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  1. Brake pads

    I've had a sport bike now for 6 years and still consider myself a noob. When I get to the point that I consider myself anything else is about the time I'll go down.
  2. Brake pads

    OEM unless you're doing something that isn't "standard" riding.
  3. hello guys

    BTW... Welcome Marlon
  4. hello guys

    You know the saying "I'd rather be on my bike thinking about God than in church thinking about my bike" Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know... I'm going to hell for that, but there many more reasons why I'm headed that way anyways.
  5. Happy Birthday Terry

    Happy Birthday Prez!!!
  6. Stlar Meeting - Tue Aug 1

    Home with card... Wifey and I had fun tonight even if she said it doesn't count as a date night.
  7. Stlar Meeting - Tue Aug 1

    In + wifey.
  8. Happy Birthday Speed

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Welcome and to answer your question, it great to ride with these guys. It is truly a mix of riding styles here. Everybody is friendly and helpful.
  10. Your first bike

    I like the 1 candle light power the headlight has.
  11. Your first bike

    Galen on his first bike.... Sorry Bud, just had to do it.
  12. Octane Booster (Lucas)

    There's a reason why engineers make big bucks, that's because they engineer systems to run within certain specs. If the bike call for mid grade, use mid grade. Anything less harms, anything more is just throwing money away. However, if other things are done performance wise, it may be a necessary evil.
  13. New member in St. Peters

    Welcome... Tell us about yourself!
  14. Your first bike

    My dad couldn't figure out why a tree in the front yard was losing bark off of it., about 2 feet off the ground... He caught me putting one of the rear wheels on it. I was trying to go all the way around the tree. He never let me perfect my technique.
  15. Your first bike

    Gonna break the trend here.... I give you the Honda 110 3 wheeler. I got one at 12. Then 2 years later... The Honda 200X, but only because the neighbor up the road got a 185S.