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  1. GSXR55

    Gateway August 3rd - 4th

    Bummer. I think they are hard to bleed anyway, and designed with a little free play, even after the earlier recall. I glued a thin shim in where the adjuster makes contact and vacuum bled, tapping on all the fittings and lines, etc. Never gonna change fluid unless they get spongy on me. Do you have steel lines? Good on ya Gene!
  2. GSXR55

    Gateway August 3rd - 4th

    Albert, what is problem with brakes?
  3. Home about 2:30. Promptly fell asleep. Thanks guys!
  4. GSXR55

    Ride Sunday - Jun 30, 2019

    Wish I could get me a hick bowl, but we're glamping at land between lakes, KY.
  5. GSXR55


    WTG, Blues!
  6. That's from My Cousin Vinny in case anyone doesn't remember.
  7. About what specifically? I once wondered if my 20 y.o. wrench was accurate. Clamped the socket thing in a vise and hung 20 & 40 pound weights from the handle, which is a foot and a half, so I had to do some math. It was in fact dead-on-balls even though it has been leaking oil for long time. That said, I think the easiest thing to do is to leave in the drawer. As far as I know, I've never under-tightened anything; specifically a head bolt on my brother's Omni-024...
  8. Now I can't make it.
  9. GSXR55

    Bixby Ride - June 2nd, 2019

    Home a while ago. Thanks for setting up and leading guys. Great day!
  10. GSXR55

    Gateway May 25 and 26

    Out of town. Have fun/be safe!
  11. Good ride. Thanks for leading. Good pit crew also!
  12. GSXR55

    Plan B?

    I'm looking to be there about 9:15.
  13. GSXR55

    Ride Sunday ???

    I'm in for wherever; just need to get back to Fairview heights by about 5:00.
  14. GSXR55

    2019 Challenge

    I'm going to try to run 365 miles this year. Already on track to do 730, but that's unlikely to last.
  15. GSXR55

    2019 Challenge

    41 miles running in April. 136 YTD. Have started going 4.0 miles every couple of days; just gotta stay at it and start in the early morning as it gets hotter...
  16. I, naturally, liked the GSXR1000R the best, over the S1000R & MT10. Didn't like the CBR at all. The Yamaha Eluder is a big joke.
  17. Looks like I forgot to post here: In!
  18. GSXR55

    2019 Challenge

    Good going! I'm up to 100 miles running so far this year.
  19. Good to see everybody!
  20. GSXR55

    Wed 4/3

    Anybody want to ride Wednesday (Bixby probably)?