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  1. kawabunga183

    June 27th 9am Bixby Lunch

    Will be in bixby around 1:30 Had a hard time getting out of IL due to all the flooded roads
  2. kawabunga183

    June 27th 9am Bixby Lunch

    Thanks for the advice I can understand how the back roads are different and many of you guys on here have a lot more experience then me. I'm just out to have some fun!
  3. kawabunga183

    June 27th 9am Bixby Lunch

    Yeah sorry I didn't make that clear. Chester IL bridge going into Missouri. There are 2 gas stations right there on the Missouri side but I know that's a good way from you. I just mentioned Potosi because it was closer to you.
  4. kawabunga183

    June 27th 9am Bixby Lunch

  5. kawabunga183

    June 27th 9am Bixby Lunch

    I know Todd wants to come! He needs all the practice he can get before Hallett ;)
  6. kawabunga183

    June 27th 9am Bixby Lunch

    We are stopping at the Chester bridge to get gas probably around 1030 then heading to bixby from there. But can also stop anywhere on the way. Where are you coming from?
  7. kawabunga183

    June 27th 9am Bixby Lunch

    Me and a buddy are heading there for lunch as well. Will be a faster pace if anyone wants to join. If not, see you there! Leaving from Carbondale il sometime in the morning.
  8. kawabunga183

    2008 KTM300XC $3400

    Check it out! Can be plated easily. I can also deliver. http://stlouis.craigslist.org/mcy/4886877943.html Thanks, Robbie
  9. kawabunga183

    Hello from Southern Illinois

    Hey and that was a awesome burger thank you! Dave, good time out in Colorado. Sad to say we didn't make it out this year.
  10. If you can tell I am really stretching for the elbow probably couldn't do it at race pace. But yeah I don't think I ever use the rear brake. I could see the motogp guys using it to get the back to slide out some to help set up for the turn in. Usually a dirt thing.
  11. kawabunga183

    Hello from Southern Illinois

    Todd, I could get it down on turn 8. Might of been able to on 10 but I don't think about it as much on the really tight corners. Not sure why but maybe because there's small room for error with low speeds and throttle control. Looking forward to seeing some videos from you. My camera was still full from deals gap last weekend and I forgot to empty my memory cards before heading to the track!
  12. kawabunga183

    Hello from Southern Illinois

  13. Hey everyone, I was told about this group at NCM this previous weekend. Looking forward to riding with you guys sometime!