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  1. We need to do that more often! Couldn't believe some of the faces that came out.
  2. JKing

    Sunday, July 25th

    I'm sportin a nice cankle today Tyrell, should be a nice shade of blue by the weekend. Damn trees May be up for Sunday, you know how to find me.
  3. One of those riders may be familiar to some of us, scroll down a bit.
  4. Got anything else Al? I'd take these but I already have a set
  5. My boys have swim lessons this Saturday, guess I'll ride my MTB after Talked to the owner of MX Tech today, my suspension is on the way home in the morning.
  6. I can tell you from personal experience those don't work worth a damn, especially when I get my diaper changed standing up.
  7. JKing

    St. Joe's 3/28?

    Well I'll be keeping an ear out Sunday morning to see if your off. Do you ever find yourself checking your schedule on the way to the ride start
  8. JKing

    St. Joe's 3/28?

    Some are going racing on the 28th but I'll be late getting my bike and seat time together so I'll most likely be heading to St. Joe's to knock the dust off the 450. This is pending my suspension getting back but looks like that shouldn't be a problem and the weather can't suck either. Ray? you wanna get that pretty bike of yours dirty?
  9. Once you get poop exploded all over you the fun slows down a touch.
  10. Congrats, current estimates put the cost of a child through age 18 at $276,000 that's a lot of tires and trackdays
  11. I don't see how a ride not sponsored by the club, posted by a non-member in an open forum is to blame for a non-member having an accident on one of the most popular corners in the area for crashes. Maybe STLAR is to blame for the Scooter club last year because we talked about how good the road is with some of their riders prior to their accidents. Last time I checked this was not a babysitting club, you are responsible for your own actions. Bob you are out of line with your comments, I'm sure you were not chasing off those (STLAR members) that helped you in your time of need. I say that as a friend. I hope everything works out in the long run for the rider, recovery is a long road that takes more strength than most can imagine.
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