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  1. You just love to hate him. He's like the Dallas cowboys (of the 70's) on wheels.
  2. Yeah, but you can't see Mark Marquez!
  3. I was going to post something... I can lead, follow or get out of the way. Might I suggest KSU at 9:30 from Eureka quick trip?
  4. Gonna see if I can find an extended swing arm on eBay. Shoulda put a knobby on last week.
  5. I almost did the hill climb out at CCDR!
  6. Tuesday 9/3@6:30@Culpeppers St. Charles See you all there!
  7. Haven't found anywhere that says what % of rear pedal goes to front, but it must be a lot. Not enough in my testing to make the front abs shudder but it stops ya right shortly. Stopping with front only not bad but you really want to at least feather the rear if you need to slow quickly. I shoulda tried harder to do a stoppie but I have the abs a pretty good workout and it's nice and predictable. Didn't want to overheat and warp the rotors...
  8. Forgot the pic. At no time was the hammer used, except on my head...
  9. Got new tires for the Goldwing. Took to friendly neighborhood ex-STLAR member's garage. I gotta mention that the front (tire+wheel) weighs more than the rear. It is 18" vs 16" and the 'spokes' are big hollow extrusions or whatever, whereas the rear is concave since the mondo brake disk hides the right side; no reason to make it pretty. But it seems they must have made the weight so heavy on purpose, for stability maybe? Speaking of large rear disk, I did some brake testing while the old tires were still on this morning. I never use the back brake by itself for stopping except for gravel, etc., so when I slammed it on at 60 downhill I was amazed at how much stopping power it had; now I guess it's connected to front brake due to the ABS stuff but you could comfortably ride that thing and never touch the front lever. Total opposite of gixxer where stomping on rear adds a tiny amount of overall stopping power; seems like it's there to give you something else to do other than soil yourself in a dicey situation, but not much else... Changing front not too bad. Dismounting the rear also not TOO bad, but had to do the top side with spoons cuz we couldn't get the wheel down into the no-mar cuz the tire is so thick/stiff. Then mounting, for the top side, had to use a ratcheting tie-down up at '12 o-clock' to keep that part of the tire down in the 'valley' and 3 spoons inching around the perimeter til we finally got it. Total horror show. I joked beforehand that he should video and show me on youtube as the most pathetic tire changer on the planet. I believe he has erased the video... Removing/installing the rear wheel not as hard as you might imagine. Some quality time lying on my side with long socket extensions, shifting between first and neutral with my hand as I rotated the wheel to get access to one lug nut at a time, was the worst of it. I ran into a guy once who says he lays bike over on its right side onto padding; I may try that next time...
  10. Maybe he's better off. My music folder contains thousands of my wife's songs; too many to delete out. Right when we get on a road like 125, instead of ZZ Top or something, I get Barbera Streisand... I really need to fix that!
  11. Ok, I'll just pick pick on you for not having chatterbox...
  12. Home. Great trip. Thanks guys, for mapping and leading!
  13. In! Need a 4th. I got 2 queen beds so no compulsory spooning!
  14. Okay. Sorry for your loss.
  15. Any given Friday, and some Mondays, if you want to ride mostly straight, flat roads, come over to the land of high taxes all the time and meet us for lunch. BTW: it'll be your turn to buy 😈
  16. If we were still setting multiple posts per day and there fore had an actual need for folders/threads, I'd vote that we keep it active. As we are I don't see what we lose by parking the site in read-only mode. We could activate it again, whenever, if activity picks back up. For privacy reasons, you can setup a Facebook ID, such as JickSirFiftyFive... 'THEY' will of course still find you, but they already can.
  17. Congratulations, and good to have known you! I agree, a special group of people. I hope we can keep it going until the rest of your generation 'matures' into hooliganism... Good luck; you've picked a career that should keep you in exotic motorcycles! Let us know when you're coming back to visit!
  18. In/there/home. Good to see everybody!
  19. Good deal. Mine was mostly excessive free play before I got firm lever. If I used all 4 fingers to brake wouldn't have been a problem.
  20. It isn't just stlar. Most all such forum groups are waning due to the mistaken idea that Facebook is just as good/better.
  21. Bummer. I think they are hard to bleed anyway, and designed with a little free play, even after the earlier recall. I glued a thin shim in where the adjuster makes contact and vacuum bled, tapping on all the fittings and lines, etc. Never gonna change fluid unless they get spongy on me. Do you have steel lines? Good on ya Gene!
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