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  1. Home safe (and ashamed 😂). Thanks again Mike and Dave.
  2. I understand about the heat, but 7am? Whew...
  3. For sale: Alpinestars race suit. Size 54 (basically a 2XL). Never been ridden in. $350 OBO... (314) 372-9602 (OK to text) Manny
  4. Manny

    STLAR FALL RIDE 10 28 18

    Is 10/28 still the planned date for this ride?
  5. She's got some wear and tear, but still runs and corners like a champ. 50K miles. $2,500 firm.
  6. Manny

    2005 GSX-R1000 For Sale

    I sold it. Thanks anyway.
  7. Joe, all that back-firing had me thinking one of those meth labs was blowing up!
  8. Anyone up for a Bixby run Sunday? Really, I'm up for anything... just wanna get out. I'm flexible for start time, but thinking around 9:00 since it is supposed to get pretty warm.
  9. Manny

    Bixby Sunday 9/24

    Had a good time yesterday. Now I gotta find something I don't have to worry about scraping on the ground.
  10. Manny

    2005 GSX-R1000 For Sale

    The bike is sold (sniff sniff). Thanks for your interest.
  11. Since my plans to go ride Arkansas this coming weekend fell thru, I'm thinking a Bixby run this Saturday will do. Anybody here care to roll?
  12. Manny

    5/13 Bixby ride?

    Thanks for coming out today guys! Good ride!
  13. Manny

    5/13 Bixby ride?

    The QT I'm referring to is about 2 miles west of I-270.
  14. Manny

    5/13 Bixby ride?

    I'm meeting my friends from Illinois at the QT on Tesson Ferry Rd (Mehlville) @ 9:30 Saturday morning. Feel free to join. KSU @ 0945 hrs.
  15. Manny

    2005 GSX-R1000 For Sale

    You can call or text me questions @ (314) 372-9602.
  16. Manny

    2005 GSX-R1000 For Sale

    I moved up to a ZX-14. Got back on the Bee a few weeks ago to get the fluids flowing and it felt so strange. So yes, it is a lot lighter!
  17. Manny

    2005 GSX-R1000 For Sale

    Yes, the Bee is still available.
  18. Manny

    Owensville-Sunday April 9th

    Thanks for a good ride!
  19. Manny

    Owensville-Sunday April 9th

    I'll be there.
  20. Manny

    Owensville-Sunday April 9th

    Is this a curvy ride?
  21. Manny

    Sunday Ride ???

    I really should be doing yard work , since I blew it off last weekend to ride to Bixby , BUT..... where y'all riding to?
  22. Manny

    Bixby Sunday (tomorrow)

    I would, but, ummmm....my front tire, is, ummm... about as bald as me!
  23. Thanks for the suggestions. Push Mountain is definitely on the top of my priority list! Done it twice and love it to death! 300+ miles sounds just about right as far as I'm concerned. We ain't going all the way there to sit in hotels or drink at watering holes! LOL
  24. Manny

    Sunday 5-15

    Looks like me and Nick missed you guys by an hour or so. Maybe next time...