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  1. I gave her a couple healthy modifications if anyone in particular cares. ? Zx9r tail swap, and wheel anodized prior to tire mount, with matching chain.
  2. Research is key... I may have spoke too soon, but.. I have learned. While the oem exhaust has helped immensely, it still wasn't where it should have performance-wise, even as a 25 year old bike. It's old, but it's not that old. So I combed through the parts fisch, looking for things that were missing completely, or not all there on this bike. First file I opened was the airbox. Right away I could tell I was missing 4 hoses and fittings that ran from the carburator to the ram air tubes. Ordered the fellas with the quickness, and installed them as such. Went for a test an hour ago, And may I say, HOLY S***, this is THE best performance I have ever experienced with this machine, since I have aquired it. Ill omit the mph it went, but let's just say I went faster than I should have, lol. I want to put a giant THANK YOU to Terry (ZRX4ME), for pushing me to comb over to everything, and to be meticulous and show me things that I would have never even had thought of checking. He has helped become a better mechanic, and will help me in all my future endeavors. I am forever grateful. Edit: not sure what to do with the bike now, never got this far. I guess I ride it? ?
  3. Likewise ? it's getting pretty brutal out. Edit: actually made it!
  4. Can anyone tell what this cold stuff falling from the sky is? It's not being friendly to my two wheel machine ?
  5. You are all going to laugh at this, but, after extensive testing, (and riding) the issue was fuel ( and exhaust) related. Turns out, when I purchased my bike, I wasn't aware that it had an aftermarket 4 into 1 full system exhaust, and it was causing a major mid-range flat spot, which was the original problem from the start. (besides looking like I rescued the bike from a junk yard). being a carbed bike, I had a former mc mechanic friend of a friend tweak it every which way, and it still didn't take kindly. So, I went and purchase the oem 4 into 2 exhaust. And, bingo! No more flat spot through the power band.
  6. Update- Did some top end work on her(shims, etc) and in the process also found that the coils were rusted, so I replaced those, and still no dice. While I was at terry's, we found out I had decent, but obviously not like-new compression. I'm still at a loss. Any more advice would be welcome..
  7. I appreciate the input. When I bought my bike it definitely needed some love, Most everything that me and my Dad have done / bought was because there was obvious problems with them. Stator was bad and had just twisted wires going into the harness. The Voltage regulator tested bad. 2 of the carbs had broken bolts where the airbox plate bolted to the carbs. Missing all the plastic. We have breathed new life into her. My Dad is pretty good mechanically, he works at an auto shop (not as a tech) and can do most things but he don't know what he don't know. So I'm hoping that the members here can lay a trail of breadcrumbs for us to follow so she runs GREAT. Thanks again in advance. Tay
  8. Would it help to try to remove the baffle? Or is that a no go? I purchased a stage 1 Dyno kit, and it helped some, so should I shim the needles higher to the last clip location? It seems to be problematic in the clip range on the graph. I apologise for all the questions.
  9. when i acquired the bike, it came with a 4 into 1 slip on muzzy, stock on this bike i believe are dual 1 inchers. have not done a valve clearance check, a buddy of mine said he would do that, but we havent found the time to yet. we did a compression check and that is indeed good. could the exhaust have too much or not enough flow?
  10. Hey friends, as i posted in the new riders intro sub, im having trouble with my 93 kawi zx6e, and being a young adult with very low fundage, i can use all the help i can get. so in short, shes having a bog/stutter issue at 7.5k rpms in 3rd, and @ 6k in 4th and above. heres a list of things gone through/checked/replaced, fuel lines replaced tank filters cleaned new carbs stage 1 kit float needles replaced and set to factory height carbs completely cleaned and setup new in-line fuel filter new fuel pump new battery new stator new regulator/rectifier new spark plugs carbs checked for vaccum As far as im aware, the bike idles and the engine runs as normal, no abnormal sounds. im at a total loss. i really want to see her full potential and can use all the help i can get. Thanks and much appreciated. Tay
  11. Hey guys. My name's Tay, 23 year old rider from St. Chuck, I've been riding for close to 2 years now and loving every minute of it to say the least :). My weapon is a 93 Kawasaki zx6, and she's being problematic to say the least. I'm hoping with help of my fellow riders I can get her going to her full potential ( I'll make a thread for that) til then, I'm going to enjoy the stay here and get to know some of y'all. Cheers!
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