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  1. koth442

    Knee dragging

    I had to look at that twice. Must need more caffeine.
  2. koth442

    Gateway Oct 13-14

    Glad you guys had fun!
  3. koth442

    World Superbike 2018

    3 race format seems weird to me. I don't get why and honestly I wouldn't want that if I were racing or managing a team.
  4. koth442

    Gateway Oct 13-14

    And that's a quick lesson in why I should keep my mouth shut.
  5. koth442

    Gateway Oct 13-14

    I'm sure Jeff will have plenty of rains available!
  6. koth442


    Thanks Bonnie, I needed a chuckle before the chaos of Monday ensues.
  7. koth442

    Ride Sunday Oct.7 ?????

    Rad! Congrats on the new wheels.
  8. koth442

    Need some new gloves

    I know people who LOVE their KLIM stuff, but I've never used it.
  9. koth442

    Need some new gloves

    You're on the FJ09 forum aren't you?
  10. koth442

    MotoGP 2018

    That was a grade A yard sale without a doubt.
  11. koth442

    World Superbike 2018

    I pay for SlingTV. It was $25 / month until world cup, then it was $35 /month. So WSBK + MotoGP pass *is* cheaper per month. But I also get MA. I realize MA is on YouTube but I'm in my 20's and can't stay off social media long enough to not have the races spoiled. I'll be canceling my SlingTV stuff later this month I think then re-evaluate come next Feb / March. Thanks for sharing the pricing.
  12. koth442


    Yeeeesh. That doesn't look fun at all!
  13. koth442

    Gateway Oct 13-14

    Nah. My season closer will be Heartland on Oct 14th. If I'm not still buried in work...
  14. koth442

    Is it dead yet?

    This is why I don't put any personal info on facebook, they don't even have my phone number. I never log into anything else with facebook (or google for that matter). However, I may go put a short on their stock...
  15. koth442

    Review Procedures Please

    Thanks for sharing. As a new member I'd never seen them. I'll look over the slides today.