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  1. sigep1764

    New to STLAR

    First yamaha. Had three suzukis and two hondas before this. Gotta say, gas mileage on this thing kinda sucks. Around 30mpg, 100 miles to the tank, 3 to 3.5 gallons. Might have to see about getting the pc tuned. The pc and the exhaust were on it when i bought it.
  2. sigep1764

    New to STLAR

    Its unbelievably loud! A real screamer
  3. sigep1764

    New to STLAR

    Lil love that chin spoiler!
  4. sigep1764

    New to STLAR

    Hey Folks, New to STLAR. Met phantom at a local gas stop. Been riding since college, currently on a 2007 FZ1. Never had friends who rode, so this is all new to me. Commute every day from the hill area to Webster. Look for the black FZ1 with a Two Bros slip on.