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  1. FUN,FUN,FUN was had by all !!!!!
  2. I'M talking tools !!!!!!! Mechanic,Precision Quality tools that are made of high quality materials.Not Chineseim. Produced by Skilled Machinist and Craftsmen.
  3. If it Doesn't Say Made in the USA,Let it Lay !!!
  4. I made it home with No issues. Until I spun the rear tire for my post ride inspection. LOOK, a nail in the rear tire !!! No wonder the rear had a slight instability. But,I had fun riding with Stuart & Nate !!!!
  5. I'm ready to ride!!! Bixby,Hermann or Where ever !!!!!!
  6. Anyone interested in riding this Sunday the 8th ??????
  7. If interested;meet at 9am QT I-44 & 109. KU 9:30 to Bixby.
  8. I seriously considered the Show.But I guess not this year. The underling reason is I'll will have Platelet Rich Plasma treatment to both knees this week performed by Blue Tail Medical and the show is done the road. I'm instructed to gradually return to normal activity. Physical exercise and walking will hopefully regenerate the tissue. I WILL BE READY TO RIDE,weather permitting.
  9. Happy Birthday BARRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Thanks Guys for the Birthday wishes !!!!!
  11. WHO would want to see Marquez ??????
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