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  1. if anyone is willing to ride let me know i need some cool new roads to check out on my new bike!!
  2. Yes im in. text me at 314 933 0609. i dont get notifications on here. i am trying to plan something similar with a couple other riders
  3. Is it possible that I might be blocked? I can’t find it when I search and I’m not already a member. My name is Taylor Johnson, if someone on here has admin access to the Facebook page I would appreciate it if you can take a peek for me.
  4. Having trouble finding group rides these days, can anyone post a link for the FB group? It seems like you guys are moving towards that for ride posting.
  5. A friend of mine said he’s in the stlar Facebook group and that they posted a ride for tomorrow at 8 am at eureka qt. I tried to look up the group and I can’t locate it can anyone please add me on Facebook and invite me to the group?
  6. I would but I’m at work but very eager to get out!
  7. Forecast high of 64 degrees. It’s going to be a beautiful day and I’m available to ride if anyone wants to get out of the house. I ride an fz 09. Preferably ksu around 10 am.
  8. Let’s take advantage of the lack of cars on the road, get out and have some fun. All while Social distancing Of course. I ride an fz 09
  9. Ok cool can you lead? And where would you like to meet?
  10. I’m available to ride Sunday and tomorrow if anyone is available. Tomorrow rain is in forecast so most likely Sunday morning around 9-10 am ksu preferably but I’m open for suggestion. No route planned I just moved back I’d take any recommendations.
  11. Thanks guys I had a blast in Colorado, if anyone wants to know where some sweet rides are I would be glad to share. F9FC087C-BF3E-41FC-91D6-5334AF318B01.mov
  12. I used to ride with you guys awhile back I don’t know if anyone I used to ride with is still here but I want to start coming to rides again. I used to ride a ninja 500 now I’ve got a Yamaha Fz 09
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