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  1. I was and still am...going to do a test fire next weekend on the engine stand, thinking of making it a garage/alley party for it...
  2. https://goo.gl/photos/ufZJyMTawVD2WiHy5 direct link to album....
  3. grrrr.... copy and pasted from Google photo account... Feel like such a noOb... https://goo.gl/photos/rHxywjzQXktgXift7[/img]
  4. Got the mechanical side of it all sorted, now on to the wire harness... and with the systems color coded- Hot Pink: Fuel System, Yellow: Ignition System, Orange (not shown): ECU Harness... more to come...
  5. Well most of ya`ll know that I am rather dumb for my VW bus... After 250k the engine finally gave up the ghost...Time to replace. I didn't want to go back to stock (90hp) so decided to go with a subaru engine in its place. Spending a few weekends in my worksop pulling the lump out... spent a bunch of time cleaning the years of neglect form the replacement.
  6. Not a GROM but still a lil bike... More fun to take a slow bike fast, then than a fast bike slow... welcome and good luck, no warranty is implyed or expressed.
  7. woah it been a minute... Happy spring ya`ll
  8. Hey y'all won't be meeting you in Warshington, but would catch y'all at Lewis Cafe, rolling into St Clair guestimated time?
  9. in for some miles with the Washington crew...
  10. Committed to junkyard run in morning... Out
  11. Home as well, good breakfast with Nate in St Clair...
  12. If we could do Mill Hill Rd all way into St Clair (30 & K), that would be awesome...
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