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  1. Thank you everyone for your fount of wisdom as per usual you get what you pay for hence my current situation.
  2. Gunsniper


    Hey there anyone know any place that has a sale or good prices for chains? I am looking to get an O-ring chain as the standard I bought last time Just didn't hold up for nearly as long, But as I look for O-ring I find them rather expensive a hundred dollars. Is this average or am I just not looking at the right places?
  3. If I had the cash I would be sweeping her away from you but alas, Not today... or any time soon.
  4. Depends on work if I am still doing the Graveyard 3rds I wont be able to make it.
  5. Welcome to the group I look forward to riding with You!
  6. I live by Rock hill and Manchester Not far at all I likely ride by your place on a regular basis.
  7. I work pretty close to there and drive in From Webster groves. Its a nice enough ride.
  8. You have me caught between my two loves Biking and Magic the gathering. This Saturday is also the pre-release for a new set..... Do I ride or play cards.... Depends on the wife! LOL
  9. Yes yes it is a 96 Suzuki RF600R My Baby.
  10. Hey Everyone I am Wesley I heard about this place while I was at the Aerostitch pop up sale event. I was hoping to get to know some of you all and perhaps join a ride. I am 29 years old New to Biking, Only had a few months experience. I took the Driver safety course last year and have finally finished the Maintenance on my bike making it legal and ready to roll. I ride to work an hour both ways so I have had some lengthy rides under my belt But most have been High ways. At the moment I work 6 days out of the week But that's not to say something can't be worked out.
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