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  1. "Z" projects

    Looks like I have an awful lot of work to do on the Z. Cameron and Adam are unbelievable.πŸ‘ŠπŸ»βœŠπŸ»πŸπŸ’¨
  2. "Z" projects

    It happens....they sure can save a lot
  3. "Z" projects

    Got her down in the basement again.Just completed another step to project Z. Got these nice sliders from T-Rex racing. Something I was glad to buy but hope I never need to use.:)
  4. Terry is great to know:)
  5. Integrated taillights

    What I just looked up and read on Missouri requirements, it said if the motorcycle has turn signals they must work. But must have one headlight and one tail light.So I guess that means no broken stuff. Hand signals should be Ok. It works for the choppers when they give them:)
  6. Integrated taillights

    I have integrated tail lights on my Daytona and on my panigale. I have never encountered any problems but are usually giving hand signals as well. I have had the Daytona inspected in the past and is due again now. I was not even really aware that turn signals are required on a motorcycle.
  7. Stlar Meeting

    Nice gathering good time glad to see every body and meet new faces
  8. Hare Scrambles

    I do not think I could go back to doing it again because old guys do not know how to fall. (At lest this old guy) So maybe that's why I enjoy my Z125 so much,it's all about having fun
  9. Hare Scrambles

    Brings back great memories... was some of the best days of my life:)
  10. "Z" projects

    Sliders ... T Rex racing has some of the best there are.
  11. Happy Birthday Albert!!!

    Happy Birthday Albert!
  12. Picked up the FZ-10

    Looks really nice! Good job great day.
  13. "Z" projects

    Delivery today... looks like I got more to do.

    Yes it is. The first time I saw it I had to look twice and first thought what is Jason practicing forπŸ€” Good to see you starting him off right