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  2. Keep Moving Crash !!!! It's harder to Hit a Moving Target !!! Don't Stop Riding !!!! I may not be a Racer but I enjoy pretending to be a Racer riding track days besides I'M Older than You !!!! No Excuses,Just Ride !!!
  3. Be Safe , use HIFLO filters or OEM. HIFLO makes the OEM filters.
  4. I have a Techniche Evaporative Cooling Vest Product #6352 1-800-823-2665 I've worn the vest under my street riding gear as well as my Daniese track leathers with a serious cooling effect to the upper torso. Just soak the vest in a sink of cool water or under a facet and be ready for a SHOCK when you first put the vest on. After that the air flow while riding provides Relief. Highly Recommended
  5. I rode in the Intermediate group Saturday & Sunday at NCM. Saturday was fine no real crashes. Sunday on the other hand was "Mad Sunday"!! Two laps into the first Novice session was red flagged when a rider clipped a crib on the left and launched himself into another bike on the right side of the track. My first session on Sunday ,first lap standing Yellow flag (I thought it meant take your time,warm up your tires,learn the track?) a rider loses the back-end on the exit of turn 7 and backs it into the grass. Dumb ASS !!! The third session in the morning I was following a rider who could not hold a consistent line or corner to save her ASS. She runs wide to the right exiting the hair pin riding close to the rumble strip and I on the left side of the track decide I'd better make a pass before the next right (turn 12). THE LAST FRIGGN' minute she decides she needs to be on the left side of the track! Problem is I have accelerated to even if not ahead of her but see continues to cut me off. I braked extremely Hard,I made right front fairing contact with her left Ducati carbon can. No shoulder check ,No acknowledgement that I am there. I thought here is a test of my Turtle Air Vest ! But I was lucky and kept the Beemer on two wheels and safely made the turn. I confronted her in the pits,translation (Jumped her Shit!) . "Oh,I did not see you and did not hear your bike" The tail section of the Ducati was flapping in the breeze and white paint on the carbon can,which she said was already there. BULLSHIT !!! She had recently moved up to Intermediate but to save her and everyone else's ASS she needs to be in Novice with serious coaching. The Beemer's fairing is not broken but needs minor paint touch up. Bottom line is Ride Saturday,go home Sunday when the Stupid riders appear.
  7. I'm IN
  9. Thanks Guys for a Fun Ride !!
  10. AHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!