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  1. I was hoping we could find a place around 55 or 44 and 270. Or maybe 64(40) and 170? But like I said about Culpeppers, it's 45 minutes away, so it only takes me half an hour to get home...
  2. Let's try Syberg's, in the bar area. The official proceedings will begin at 7:00, but show up whenever. If we get large enough turnout going forward there are some reservation options, which we can talk about at the meeting. Will do introductions and talk about typical rides we do and how we run them. I'd suggest bike maintenance as a main discussion item (best blinker fluid, etc). Also we can talk about the website STLAR.COM and what we are and are not doing with it...
  3. *** UPDATE: Syberg's - bar area - 'official' meeting start at 7:00... Suggested arrival time 6:30 *** Hey y'all, I think Tuesday 3/7 would be the evening when we'd normally have our first dinner meeting of the year, back in normal times. I hoped we could do at the Triumph Grille, but they are permanently closed. Please reply if you're interested, and suggest places. For any lurkers out there, this is a good way to meet the group before you decide to go on all-day rides with us... (You do want to meet the group and you do want to go on these rides, but we're gonna abuse you if you show up with worn out tires and crappy gear like that one guy...) That said, if you need tires changed, there are several of us who have tire changers and will help with maintenance/repair for the price of a beer, at most. Don't let your bike sit in the garage another year!
  4. From dogpark post on Jan 3: "...Generally there is no loose gravel...". (South from Hannibal). USUALLY...
  5. I would but leaving for Florida in the afternoon. Watch for salt on roads!
  6. Welcome Tony! Hope to see you out on a ride when it's warmer! Mike
  7. Welcome! Glad to have another Suzuki rider! Everybody likes the sv650. I've got a gsxr750 and a bandit 1250. Hope to see you out on a ride soon! Mike
  8. Probably easier to simply install the fourth cylinder kit to the triple...
  9. Going directly from here to Google balrogs... Happy Festivus!
  10. Dear Santa, What I don't want for Christmas is this...
  11. It's all yours if you want to be the webmaster...
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