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  1. GSXR55

    10 day trip ideas?

    They are a little yellow aren't they?
  2. GSXR55

    10 day trip ideas?

    Anybody know how heavy something would have to be to need 74 wheels?
  3. GSXR55

    10 day trip ideas?

    1. Don't tell me that thing is a coaster! 2. 74-wheeler. Had some big concrete block looking thing on it.
  4. GSXR55

    10 day trip ideas?

    A somewhat slower pace than I am used to, and so many small towns in northern PA. At Watkins Glen now...
  5. GSXR55

    Hey Everyone!

  6. GSXR55

    10 day trip ideas?

    Camping was not my idea but sleeping bag makes decent backrest.
  7. GSXR55


    True. I guess when you ride that much you change enough air filters that you get good at it or you don't mind dropping $150 for something that 'should' only be $25... Maybe all the bikes like that have filter similarly buried. I tend to agree that the GW is excellent ; if something better it can't be by much.
  8. GSXR55

    10 day trip ideas?

    The time has arrived! Meeting my buddy Randy in Toledo Fri night then into western PA Sat. Up into finger lakes area Sun. Ultimately to bar harbor ME likely. Unless of course we chuck all that and head right for the dragon...
  9. GSXR55


    You ever notice that goldwing people always say, "I've had 3 of them". What they are saying is that they sold them when they were due for a new filter!
  10. GSXR55

    Gateway July 21 and 22 Who is going?

    Out. There's one in September right?
  11. GSXR55


    Upon closer inspection, this debris seems to me the filter fibers that are missing from the missing hemispherical shaped area shown in photo. (There were also some seed shells in there) Perhaps a rodent got in there and made camp? Didn't find any droppings though so still a mystery. Took many more hours to put back together. If I went out and did it again right now, I could probably do in an hour. If I do it next 2 years from now, probably 3... I'm certain honda dealers give this job to the 'new guy' as punishment!
  12. GSXR55


    Clean or replace? 😈 I think these are seeds that got in there and germanated after I rode in a monsoon... I've noticed a big drop in power since that day. Took over 2 hours to strip down to this point. About 2 hours so far putting back together and stuck getting the big 'top cover' back on... Will try later when cooler..
  13. GSXR55

    2018 Challenge

    I'm gonna get right on the one-armed pushups! No doubt that's what I've been missing...Thanks.
  14. GSXR55

    Cooler Saturday July 7

    Been home awhile... Great day; just what Dr ordered! Thanks guys! Got to follow an unmarked car from 270 into the city doing 90+
  15. GSXR55

    Cooler Saturday July 7

    I'll be there by about 9:15