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  1. Dang man these are pro. Well done thanks for the shares.
  2. Greetings fellas, I was planning on jetting down on Sat night but I had no idea they do demo rides, so I'm going to head down Thurs night. I happen to be from the area before I moved to the STL area and if you would like I know of pretty good bbq down in those parts. I'd love to meet up with y'all down there, be a perfect introduction to the group. If you have a good POC number or would like mine let me know. Thank you https://www.blacksbbq.com/ http://smittysmarket.com/ https://saltlickbbq.com/ https://rudysbbq.com/ Austin needs no tour guide for nightlife but I have long list of good ol Texas Ice houses in the area.
  3. Yep I saw yours, and she's a real purdy one. She's out of price range though. I certainly will be on here daily from here on out. I should have earlier this week knowing today would be perfect and doing a late scramble to meet up with riders the day of.
  4. Thank you, Yeah previous owner was a female garage kept the whole time, had less than 12,000 miles on it. I offered $1700 got it for $1800. Planning on putting a Yoshimura or two brothers exhaust but not really wanting to dump a whole lot into it because I would like to get a newer R6 or R1 or possibly Honda CBR.
  5. Glorious Spring day everyone, I hope we all cashed in a sick day today. Thanks for adding me here at STLAR. I've been a member since Dec but finally making my 1st post (I think). I move to St Charles from San Antonio, and I grew up in East Tennessee right at the tail of the dragon, where I learned to ride unscathed by the grace of God. I happen to be on facebook market place saw a dirt cheap 99 R6 in the local area here, low balled the guy and he actually accepted the offer, now I am riding again after a sentence prohibiting any moto actives from an ex wife. Looking to meet up with future ride/drinking buddies for all things motorcycle and beyond. Not being a native here I don't really know many people outside my work much less those that ride. As well as add more to my garage and break into the track and racing scene learn things I don't know, that I don't even know, I don't know and have fun. My 1st bike was a 1992 Honda CBR F2. I look forward to seeing y'all out there I ride 94 out to Hermann mostly. Now enough of this I didn't call in sick for no reason I'll be on 94. Thanks again for the add! -Stanimal
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