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  1. You mean I get to spend near 300 bucks and pay a subscription to use the already built-in features of the device?! Where do I sign up?
  2. Since I'm planning to take advantage of the free breakfast that this hotel offers, I'll be in more than just sleepwear.
  3. looks like the website automatically resizes the pictures so you may not be able to read what’s on the screenshots.
  4. I’ve been following this story in TDJU. I’ll see if I can get some details for you guys.
  5. Hey guys, looks like the place in Lafayette Square was not as well received by all as I had hoped. After an incredible day of setting up a motorcycle lift and picking up a pneumatic tire machine with @ZRX4ME, @Speed, and Michelle we found ourselves at dinner in Ballwin. Circle 7 Ranch seemed receptive to us coming by once a month on a Tuesday. They have 2 private spaces; one for up to 12 people, with a $250 minimum and a much larger area for a $750 minimum. Both of the above minimums apply if we are making the reservation, however they could likely seat us there if we show up and the spot isn't taken without a required minimum. American is the type of cuisine and they have options for our vegan members. If you think we should check this one out please vote yes, if not please vote no. If you want me to shut up about meetings shoot me a message. Address for Circle 7 Ranch: 14412 Clayton Road Ballwin, MO, 63011 Link to site and menu: https://circle7ranch.com/
  6. I didn’t realize we were thinking of switching it up month to month. I was looking for a regular place.
  7. As everyone knows, we are currently in search of a place to hold monthly meetings. I've been trying places and asking trusted friends for suggestions. Many of our members are in IL and many are out west by St. Charles, it seemed that something in between would be great. Something that people didn't have to drive an hour to. We need a place that can give us a private area, where we can talk at the table without shouting over music. The place must also be flexible enough to accommodate 30 people showing up at the same time, or only 4 and not worry that it's not worth their time to give us our own space. It would also be a big plus if we could see our bikes from where we are sitting and maybe even have an entrance that we used from the private area directly to that parking. The food must be reasonably priced. Two of our members prefer to eat vegan, so the menu must have some option for them as well. Some of us like to enjoy a brewski while chatting, so some alcohol would be nice too. I think I found a place that meets all of the above criteria. I've chatted with the owners and they would love for us to come try it out. Though in the city, it's in a very nice neighborhood, Lafayette Square. It's called Mayo Ketchup. They have a range of things from fries, sandwiches and soda, to delicious bruschetta, empanadas, and tostones, as the chef has a passion for cuisine from Puerto-Rico, Dominican Republic and Cuba. If you're willing to try the place please vote yes, if not please vote no.
  8. Hey guys, Just picked up a used Aim Solo 2 for this track season. Looking forward to learning all about it. Anyone else here using these?
  9. Oh how I love Barber. Definitely going there again.
  10. “high rate of demolition (see also: squid )”
  11. Interesting, The Gap to me has always been Deals Gap.
  12. They post the full race on YouTube!?
  13. Motoamerica has had a lot of good action recently. After watching the Daytona 200 for 12 bucks on their site, I'd rather just pay 100 for the whole year. Who else is watching Motoamerica? When you pay for the year, do you get the archives going way back like with the MotoGP subscription?
  14. Not my thing, but if someone else is going, I'd accompany them 🤷‍♂️
  15. I hope someone took pictures because I totally forgot! 😬
  16. Amazing night! I’m so glad I got to meet you guys . I just got to KS so goodnight 😴
  17. Happy Birthday @SprintST!!!
  18. Actually that's how I got into this mess in the first place. I already have wonderful AStars leathers. But when I finished school and started living and eating like a regular human being, I got fat 🤣. So I needed to buy a size up.
  19. I noticed the Dirt section on the Public Forum maybe we all need dirt bikes...
  20. @Speedballer, I knew it! You guys are hooligans! Nay, ruffians!!
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