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  1. Evans287

    06 gsxr 600 race plastics

    I have I'm making my rounds two days of no luck I'm on all the gsxr pages I can think of on Facebook and nothing either.
  2. Evans287

    06 gsxr 600 race plastics

    Does anyone on here have a decent set of race plastics for a 07 gsxr 600 they want to sell.
  3. Evans287

    hey Mike! (GSXR55)

    I like the looks of it better than any other prototype I've seen. I just wonder if it's going to be turboed or not. Not sure if I will like it if it is.
  4. Evans287

    hey Mike! (GSXR55)

    I have a good source that says this 2019 prototype is just that.
  5. Evans287


    Are they any good I was going to order one but was afraid they may not be worth the money. Even if it was just 20 bucks
  6. Evans287

    BIXBY 12 03

    State to. Glad I went the other direction at Bixby I would of ended up with something just because I have a cdl.
  7. Evans287

    Bixby Friday 11-24

    2013 was the last update with the abs and the brembos. Word is 2019 will be all new
  8. Evans287

    Bixby Friday 11-24

    There are a few of us down in the Farmington,potosi area that ride them. There's one guy down here that has a 08 with about 220k miles on his.
  9. Evans287

    Bixby Friday 11-24

    Yea I just bought mine first time out on it. The other two guys have had busas for awhile. They talked me into selling my gsxs1000f and buying one
  10. Evans287

    Bixby Friday 11-24

    We were there too shortly
  11. Evans287

    Eminence Sunday Sept. 10th

    Meet you all on dd the other morning you guys were booking it looked like it was a lot of fun
  12. Evans287

    New guy from down south

    I just did
  13. Evans287

    New guy from down south

    I was telling Todd when we rode the other day I only have about 600 miles on it so far but if you hit a bump mid corner that's about the only complaint i have is the suspension is real abrupt
  14. Evans287

    New guy from down south

    I've already started ordering my list of add ons and I'm sure I will come across more that are necessary or so my wife needs to think is necessary lol
  15. Evans287

    New guy from down south

    You need to get one too instead of that nasty h brand you kept talking about today lol