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  1. GSXR55

    Gateway May 25 and 26

    Out of town. Have fun/be safe!
  2. Good ride. Thanks for leading. Good pit crew also!
  3. GSXR55

    Plan B?

    I'm looking to be there about 9:15.
  4. GSXR55

    Ride Sunday ???

    I'm in for wherever; just need to get back to Fairview heights by about 5:00.
  5. GSXR55

    2019 Challenge

    41 miles running in April. 136 YTD. Have started going 4.0 miles every couple of days; just gotta stay at it and start in the early morning as it gets hotter...
  6. I, naturally, liked the GSXR1000R the best, over the S1000R & MT10. Didn't like the CBR at all. The Yamaha Eluder is a big joke.
  7. Looks like I forgot to post here: In!
  8. GSXR55

    2019 Challenge

    Good going! I'm up to 100 miles running so far this year.
  9. Good to see everybody!
  10. GSXR55

    Wed 4/3

    What, is that a workday or something?
  11. GSXR55

    Wed 4/3

    Anybody want to ride Wednesday (Bixby probably)?
  12. GSXR55

    Stlar Meeting!

    Yes, it's on the calendar. I'll be there.