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    Happy Birthday!!
  2. Schuberth

    I personally like my Bell Star Carbon at least as much as my Shoei X-11.
  3. Cooling Vests

    Ok now that yall got me looking into this stuff I found another one of my friends that came across a much cheaper version. He has been testing it out and says it last about 2.5 hours with the backpack it comes with at temps around 80.
  4. Cooling Vests

    I have used the kind that you just get wet and throw on. They work great. I have a buddy that made a great system with one of the cooling vest and pants that has the hose lines running through it and you connect to a backpack and pump cold water through. He has a GS1200 and made it so the top hard case was a big cooler full of ice and hooked the lines and pump up to go through that as well as wired it to work off the bike so he wouldn't run out of power. He said he has to turn it down all the time because he gets to cold. I will find a link to his setup and post it...... and I found it.. Its a couple pages long but has some good info for anyone wanting to look into this stuff. Plus he has tried many systems so it might help save someone money.
  5. Happy Birthday Speed

    Sry I missed it man! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  6. 2017 Annual STLAR Picnic 10-8-17

    Club ride to Elwood to escort you in?
  7. Happy Birthday Terry

    Happy late Birthday brother!
  8. BMW 335I build.

    These are the FMIC. The black one is the new one which is much bigger than the OE one.
  9. BMW 335I build.

    Home made CAI.
  10. BMW 335I build.

    Ok I guess I need to update this with some pictures and such. I got the FMIC in and the new map installed. I have not had a chance to test it out much yet and don't expect much of a change yet seeing as I still need to get the down pipes in and the charge pipe and BOV. In any case I also got the new coolant tank in .... and it was the same as the other new tank that leaked from the return hose so I got my money back and went to the dealership and got the OE tank from them. Sadly the return hose still had a leak but it wasn't near as bad and I realized that the old tank must have expanded some making the nipple stretch the hose connection as well soooo..... I went back to the dealer and got a new hose and installed it as well and we are not all sealed up and holding plenty of pressure.
  11. Anyone riding this weekend?

    I might ride out to the track to check out the STLAR members tracking it up. But then we will have to see if I can get that to happen seeing as it is my little boys birthday today.
  12. BMW 335I build.

    I have 2 systems. One is Bluetooth which is the one that I read codes from and change car settings. I can do things like the battery registration and reset service reminders. The other one connects the phone to the car with a cable that I can change the tune of the car and such.
  13. Hold on to Your A$$, Fred !!!!

    I will be interested when they put out another street version HP4. Till then if I want to upgrade by lowering the weight then it will be a whole lot cheaper and more weight to be lost if I just go on a diet and start working out again.
  14. 2017 Annual STLAR Picnic 10-8-17

    I use to drive for US XPRESS. Had a freightliner century class. It was a good truck and automatic at that. I thought I would hate it but I loved it. I kinda miss driving.
  15. BMW 335I build.

    Well I got around the battery thing by downloading an app to the phone that allows me to do many things the dealership does. It was a cheap fix all in all plus I can read codes and change all the car settings and such. I am learning to keep a few things on hand that I might need to save me some $$. I will order a gallon of the BMW antifreeze in its pure form so that I have it on hand any time I need it which will allow me to purchase it for a good price.