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    Given my portly physique, I could barely get my car door open that way...
  2. GSXR55


    Packed away but RTR!
  3. GSXR55

    Happy Birthday Dozer

    Hbd, Dave!
  4. GSXR55

    Gateway Oct 13-14

    Who's going? I signed up for Sunday.
  5. GSXR55

    December Saturdays 2018

    Great plan! Doubtful that their air conditioning will leak!
  6. GSXR55

    Ride Saturday 11/24

    So far it only hurts if I use it. Who needs 2hands anyway?
  7. GSXR55

    Ride Saturday 11/24

    GWS! I'm getting carpal tunnel surgery tomorrow and should help in time but don't know how long recovery will actually be.
  8. GSXR55

    Happy Thanksgiving !!

    Sammies with Hellman's mayo and lots of salt/pepper. Good eatin'!
  9. GSXR55

    30K Helicopter Ride

    Naturally, I've done that. So... AirEvac is the best way to go?
  10. GSXR55

    Mango's mad project

    Should be in motoeuropa museum!
  11. GSXR55


    Ride but do the work not just stretches.
  12. GSXR55


    Shovel snow then you have a reason for. Actually I lie on stomach and arch feet and head up and rock back and forth.b also push-ups. Gws.
  13. GSXR55

    Happy Birthday Joe !!

  14. I'd think we can get rid of all 5 and not lose much; would have to setup paypal so that we just go in directly and pay STLAR. Otherwise, without competent IT help (Jason/Galen), we'd foul the thing up if we do some upgrades. 'All you gotta do is .....' I don't think a private FB is an equivalent; it would mostly just be a big whatever-thread. And, we'd lose all the rich history that's out here... Plus this forum costs very little, or I might have a different opinion. We just gotta liven it up a bit again; perhaps some harsh criticism/belittling and of course extreme profanity is in order? Why the fuck would anybody take a little tiny deer anyway? LWSFPOB (Left Wing Snowflakes For Protection Of Bambi)....
  15. Can we un-customize some things?
  16. GSXR55

    Stlar Meeting!

    The worst, lying, violent, criminals ever....
  17. GSXR55

    Stlar Meeting!

    Probably out.
  18. GSXR55

    Happy Birthday Gene!?

  19. Have a good trip!
  20. GSXR55


    From Legends Corner in Nashville but seems more like something from the Ozarks to me... (No snowflakes out there right? If so I am very sorry, but I think their rigs have more personality)
  21. GSXR55

    Gateway Oct 13-14

    Barry's fashion statements!
  22. GSXR55

    Culpepper's St. Charles

    Would be a great motif over by COR Bridge... You know there's a Hardee's right there... Next I know we'll be in St. Peter's...
  23. GSXR55

    Culpepper's St. Charles

    I'm inclined to agree; or at least not argue! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YRhD6VH0FmU
  24. GSXR55


    I had a tenant call me that. To say he got the lecture of the year just doesn't capture the scene. I'll spare y'all the story, but I can't blame the floor on him ?