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  1. BMW 335I build.

    Well its not really a switch but the program takes about 2 minutes to swap fuel maps. Just plug the phone into the car and install the map you want.
  2. BMW 335I build.

    Its not that bad really. I just put in say 9 gallons of 93 oct then swap to the E85 hose right next to it for the remaining 7 ish gal. When I go to 60% it will be basically the other way around. It does help that its all at the same pump.
  3. Changing tires

    No-Mar is very nice but if you want to save money get the harbor freight tire machine then you can buy adaptors that go on it to keep it from scratching the rim. Get the No-Mar bar because it is much better and your set at a fraction of the cost. I have used the harbor freight version of the No-Mar with the adaptors for a good while now and it works just fine. That said the No-Mar is a much better machine.... just not worth the price difference to me.
  4. Greetings Fam.

  5. BMW 335I build.

    Ok second tank of gas is in the car now and moved it up to 40% E85. Next step and probably final step will be to go to 60% E85 on the next fill up.
  6. Mango's mad project

    Very nice. I cant wait to see how it comes along.
  7. Drag Racing at Gateway

    I believe I have an app on the phone that does it. Haven't played with it at all yet though.
  8. First time

    I missed it also .... Welcome. This is a great group and I am sure you will feel right at home. Hope to see you soon.
  9. Drag Racing at Gateway

    I do plan to take it out when I can. So many kids with games just about every freaking night... lol. I am not sure what the whp is right now but I know its a good bit more than it started with. I turned off dtc and put it in sport mode and it pulls hard even while spinning the tires. I tried to do a rolling 40 mph start and still spin the wheels for a good while when I stomp on it. Once I get the E85 mix to at least 40% then I will also see about getting to a dyno with it. Anyone know a place that does dyno cars?
  10. Happy Birthday Crash

    Happy Birthday!!
  11. Drag Racing at Gateway

    Hah.... na I don't want to deal with the issues that come with nitrous. I would love to take a car with nitrous for a ride one day but not my car lol.
  12. BMW 335I build.

    Never to late to get another.
  13. BMW 335I build.

    I should be able to ... I will look into that. Have any sitting around? lol
  14. BMW 335I build.

    Ok downpipes are installed and I am playing with the flash to get the right mix of E85 in ...... I also flashed the transmission and now it has the same transmission as an automatic M3. What this means is that if I put it in manual it will hit the rev limiter without shifting unless I tell it to shift. Also it will blip the gas to match revs during shifts when needed and such while also having much faster shifts. Overall I am very happy but need to figure out how to fit more tire under the car because I spin a bunch. (but drifting is fun also). Pics will be added soon.
  15. Happy BIrthday to me......

    Congrats yall!