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  1. Last Ride Before Surgery Bixby Run

    Mike, I'll be there Saturday ready to RIDE !!!!
  2. Brake pads

    Don't FORGET to FLUSH out the OLD BRAKE FLUID !!!!!
  3. Blue Angels
  4. Sunday Fun Day Ride! Sunday 8/13/17

    I'm Time crunched for Sunday's ride but, I may ride to Bixby Sunday. KSU at 9-9:30 at 109 QT.
  5. Happy Birthday Terry

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hold on to Your A$$, Fred !!!!
  7. Why we should ride

    Your Welcome My motto is "Keep Moving" No matter what your passion is "Just Do It"
  8. Why we should ride - CT&utm_term=Common Tread | Co
  9. Happy Birthday Speed

    Happy Birthday Khaled !!!!!
  10. Anyone up for a ride this weekend?

    This "Big Wussy" will not be riding this weekend. TOO FRIGGN HOT !!!!!!!

    The Forcefield back protector that I wear does conform to the contours of your back while riding to some extent. But,it does not feel like a piece of plywood in your riding gear. I highly recommend the Forcefield protector,it is worn under my street jackets as well as my Dainese one piece track leathers.
  12. Casual Ride Sunday Jul 16, 2017

    Home Safe & Sweaty I had a Great ride with you Mugs & Lady !!
  13. Casual Ride Sunday Jul 16, 2017

    I'm In,leathers and all.
  14. Anyone Riding ??

    My son Jeff and I will meet Saturday at 109 QT 8:15-8:30 From there on to Potosi &Bixby
  15. Anyone Riding ??

    If I ride,I will be responsible for my youngest son Jeff. It will be is first ride to Bixby.