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  1. GSXR55

    Happy Birthday Joe !!

  2. I'd think we can get rid of all 5 and not lose much; would have to setup paypal so that we just go in directly and pay STLAR. Otherwise, without competent IT help (Jason/Galen), we'd foul the thing up if we do some upgrades. 'All you gotta do is .....' I don't think a private FB is an equivalent; it would mostly just be a big whatever-thread. And, we'd lose all the rich history that's out here... Plus this forum costs very little, or I might have a different opinion. We just gotta liven it up a bit again; perhaps some harsh criticism/belittling and of course extreme profanity is in order? Why the fuck would anybody take a little tiny deer anyway? LWSFPOB (Left Wing Snowflakes For Protection Of Bambi)....
  3. Can we un-customize some things?
  4. GSXR55

    Stlar Meeting!

    The worst, lying, violent, criminals ever....
  5. GSXR55

    Stlar Meeting!

    Probably out.
  6. GSXR55

    Happy Birthday Gene!?

  7. Have a good trip!
  8. GSXR55


    From Legends Corner in Nashville but seems more like something from the Ozarks to me... (No snowflakes out there right? If so I am very sorry, but I think their rigs have more personality)
  9. GSXR55

    Gateway Oct 13-14

    Barry's fashion statements!
  10. GSXR55

    Culpepper's St. Charles

    Would be a great motif over by COR Bridge... You know there's a Hardee's right there... Next I know we'll be in St. Peter's...
  11. GSXR55

    Culpepper's St. Charles

    I'm inclined to agree; or at least not argue! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YRhD6VH0FmU
  12. GSXR55


    I had a tenant call me that. To say he got the lecture of the year just doesn't capture the scene. I'll spare y'all the story, but I can't blame the floor on him ?
  13. GSXR55

    Fall ride dates

    November is the new September; damn democrat global warming!
  14. GSXR55

    Is it dead yet?

    Trust nothing folks!