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  1. As you may see, I put a thing saying not to be a dick. Hopefully most of us regular members can comply, or we'll have to revisit that....... Also, I added a couple of bike/riding questions for new members to answer. Should help us weed out robots, maybe...
  2. I'll pay more attention. No qualms boring people/posts, especially if they aren't in-person participants in the group. I could craft some language that we are in fact a brotherhood/sisterhood and important for the members to check animosity and strident political comments at the door. It's gotta be that we can either not talk of such (preferred), or genuinely/politely agree to disagree, or failing that, good-naturedly give each other shit and quickly move on if it just can't be avoided...
  3. Sunday: Meetup at Eureka quick trip. KSU 9:15 to Bixby.
  4. Like-new/barely used.... Free/obo...
  5. You just can't do this with Facebook...
  6. Just gonna go ahead and say Merry Christmas, etc. to everyone, and given the lack of recent comments, Happy Birthday to EVERYONE! Days are getting longer! Let's ride to Bixby again soon!
  7. Told ya my tire was fine...
  8. Back home. Good seeing y'all!
  9. Meetup at Eureka quick trip at 8:30. KSU around 8:45.
  10. I need to move somewhere where there are a) twisties and b) a pole barn.
  11. Just inherited my dad's 2011 Ford fiesta 5-speed. He never once bought himself an automatic, and one maybe with power windows. Actually a pretty decent car. 120 hp is adequate; not sure 80's accords had much more than that. This makes 7 registered vehicles at my house. Stupid me I didn't hold out for a 3+ car garage way back when...
  12. Meet at eureka QT ksu 10:30.
  13. 150k seems like a ton.
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