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  1. Well, here's the link to the product on the ICEDogTag website. I will keep the pricing the same for the top-of-the-line product for you...my gift for being so gracious in welcoming me. Ride safe, friends. STLAR ICE Dog Tag
  2. You'd be proud of how we fit what we needed on there, Khaled...like a boss!
  3. Steve--you fast became my principle point of contact with this group. We won't lose touch.
  4. Website just needs a couple more adjustments and a little more beta-testing, Bill...I'll definitely put some cash in your pocket.
  5. I'm looking seriously at Long Beach. I am going to use LA for business purposes, and will, from LB, still have easy riding access to the mountains east of San Diego and LA. Many good friends up and down the coast clammoring for me to light in their area...hahaha...life is good. I could go anywhere, really. I guess I'll just see what flips my switch after I get to Vegas. As far as "digits" go, I'll still be here so, you can light me up any time.
  6. ...I am headed West. End of the month...off to Vegas for a couple of months' riding, then back into SoCal to take up residence once again. I enjoyed meeting all of you at the early September meet-up in St. Charles...and interacting with you here, since. Again, thanks for the welcome! I'll check in with you again from time to time. Maverick: I need to get the site's (PayPal) address so I can deposit the funds from the dogtag purchase your members made... You have my personal cell number, simply text me or send a message here; I'll send the funds as soon as I see your reply. Ride safe, everyone! Have fun, and take good care of each other.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=714330721948517&set=vb.692716054109984&type=2&theater A little strech of video taken from the "Hayabusa Homecoming" at the Suzuki Headquarters in Brea, California. A great time was had by all.
  8. You bet. Always glad to share.
  9. So, indeed...taking in a slice of Bixby today, I come a cross a group of hooligans terrorizing the General Store. Among them...this character, which I happened to recognize from the last STLAR group meeting... Good seeing you, Roadrunner, and meeting organicMechanic, as well. Seriously a great day for riding... Oh, and as elsewhere referenced, my 2014 'busa, "Mikado," clicked 20,000 miles today. Yay.
  10. I have friends in Santa Fe. Went through there a couple of months ago. Love NM. Welcome!
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