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  1. Can't make it. Out of town again this weekend and next. Good luck with surgery!
  2. Brake pads

    Better yet, if these fit, he can test them for me...
  3. Software update - 4.2.0 to 4.2.1

    I don't recall the discussion on why that function was removed; I wonder what happens if a post that people have replied to gets deleted -- would that whole chain disappear? Question for Galen: I though we had already upgraded to 4.2.2 on 7/27 but we're getting notification that we can NOW upgrade to 4.2.2... Was the 7/27 change really 4.2.1 or did we revert at some point? Please advise and thanks.
  4. hello guys

  5. Drag Racing at Gateway

    I want to shoot for Friday 9/15, "Midnight Madness". This link has 'all' the information. $25 to participate and $15 to spectate. Here are some of the rules: I saw the suit requirements somewhere and will find again and post later. I think leathers are required.
  6. Bugged

    Got and installed my new one Friday!
  7. Drag Racing at Gateway

    Is anyone interested in doing this? I want to do in September if possible. Would be good group activity I think.
  8. MCRA Gateway Trackday August 5 and 6

    I forgot to mention that my suspension is a lot better since taking bike to Velocity last month. Should have taken when I first got bike; was nose-diving a lot due to payload and ham-handedness. Fiddled with myself and did improve but wasn't quite right. Now, I went all day and didn't think about, and zip ties show I had about 5/8" unused travel. I realize that's another way of saying I'm braking way early still, but that's a work in progress. Need to practice hard stops from speed and get more comfortable with now that bike is behaving right.
  9. But you forgot the part where they want to celebrate their 'win' prematurely ("we appreciate your buy-in"...let them eat cake) while the real people are working compulsory uncompensated OT to un-f#@& the mess. Bonuses only go down to 2 levels above where the OT is happening. But I'm not bitter....
  10. MCRA Gateway Trackday August 5 and 6

    I've been reading that you can 'zap' the battery cells of some rechargeables to get more life out of. I bought a $60 hedge trimmer a few years back and of course new battery is $100 and I haven't found a free one (yet) on the internets.
  11. MCRA Gateway Trackday August 5 and 6

    I should have taped my brake lights better, but you can see why I go for $0.20 brake pads...
  12. Funny

    1. Love the Suzuki suit. 2. This one is the best! ?. What's with the soft-serve ice cream helmet?
  13. MCRA Gateway Trackday August 5 and 6

    I know you and that guy blew past me bigly!
  14. MCRA Gateway Trackday August 5 and 6

    Rain was less than predicted. Some sloppiness but mostly stayed out of trouble. Good to see all the stlar track guys out there! Thanks for y'all's help with a few things! Best lap 1:22.6 which is 6 sec better than last fall!