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  1. MotoGP 2017 Thread

    I get that, but I think less so than other earlier comments.
  2. Hermann Saturday 10-21

    I'm out for this and Arkansas ride. Wife running in Marine Corps Marathon in DC. I am hoping this will cure her of distance running but it might require amputation...
  3. MotoGP 2017 Thread

    Maybe it depends on your definition of the words big and winner?
  4. MotoGP 2017 Thread

    The big winner was Suzuki!

    Had to read up on, but I get it. Found site where some were discussing. Most agree pilot should have handled smoother but not an easy landing... Someone said (about news reports): "Ironically it's good for the airline as the uninitiated self-loading freight everywhere are saying what a great job the Emirates pilots did."

    What should he have done and how close to totally buying it?
  7. Mango's mad project

  8. Drag Racing at Gateway

    Wow, they're poised to break the 20 second barrier!
  9. Anyone Riding ??

    There were quite a few of those guys there.
  10. Anyone Riding ??

    Ted's HD/Honda in Alton. Cops escorted us inland over to near Hardin to the river road then back. Of course it started raining at the furthest point... Quite the spectacle; hundreds of bikes, 90% HD... Noisy to say the least! All the way, cars on the other side of the road pulled over to watch us ride by. Good cause; a lot of focus on mental health issues with service members.
  11. Anyone Riding ??

  12. Anyone Riding ??

    I'm likely doing a 60 mile police-escortedHarley ride out of Ted's HD in Alton. To benefit veterans (wounded warriors and similar). Probably on the Nighthawk. KSU is at 11:30.
  13. Mango's mad project

    Found where he stole the idea from (Moto Europa museum)
  14. BTG-III 9/30/17

    I even had my John "FORCE" cap with me Saturday and still no-go... I guess this is next for those guys: ... And NO I won't try to race them either!