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  1. irockyouknowit

    Moving back to st louis

    Thanks guys I had a blast in Colorado, if anyone wants to know where some sweet rides are I would be glad to share. F9FC087C-BF3E-41FC-91D6-5334AF318B01.mov
  2. irockyouknowit

    Moving back to st louis

    I used to ride with you guys awhile back I don’t know if anyone I used to ride with is still here but I want to start coming to rides again. I used to ride a ninja 500 now I’ve got a Yamaha Fz 09
  3. irockyouknowit

    Ride Sunday Aug 30, 2015

    In, if jj allows it
  4. irockyouknowit

    Need rear tire

    I think I'm running 180 55 17s right now. I wouldn't want to get anything outside of manufacturers recommendations. I didn't know shinko made motorcycle tires haha. And no mar are the ones that quoted me for the angel gt with mount for 220
  5. irockyouknowit

    Need rear tire

    My mechanic recommended an angel gt because the wear on my current tire is mostly in the center. I can get one on amazon for 170 ish or they said mount included 220 what do you guys think?
  6. irockyouknowit

    Ride Sunday 8/16 **Not STLAR led ride group**

    Nevermind I'm running with nat and rush
  7. irockyouknowit

    Bixby Saturday 8/15/15

    I'd be there if I could
  8. irockyouknowit

    Ride Sunday 8/16 **Not STLAR led ride group**

    Do you guys mind if I come to this ride?
  9. irockyouknowit

    Dirt Bike Surfing

    https://mobile.twitter.com/RobbieMaddison/status/627878704060862464/photo/1 I'd like to try it
  10. irockyouknowit

    August Meeting - TUESDAY Aug 4, 2015

    I will try to make it. Also my friend Xaq would like to join, if you wouldn't mind giving him ride access he's been riding much longer than I have.
  11. irockyouknowit

    Throttle lock?

    Haha I didn't think about that maybe im having so much fun I don't realize how hard im holding onto the bars
  12. irockyouknowit

    Throttle lock?

    Yeah I think I could use better gloves too.
  13. irockyouknowit

    Throttle lock?

    I've been doing a lot of riding lately and my Palm is starting to blister near my fingers.. I was wondering if you guys had a suggestion on a throttle lock to use. Ive never had one but I think I could use it.
  14. irockyouknowit

    Results From Radar Detector Shootout in 1 Hour

    Would anyone be willing to decipher the test results? I am having trouble reading this
  15. irockyouknowit

    Ideas for securing bike

    Thanks for the advice guys, I'll look into your suggestions and let you know what I decide to go with.