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  1. OhNoItsBonnie!

    Religion of Sports

    just watched it. good stuff! so james hillier is the guy hickman points out at 5:40 on this onboard commentary. been learning more and more lately about whos who 👍
  2. OhNoItsBonnie!

    "Z" projects

    how does it sound with the new exhaust? post a pic when you get a chance
  3. OhNoItsBonnie!

    Swingarm replacement

    what broke? one of the spool mounts on the original swing arm?
  4. OhNoItsBonnie!


    Nice! I'd like to ride one of those! That was one of the bikes I was considering when I bought my z900rs👍
  5. OhNoItsBonnie!

    Happy birthday, Stiffneck!

    happy super late bday chirs!
  6. OhNoItsBonnie!

    Happy Birthday ED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    happy super late bday wishes freak! you should celebrate this late bday wish and go buy another scoot this week
  7. OhNoItsBonnie!

    FNG intro

    Love the TW200 join me and the freak and whoever else for a some milld dual sporting this year. Youll be a little more versatile than our ds scooters, but we're sure to have some fun nevertheless 🛵
  8. OhNoItsBonnie!

    Stlar Meeting!

    I'll be there!
  9. OhNoItsBonnie!

    FNG intro

    Welcome!!!! Post a pic of your rides! We love pics!👍
  10. OhNoItsBonnie!


  11. OhNoItsBonnie!


  12. OhNoItsBonnie!

    Happy Birthday Mike!🎂

    Happy super late bday wishes to you sir!
  13. OhNoItsBonnie!

    Happy Birthday koth442

    Happy late birthday wishes to you koth!
  14. OhNoItsBonnie!

    2019 Challenge

    Here I go again🙄 193 lbs Goal: 170
  15. OhNoItsBonnie!

    Sunday 1/6

    Had planned to but not gonna make it. Was up all night playing chutes and ladders
  16. OhNoItsBonnie!

    The 1964 Motocross of Nations

    "scrambling goes back to 1924" holy cow! cool stuff👍
  17. OhNoItsBonnie!

    "Z" projects

    sweet!!! I like it! we gotta do a ankle-biter ride to bixby soon have you changed the gearing on either yet? done any type of tuner mods?
  18. OhNoItsBonnie!

    Checking interest

    I wouldn't mind trying out the new seat on the scr and my new heated soles. I don't want to ride the morphous till my new seat comes in. waiting till my suspension upgrades are done on the rc51. the tank is currently off the hurricane. probably too cold for me to do a long bixby run on the spade. I've almost got 900 miles on the guzzi and I'm afraid I'm racking up too many miles on her. that leaves the nm4 or the scr
  19. OhNoItsBonnie!


  20. OhNoItsBonnie!


  21. OhNoItsBonnie!


  22. OhNoItsBonnie!

    Happy Birthday Barry!🎂

    hope you had a barry happy birthday! see what I did there
  23. OhNoItsBonnie!

    Happy Birthday Dozer

    happy birthday!!! am I late?
  24. OhNoItsBonnie!

    Retirement Sale at JMP Cycle Kawasaki

    was sad and surprised to see all the bikes gone when we popped in a couple weeks back best of luck and to you and your family in your next lifes journey!
  25. OhNoItsBonnie!

    Suzuki brings the Hayabusa to an end.

    From what I have read on the internet the hayabusa just won't be sold in Europe for the next year but the new year model will still be sold everywhere else because not meeting the new euro emmision standards. If they are to continue it then some upgrades are certainly in order since the current 2cnd generation has had no updates (aside from abs) since 08. I just recently sold mine on cl. Hated to see it go but being I have another bike that serves the same purpose (heavy sport tourer), I figured let it go now while I can get a decent price before a new generation hayabusa comes out. And I am learning I just don't enjoy riding a heavier bike through the turns as my riding skillz progress. bye bye busa