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    Too many storage/project retro sport bikes. 05 DRZ 400 Woods bike 03 Heritage Softail 100th Anniversary (Daily rider)
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    All forms of Motorsports.
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    Specialty Foods Sales in St. Louis area.
  1. Got a good start tonight on tearing down for cleaning and lube lube lube. Bloody ass sandy mess.
  2. My dirt bike doubles as a submarine. What they all dont do that?
  3. I'm to old and fat to enter that race Todd. Although it would be cool to get on TV.
  4. I've been catching up on my post reading...you guys crack me up.Somthin aint right is all I know
  5. This coming Sunday again. Looking forward to hearing about Hallet.
  6. Did 50mi yesterday. The first 20 kinda sucked but the last thirty we were flying, Felt like I could do another 20mi but my buddy was spent.
  7. Work got in the way Todd! Have fun and make us proud!
  8. No juicy stories. Dr. Jones fell over a few times (4) . It was muddy in places but it had been dry for a few days before we arrived. We dont mess around in the sand too much. The outer trail was pretty fast, no ICE like the last few times I've gone. I do a ten mile warm up then come back and stretch then go do a hard 20-25mi run. It was fun. Going this Sunday and will be there at 9:30 for a 40-50 mi day if anyone wants to join.
  9. Pizza and Bacon! Otherwise...I dont know what the hell yall are talking about. (which is normal with Todd)
  10. Ha ha..I That would be proprietary info buster
  11. I rarely get a chance to do a weekday there. I seem to go a lot faster when I'm not worried about traffic. That 200 ridge trail is normally a 3rd gear trail but might be a 4th gear if I'm not worried about others.
  12. Me and another old slow dude will be hitting St. Joe early and do about 50mi. Really looking forward to having the place to ourselves.
  13. Hello my name is Jim, better know as the loud obnoxious guy at the MCRA riders meetings. I have a lot of friends and connections to this group and thought I'd check in. I grew up in St. Louis and started working for Widman Harley/Suzuki at age 15. I have been going to the race track since I was in the womb. Started dirt riding at about 9yrs old and started road racing motorcycles at 21. I have worked for all forms of Motor sports events including operations director at Gateway 99 threw 01. I sell specialty foods nowadays including Dogtown Pizza in your grocers freezer. I never was much of a street rider but find myself doing a lot more over the past few years. Looking to get a sport touring unit over the summer (proly a Bandit). My 03 Heritage Softail is my daily ride. Being around Harleys and Suzukis in my youth has made me somewhat partial and appreciative of their history. Looking forward to some rides this season and hope to see yall out there. Cheers
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