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  1. clean your helmet!

    I like using oxy clean, and it works well.
  2. Tires

    I'm thinking of getting the Q3 plus on my next tire change.
  3. Tires

    I'm currently running Q3's. They offer amazing grip and are very sticky in the twisties. Bought them at 4WO|Truck parts &Motorcycle last March. The downside to the traction and handling is that they seem to wear a bit fast. Overall, I'm very pleased with them. I would recommend them
  4. Brake pads

    Have the OEM pads, and they work fine. No complaints about them.
  5. Waterproofing your gear....

    I use that Kiwi brand also on my boots and tents, though it can't handle extreme rain.
  6. Schuberth

    Have a Nexx XR1R carbon helmet. The padding inside is great, making it really comfortable. The ventilation is ok.
  7. Sidi boots EU size 43 and Oxford saddlebags

    I'm interested in the saddlebags. Is it still available?
  8. Cooling Vests

    Do cooling vests feel clammy when wet and against your skin?
  9. Bugged

    Looks like I need to check my filter also.
  10. Funny

    Those are hilarious! Thanks for sharing the link.
  11. hello guys

    What's up everyone, My name is Marlon and I own a 2009 cbr1000rr. Great to be part of this community. I will upload a pic of my bike next time. Cheers!