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  1. The connections are clean and tight. The previous owner kept this bike very clean. It does start with a jump and runs for a few days then does this process again. It only started happening when it got really cold out. I really hope that start isn't the case :c Had that go on with my first car along with the battery. Seems like everything I touch dies hahaha Thank you!
  2. As with every single vehicle I've gotten, I've always had battery issues, especially in the cold. After trying to start up my Kawasaki a few days after it was last ridden, it didn't want to start and did that horrifying ticking I've heard in car batteries. The lights would turn on with the key, but as soon as I try to start, even with the choke all the way down, it doesn't want to do anything and the lights shut off until I'm off the start. This was ~40 degrees. When it hit 60 the other week, it turned on just fine. Now it's doing the same thing again, even after we put it on the charger. Is this a common thing when it gets cold out or am I just really unlucky when it comes to things that go vroom?
  3. Sorry for the incredibly late reply, guys! I read through it and appreciate everyones input. I decided not to go for it. I have a lot of trouble finding bikes in the first place since my legs are so tiny and I just can't seem to give up my baby. Thanks again!
  4. I'm on an 07 ninja500r at the moment and have been riding a few months. A guy we know is wanting to get rid of his 01 Triumph TT600. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this bike or Triumphs in general? I've heard some have reliability issues, but from what I've read, this one's pretty good. I'd just rather have personal opinions instead of a magazine's review. And believe me, I'm more than ready for a big upgrade.
  5. Thanks for the welcoming, everyone! I'll try my best to wake up early for the Hermann ride. Can't wait to meet you all!
  6. I'll most likely be there. Thanks! That's pretty awesome. Since he's from England, Stig fits perfect for him hahaha. Thanks for the welcome, crash!
  7. Hey everyone! New rider in Manchester, but I'm usually riding around everywhere. I started back in July on my 89 Honda cbr600 and was recently gifted an 07 Kawasaki Ninja 500r. So far, being a motorcycle owner is one of the best decisions of my life. I usually ride my bikes around as my daily, but now I'm looking for people to go on leisurely rides with before the season is over. Feel free to check out my profile and hit me up any time!
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