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  1. Yep, I'm using Galfer SS lines. Once we dumped the bleeder kit and did it manually, we got a firm lever feel in no time.
  2. The brakes are great! Flushed it out again to be sure there was no debris in there. On Saturday morning last time out, I had air in my brakes and the brake bleeder kit I had was aerating it instead of really bleeding it. Lost a ton of time and couldn't pass tech for the first session. Gene skipped out on his first session too just to help get me on track. So @cyclesailor was my weekend MVP!
  3. MCRA Gateway August 3rd - 4th is right around the corner! I'm planning on being there both days. Anyone else planning on going?
  4. Here are some of my favorites from the weekend. Credit to @Morbo for these two great shots! My wife took the rest of the pics. @jjester @reed12b
  5. Glad you guys had fun! Sad I missed it. Got the dates mixed up, thought it was next weekend. On the bright side, my schedule conflict took me to Tennessee, so I rode Deals Gap instead.
  6. Out, will be on vacation. Planning on making it to Gateway in October. Have fun guys!
  7. My wife and I are heading over now
  8. And a few of my favorite pics of me on Saturday
  9. I noticed the website compresses the files, so they don't look as sharp. If anyone wants a higher resolution version, PM me your email address
  10. @jjester @reed12b @crash My wife took some pics of us on track.
  11. I'm helping my sister move this weekend, so it depends how quickly we get the moving done. I vote to ride the little bikes to Bixby. Don't mind if we race the big bikes there either!
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