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  1. Thanks speed! Weather was great. The z900 does awesome 2up. Only complaint I have on this bike is the jerky throttle, which is also a common complaint on the z900rs forum. A ecm reflash is the antidote and looks like I will be doing that soon👍
  2. I am still rockin the kymco spade 150. The z125 was a cool little machine but I wanted more top speed to get to meet spots quicker since I live so far out. Kelley just ordered a Lifan KP150 from amazon for litterally $1880 shipped to my garage in a crate. 2 year warranty. She likes the sporty look and I suggested it since its 25 more cc than a grom or z125 and also has 5 gears like my spade. I took it for a ride up the road and back and I think its even faster than my spade. Has front rear disc, gear indicator, fuel gauge. Only down side imo is its carberated, but it fired right up first time and purrs like a kitten. Guess now we see how wellnit holds up😁
  3. No smart home for me either. I dont even have cable or wi-fi. People probably think I'm Really livin in the stone age 😃
  4. If its not raining at 8am in the morning and forescast still looks promising I am going to do a 2up ride to bixby. Pace will be brisk for me, but prolly super slow for most you'all lol. I plan on being at qt eureka at 9, ksu @ 930
  5. I might be in for this I'll get back to you. I LOVE pool parties! I'm filling mine up now
  6. Hot dog not only am I here but even 20 min early🤘
  7. Lol😆 I had a good time on it at deals gap a few weeks ago. No problems so far, knock on wood. The 650gt and 600sports have kymco engines so maybe I wont have too many issues🤘
  8. I plan on being there tonight if its not raining wen I leave the house at 530. Always a good time seeing the old stuff and Im noticing more classic sport bikes from the 70s and 80s everytime I go. Its always first monday of the month but I never see ot posted on their site
  9. I'm still kickin, and riding more than ever but have been doing my own thing when I can since I've had a lot of life happen in the last few months. The girl you saw me with at bsc ended up buying a new 19 ninja 400 for 4800 otd and is very happy with it so far. Surprising to me as her mind had been set on a gsxr 600 for awhile. I bout flipped when u said you where looking at Indians. You decide on a bike yet?
  10. I just use glass plus and a soft clean rag if its not too dirty, otherwise its out with the soap and water, course thats what I do on all my bikes finishes. I dont kno if there really is a specific best way to clean matte finish
  11. I'll hopefully be in the next one🤞👍
  12. Good ride today👍weather couldnt been more awesone
  13. I'll be there👍 May or may not join the ride since I will be on the z900 and no leathers so my pace not gonna be too thrifty. May possibly have a new friend with that just bought one of my bikes, and the freakster should be showing up also🤘
  14. Not going to make it. Had to rescue a broken down car. I will make the next one
  15. I'm in. Weather looks to be good too. I'm a bmw snob now (way better than all of u😌) but I will still grace you guys with my presence😃
  16. just watched it. good stuff! so james hillier is the guy hickman points out at 5:40 on this onboard commentary. been learning more and more lately about whos who 👍
  17. how does it sound with the new exhaust? post a pic when you get a chance
  18. what broke? one of the spool mounts on the original swing arm?
  19. Nice! I'd like to ride one of those! That was one of the bikes I was considering when I bought my z900rs👍
  20. happy super late bday wishes freak! you should celebrate this late bday wish and go buy another scoot this week
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