhere Festus-ish on this coming Saturday (10/12) afternoon. If not, no worries. Your weird uncle Robot doesn't mind sleeping in a bag in the woods by himself. That... sounded better in my head.
  2. In. Edit: Out. Just realized how early I need to get up in the morning. 😑
  3. Hey look, pictures! https://photos.app.goo.gl/XkR65vZHE8oDAVcE9
  4. I’m not sure if the Meramec counts as a creek, but you get the idea.
  5. Tell me about it. I think my goal will be to not leave in an ambulance this time!
  6. Well, I've got a track day worked into the budget for later this year, now I need to pick where I'm going. Putnam? NCM? Where would y'all recommend for a n00b on a tiny bike?
  7. I just have a stack of motopants on a box in my closet. But yeah, regular hangers can do it if they work together.
  8. Why can't you just pivot it on the kickstand?
  9. Not really surprising, though. Dude's been a Honda man for years, if he retires now he's pretty much guaranteed a cushy gig as a "brand ambassador". If he leaves for Yamaha he forfeits that and probably breaks a couple more collarbones in the process. Now the question is who Petronas puts in that seat. With Pedrosa off the table pickings are pretty slim as far as quality MotoGP riders go. Maybe somebody from WSBK?
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