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  1. Arkansas/Oklahoma..... Go to Springfield then head South down 65 then 412. That will take you all the way through some nice roads and give lots of routes that are known to be great motorcycle routes keeping you off the main roads a good bit and at the very least breaking up the main roads to keep your sanity. You can go across the Talimena Scenic byway which is one I like a whole bunch that crosses from Arkansas to Oklahoma over the top of the mountains there. So many great roads all through the area being up in the mountains.
  2. I went with the Satan Black. I will post pictures when its nice enough to take some..... might be from Texas the way the weather is around here.
  3. My last day here will be the 24th of May.
  4. You are probably right ... but I wont stress about it either way.
  5. Honestly everyone should assume that identity theft has already happened for everyone. Unless you pay for everything with cash and have no bank, work under the table, file no tax returns, and basically have nothing on any computer with parts of information about you then all of that information is already available or will be if the right people wanted it. If someone really wants your info they will get it and you really cant do much about it. I am not saying make it easy but its just the reality of it.
  6. I unfortunately wont be able to make this one but next year will be much easier for me.... Of course I will only be a couple hours away at that time.
  7. I wouldn't do the wrap or hydro dip without the intention of having the real CF on the bike before to long. Just would allow me to take the big hits little at a time and that would make it easier to get past SWMBO.
  8. I plan to only do the white parts though. I am thinking that a satin/matte finish would be nice. If I went carbon it would probably be a wrap or hydro dip. Either way I go I might slowly replace those parts with real CF parts but im not sure about that yet either.
  9. Not sure if this really belongs here but I am going to change the color of all my white parts. The paint has been peeling for a while and I decided if I am going to paint it I will go with something new. I am thinking a satin black, carbon fiber, or something of the sort. What do yall think? Fist picture is original. To the right of that is a satin black then both bot are carbon.
  10. Just so we are clear .... Everyone is welcome to come out to Texas and have some fun! If we plan any big multi state rides or anything like that I might post them up here as well just in case someone has some time and wants to go with a group on some fun trips like that.
  11. I now have new inlets and a oil catch can sitting in the garage waiting for me to get motivated and install them. The oil catch can is just something to help with longevity but the inlets will make a big increase in the amount of air the turbos can pull in. This will add longevity to the turbos and maybe a few HP but mainly less turbo lag and even better sound. Just wanted to give some type of update on this.
  12. I know it has been a while and I haven't been on a whole lot of rides and all. Things have been very busy at work and I haven't even been able to get on the forums much to chat. In any case I still enjoyed the people I have been able to ride with and think this is a great group. I was blessed to find yall and hope to make another ride or 2 before I leave but I will be heading back to Texas this Summer. I am not sure when exactly because my work has not set a report date yet but I will let yall know when I have that information. I am toying with the idea of bringing the bike down last and making it a couple day ride on some great roads between here and Texas but all of that will depend on the timing of the report to work date that I am given. In any case thanks for everything yall and I plan to keep dropping in from time to time to say HI!
  13. Well its not really a switch but the program takes about 2 minutes to swap fuel maps. Just plug the phone into the car and install the map you want.
  14. Its not that bad really. I just put in say 9 gallons of 93 oct then swap to the E85 hose right next to it for the remaining 7 ish gal. When I go to 60% it will be basically the other way around. It does help that its all at the same pump.
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