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  1. Thanks Stephan. Sucks getting old, lol! Sale Pending...
  2. When I started this adventure 4 years ago, I knew that I was on limited time due to my deteriorating sight but I’ve had a great time, met a lot of great people and now it’s time to move on. Phase 1 is selling the bike and trailer. Please respond to the Craigslist ad if interested as I don’t participate on the forum like I used to... https://stlouis.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2004-suzuki-sv650-track-bike/6646273331.html
  3. I've been using the S-21 for track days. I'm a mid pack intermediate rider and I like to ride in the rain! The Q-3 is good in dry conditions but it is not as good as the S-21 when wet...Just my .02....
  4. Glad y'all had a good time at Hallett. Just got home from Autobahn about an hour ago and I'm beat! The full course was awesome and comes in second (NCM first) as my favorite local (within 6hr drive) track. Someone from SportBikeTrackTime must have gone to Texas because they are running the exact same format in intermediate as RideSmart. Now you have to attend class after the morning sessions in intermediate, afternoon is optional (nobody went, lol). They were using the exact same templates that I've seen at RideSmart's classes. See y'all at Putnam...
  5. The SV650 is a great choice. They are inexpensive, easily modified (suspension), has more power than any of the 300's (about 70hp) but like a 300 will teach you to carry corner speed and very easy to ride. The one I bought was out of necessity, it was already modded and prepped as a track only bike and I paid $2500 for it. I didn't think it'd be that great but I was in a pinch and needed something cheap. Now it's my main track ride and that's after riding a 2013 zx6r (on track) for a year! Do I miss my zx6r? Not really...
  6. I have no idea, wasn't there but I've seen it happen a lot. In that particular section of the track I always make sure to leave room on my left for assholes who can't wait for the next turn to make a safer pass. Just like anything else in life, some people can't follow rules and while they should be enforced, some organizations don't. In general, you are responsible for your own safety just as much on the track as you are on the street. Once you've done enough track days, you learn how to avoid certain things but still, anything can happen. It's just the way it is, you accept the risk and have fun!!!
  7. Shit can happen at any moment in time on the street or at the track. I quit riding on the street and I hate driving! The track is safer but it's also dangerous because of the speeds involved. I keep myself safe by riding at what I believe is 75% of my ability so I have reaction time in reserve. I don't pass unless I know for sure that I can do it with respecting the 6' rule and if I get caught in a long line of slow riders like the guy who took Robbie out, I hot pit and wait for open space. It sucks to have to hot pit and miss a lap of my riding time but it's better than getting pissed off in a clustefuck of slower riders and taking a risk on a pass that could lead to an incident. Just my .02...
  8. I hope that it will be dry for my full course day. The north course, when wet is by far the slickest piece of track I've ever experienced! The south side for some reason is fine in wet or dry conditions. My top track experience Is my first track day ever at Gateway in August 2014 on my cbr250r in pouring rain. I was scared, first time on a track and no idea of what kind of grip to expect, if any and I'll never forget it. It was one of the best experiences I've had in all of the various motor sports activities I've done in my life. Other notables, my first 65' triple jump in motocross and my first 6' vertical rock face obstacle in observed trials. I suppose anything you try for the first time with a doubt in your mind is worthy of a best experience, lol!
  9. I use Rotella and have not had any issues. I used the T6 in my 2013 zx6r and I now use the T4 in my sv650 and 748 twins.
  10. Sport Bike Track Time. This one is a freebie for me from winning the chili cook off at Road Atlanta last year. They are doing the north course Saturday, south course Sunday and then the full course on Monday. I like the south better than the north but I'm sure I'll like doing the full even more! You thinking about going?
  11. You won't find any of me, I try not to drag my knees, lol!
  12. I'm out for this one. I'll be at Autobahn doing the full course for the first time that weekend. I've done the north and south but not the full, should be interesting!
  13. +1 on the new pavement, great grip both wet and dry with my Bridgestone S-21's. I had a great time! Putnam was already one of my favorite tracks and now it's even better! Nice seeing and hanging out with y'all, you know who you are, lol! Looking forward to Heartland Parks new pavement!!!
  14. Should be plenty of room on the track Sunday! +1 on hoping the new pavement has better grip as I'll be on street tires.
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