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  1. If you come through Potosi / Bixby area I could join up.
  2. koth442

    MTD - NCM Sept 1/2, 2018

    Have fun guys. NCM is one of my favorites. I'll even say its better than Laguna Seca.
  3. koth442

    Sunday Ride

    That was a hoot. A 312 miles door to door. My buddy Mark brought a long a co-worker. They split off in Bixby leaving me to reign whatever terror upon the Ozarks I wished. And I did. I worked in K, HH, and 34. I'm sad I've never done 34 before. Holy crap what a road. Got a pretty unobstructed run at it too. Will probably never ride it that clear again. All in all, a great day. Even though I had to dodge a young billy goat and took a bug to the eyeball. Apparently I should just always keep the visor down...
  4. koth442

    Sunday Ride

    Wildo. Seems to have worked out for the best. I'm going to take a local newbie on a little jaunt. I'm not sure how far we'll make it. I expect HH & 34 would be a little to ambitious. Plus with the traffic and the late-ish start the drunkards will be in full force. K between Annapolis and Ellington should be perfectly do-able.
  5. koth442

    Sunday Ride

    Thanks for the route suggestion. That looks pretty sweet. I don't recall if I've done K, but I'll get that solved ASAP. Bummer you can't make it. Next time I guess!
  6. koth442

    RPM Aug 25/26

    Looks like RPM is my golden ticket. Hope to see some of you there!
  7. koth442

    Sunday Ride

    When: Sunday is wide open for me. What works for you guys? Where: I'm in Rolla so meeting up somewhere in between would be great. I'll take suggestions where would be a good spot to meet. Route: I'd like to hit are HH, 34, and DD. How we connect them doesn't matter too much.
  8. koth442

    RPM Aug 25/26

    HART = Hallett Advanced Riders Training: "The HART Track Introduction & Rider Training Program Our program is primarily designed to improve street riding skills by introducing the advantage of track instruction, enhanced by classroom sessions. Our curriculum takes a multifaceted approach, with an instructor-based program designed for all levels of riders' expertise. Our program’s focus is on the typical motorcycle street rider who is interested in exploring and expanding the potential of their equipment and ability. Although many of our participants have track experience, the novice group is separated to allow for individual instruction without the worries of a speed differential of faster and/or more experienced riders. As our focus is on the typical street rider, our team of professional riding instructors is comprised of street-oriented riders, who have cumulatively logged over a million miles. Moreover, these “street instructors” are track proficient as well as highly qualified coaches who have logged thousands of track miles as motorcycle riding and safety instructors. There is no safer place to discover new techniques than at Hallett, the track with a HART." http://www.hallettracing.net/events/motorcycle-lapping-days/
  9. koth442

    RPM Aug 25/26

    Connie is a sweetheart indeed. Although having to do their HART school first time you're at the track kinda sucked, but whatever.
  10. koth442

    2013 CBR 600rr

  11. koth442

    2013 CBR 600rr

    Noice. Best of luck in your search.
  12. koth442

    2013 CBR 600rr

    GLWS. What's next?
  13. koth442

    RPM Aug 25/26

    Really not sure yet, its a tough call. I suppose Hallett is a little cheaper and closer. But new tracks peak my interest.
  14. koth442

    RPM Aug 25/26

    RPM = Raceway Park of the Midlands hosted by Trackaddix, link below. Its up near Omaha. https://www.ducatiomaha.com/pages/trackaddix-schedule-of-events
  15. koth442

    RPM Aug 25/26

    Anybody going to either event? I'm still on the fence if I want to enjoy the Hallett goodness or give RPM a whirl since I've never been there. I'd do both, but ya know... adulting. I've decided to do Raceway Park of the Midlands (RPM) on Aug 25/26. Sign up is at the top of the page here Early bird discount is $300 for the weekend. Gotta sign up before Friday the 17th. Hope to see some of you there.