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  1. cyclesailor

    Happy Birthday Mike! (BlueJeans)

    Happy Birthday Mike !!!!
  2. cyclesailor

    Culpepper's St. Charles

    101 Asian Cho Wang's establishment ? MCRA has their monthly meetings there.
  3. cyclesailor

    Ride Sunday Oct.7 ?????

    Never Mind it's raining here
  4. cyclesailor

    Ride Sunday Oct.7 ?????

    I'll be at 109 QT this morning
  5. cyclesailor

    Ride Sunday Oct.7 ?????

    If it's not raining tomorrow morning I'll be at 109 QT at 9 am and KSU at 9:30.
  6. cyclesailor

    Need some new gloves

    Try Dainese Veloce,they may be pricey but I've worn them for Years.I have found them at CycleGear in the past. A Great street glove. I wear Held Phantom for track days,Pricey but,can you put a price on the protection of your hands ??
  7. cyclesailor

    Ride Sunday Oct.7 ?????

    Weather IS the determining factor. I guess I'll wait and see what the "Weather Gauge" predicts. I'm going to wrestle with air fences today and I'll post up later today what the Plan is for tomorrow. The usual meet at 109 QT,the time to be determined later. If everyone would like to meet at another location and has other ride destinations in mind that'll work.
  8. I'm riding Sunday Oct.7,weather permitting. Anyone interested ?????
  9. https://www.s1000rrforum.com/forum/s1000rr-hp4-wheels-tires/236640-michelin-pilot-road-4gt.html
  10. cyclesailor

    Ride Saturday 9/29

    Anyone interested in riding Saturday the 29th ???
  11. cyclesailor

    Happy Birthday Crash!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODDOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. cyclesailor

    Happy Birthday Morbo

    Happy Birthday Jason !!!!!
  13. cyclesailor

    Ride Sunday Sep 16, 2018

    I'm in Like Flint !!!!
  14. cyclesailor

    Bixby Sunday 8/26

    I had a Fun ride chasing Pookie but,the early return was the Right Decision. My body temperature has finally returned to normal.
  15. cyclesailor

    New Helmet for those hot days!

    A Totally New Concept