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  1. Told ya my tire was fine...
  2. Back home. Good seeing y'all!
  3. Meetup at Eureka quick trip at 8:30. KSU around 8:45.
  4. I need to move somewhere where there are a) twisties and b) a pole barn.
  5. Just inherited my dad's 2011 Ford fiesta 5-speed. He never once bought himself an automatic, and one maybe with power windows. Actually a pretty decent car. 120 hp is adequate; not sure 80's accords had much more than that. This makes 7 registered vehicles at my house. Stupid me I didn't hold out for a 3+ car garage way back when...
  6. Meet at eureka QT ksu 10:30.
  7. 150k seems like a ton.
  8. I'll give you my old tv with the built-in player... (Otherwise I'm not sure how I'll ever get rid of)
  9. I'll record on VHS and send you tapes.
  10. Was in Gulf Shores Alabama, swimming.
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