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  1. Home about 2:30. Promptly fell asleep. Thanks guys!
  2. GSXR55

    Ride Sunday - Jun 30, 2019

    Wish I could get me a hick bowl, but we're glamping at land between lakes, KY.
  3. GSXR55


    WTG, Blues!
  4. That's from My Cousin Vinny in case anyone doesn't remember.
  5. About what specifically? I once wondered if my 20 y.o. wrench was accurate. Clamped the socket thing in a vise and hung 20 & 40 pound weights from the handle, which is a foot and a half, so I had to do some math. It was in fact dead-on-balls even though it has been leaking oil for long time. That said, I think the easiest thing to do is to leave in the drawer. As far as I know, I've never under-tightened anything; specifically a head bolt on my brother's Omni-024...
  6. Now I can't make it.
  7. GSXR55

    Bixby Ride - June 2nd, 2019

    Home a while ago. Thanks for setting up and leading guys. Great day!
  8. GSXR55

    Gateway May 25 and 26

    Out of town. Have fun/be safe!
  9. Good ride. Thanks for leading. Good pit crew also!
  10. GSXR55

    Plan B?

    I'm looking to be there about 9:15.
  11. GSXR55

    Ride Sunday ???

    I'm in for wherever; just need to get back to Fairview heights by about 5:00.