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  1. Joker_PaPa

    June STLAR Meeting - 6/4, 6:30pm

    Out... Radiator replacement and needed down time on order... 😞
  2. Joker_PaPa

    Grass in the Road aka 420aNoGo?

    Agreed, Very inconsiderate. Besides, it just make your yard half done. I like that crisp clean line.
  3. Me.... Hookey... Better not this time.
  4. Joker_PaPa

    2016 Kawasaki ZX10r - TRADED

    She's a beauty... I'll be cruising the Missouri here in a few days...
  5. Joker_PaPa

    2016 Kawasaki ZX10r - TRADED

    Damn... I had those things... Wished I had known that before I traded them for this jet ski that "need a little TLC"...
  6. Joker_PaPa

    2016 Kawasaki ZX10r - TRADED

    For a broken lawn mower and a 4 wheel drive truck? LOL.
  7. Joker_PaPa

    May STLAR Meeting - 5/7, 6:30pm

    In + Restrictor Plate
  8. Joker_PaPa

    NOT buying bikes

    True and scary...
  9. Joker_PaPa

    April STLAR meeting - 4/2, 6:30p

    In... But the same kind of "creek don't rise" thing condition...
  10. Joker_PaPa

    Stlar Meeting!

    Home. GREAT seeing everyone!
  11. Joker_PaPa

    Stlar Meeting!

  12. Joker_PaPa

    Happy Birthday ED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Happy belated birthday.
  13. Joker_PaPa

    Sunday 9-23

    Both were west of Treelore and the detours sucked big, fat, green, donkey... Well you can fill in the rest. However, they had just poured the deck and was cooling them off with water. They might be done now. By the way, will be either ahead/ behind you or will join up with you just west of Washington. Gonna ride my own pace seeing I haven't been on two wheels in quite a while without having to stop and wait on the wifey to catch up. I'll sweep, no problem.
  14. Joker_PaPa

    Sunday 9-23

    2 bridges out on 94... Or atleast they were a couple weeks ago.
  15. Joker_PaPa


    Welcome! The last 2 day I did was Death Valley last November. Camped overnight just outside Furnace Springs.