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About Me

I was born and raised just north of Poplar Bluff... "The Arm Pit of Missouri" and escaped under cover of darkness one night in a hot air balloon and moved to Augusta back in 1998.


I'm a plant process engineer. If I'm not at work or on my bike, you'll find me at home remodeling, cussing while doing plumbing or mowing. I have a 66 Chevy pickup that has a pretty cool story behind it that is a future project after the house is done. Ask me about it sometime.


I started riding dirt bikes when I was 10 and switch to 3 wheelers (yes, that's correct...3 wheelers) and as soon as I hit 16 it was all about the cars and girls, motorcycles just feel off to the side. Fast forward 25 years and after the kids moved out and it was just me and the wifey, the itch came back. I felt that a 250 was the thing, good on gas and fun to flog the hell out of. Bought one new back in 2011.


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