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  1. JohnnyRockets

    Best place to have work done?

    So I need my bike looked at. After reading many fours it seems like my bikes can chain is lose or not as tight as it should be. I also want to have valves checked. I can't do it myself so I am open to hear of good places to go and places to avoid
  2. JohnnyRockets

    Friday - August 28, 2015 - RIDE

    Have fun guys great day for a ride!
  3. JohnnyRockets

    September Meeting - TUESDAY Sep 1, 2015

    i ill be there squid and all
  4. JohnnyRockets

    tuesday 8/18

    Until the rain!
  5. JohnnyRockets

    tuesday 8/18

    we are meeting at 10 right?
  6. JohnnyRockets

    tuesday 8/18

    is that the same quick trip we met at last time?
  7. JohnnyRockets

    tuesday 8/18

    what is the address for that
  8. JohnnyRockets

    tuesday 8/18

    Im in! i dont have class so ill be down with my Frankenbike
  9. JohnnyRockets

    Need new Bolts!

    Yeah i might head that way tomorrow and see about pricing. Out of the ones i needed some cost like 8.75 online
  10. JohnnyRockets

    Need new Bolts!

    When my bike got hit it broke the upper cowl off and snapped most of the bolts along with it. Im trying to find a kit that has the bolts and screws i need to mount the air intake upper cowl and headlights and such. When i look i can only find fairing ktis...OR i find individuals that you have to know the serial to know what you are buying. Does anyone know where you can buy the bolts and screws im talking about?
  11. JohnnyRockets

    Powder Coating Rims?

    So im working on getting my bike pieced back together, and noticed my rims are looking a little worse for wear. The paint is flaking of and was wondering what you guys think. Is there downsides to having them powder coated vs having them painted?
  12. JohnnyRockets

    EK chain Tool

    wont know until it arrives the description didnt say
  13. JohnnyRockets

    EK chain Tool

    just ordered new chains and sprockets and was wondering if anyone had the tools for an EK chain link. First time doing my chain and sprocket soo im new to this . If anyone can help me out that would be great! It wont be for about a week for delivery and all so there is no rush on this
  14. JohnnyRockets


    2007 cbr600rr I mean if there was a chunk missing i would be more apt to just buy the new part but its literally a hairline that leaks the tiniest bit of oil.
  15. JohnnyRockets


    more specifically i need someone who can weld. After my accident i found out my crank case is cracked and its 200 for a new one and local welding shops want 100. its only a small crack but leaks oil. anyone know of someone who can help?