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  1. GSXR55

    Where to?

    I'm thinking of doing Putnam too. I heard mcra not going so I guess it's with Jeff.
  2. GSXR55

    You guys with 2-piece suits...

    Wad into a ball and store on seat.
  3. GSXR55

    2019 Challenge

    I'm going to try to run 365 miles this year. Already on track to do 730, but that's unlikely to last.
  4. GSXR55

    2019 Challenge

    14 is good! I added 2 miles yesterday so I'm at 34, a bit of headstart on February ...
  5. GSXR55


    Age appropriate for 58 year old?
  6. GSXR55

    FNG intro

  7. GSXR55

    Swingarm replacement

    Finally got around to replacing swing arm ($50 used) so that I have rear stand spools, since one of the brackets 'broke'. Got new chain ($50) and borrowed Todd's (who's he right?) Chain breaker/riveter. Had to buy special tool ($18 + 3 weeks from China) to remove pivot 'nut', which any one can borrow it you ever need; different than the one used on a Kawasaki - mine would work on kaw but not the other way around. Took about 4 hours. Not too bad.
  8. GSXR55

    Swingarm replacement

    Here pics of tools. 19mm 'allen wrench' and nut and 'socket'...
  9. GSXR55

    2019 Challenge

    I plan to dispose of all chocolate shortly. Hopefully can run 3 miles every other day. Only 36 minutes (and hopefully less soon).
  10. GSXR55


    Given my portly physique, I could barely get my car door open that way...
  11. GSXR55


    Packed away but RTR!
  12. GSXR55

    Happy Birthday Dozer

    Hbd, Dave!
  13. GSXR55

    Gateway Oct 13-14

    Who's going? I signed up for Sunday.
  14. GSXR55

    December Saturdays 2018

    Great plan! Doubtful that their air conditioning will leak!
  15. GSXR55

    Ride Saturday 11/24

    So far it only hurts if I use it. Who needs 2hands anyway?
  16. GSXR55

    Ride Saturday 11/24

    GWS! I'm getting carpal tunnel surgery tomorrow and should help in time but don't know how long recovery will actually be.
  17. GSXR55

    Happy Thanksgiving !!

    Sammies with Hellman's mayo and lots of salt/pepper. Good eatin'!
  18. GSXR55

    30K Helicopter Ride

    Naturally, I've done that. So... AirEvac is the best way to go?
  19. GSXR55

    Mango's mad project

    Should be in motoeuropa museum!
  20. GSXR55


    Ride but do the work not just stretches.
  21. GSXR55


    Shovel snow then you have a reason for. Actually I lie on stomach and arch feet and head up and rock back and forth.b also push-ups. Gws.