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  1. Lawless

    Moving back to st louis

    welcome back!
  2. Lawless

    STLAR FALL RIDE 10 28 18

    Is this still gonna be an easier paced, jeans type of ride as stated in the original fall ride post?
  3. Lawless

    Fall ride dates

    i voted for the 27th but could also do the 28th (seemed that was more popular any way). I have Army stuff the 13-14th.
  4. Lawless

    STLAR FALL RIDE 10 28 18

    probably in! ?
  5. Lawless

    I have returned

    HEY THERE IT IS!! yeah I miss it too, it sure was a thing of beauty. You saved those pics for a while lol! That rear shot I took on a ride by myself I must have posted it on the boards!
  6. Lawless

    oldie but a goodie

    Oh that stinks to hear those guys aren't riding any more. TD (Dan I think) was a really nice guy! Dr. J still around or did his wrists finally get the best of him?
  7. Lawless

    oldie but a goodie

    Im not sure about the camera but this definitely was a while ago.
  8. Lawless

    I have returned

    Thanks!! I have had some bad luck along the way but I'm still at it!
  9. Lawless

    oldie but a goodie

    camera is behind me starting at 4:08, if you get bored skip to 7:25....good to be back on here! camera = throttle demon
  10. Lawless

    Harley vs. BMW GS at Thunderhill

    very similar bike in this video I just saw. crazy harley guys!
  11. Lawless

    I have returned

    hey! good to know there are still some of the older group around, even if you don't make it to too many rides these days. Thanks for the compliment, it definitely took a lot to not go crazy on that guy who hit me lol!! Hopefully I see you around!
  12. Lawless

    I have returned

    Hello new friends, and hopefully some old ones! I used to ride with this group all the time, some of you all may remember me my old screen name was DUC848. Yep you guessed it, I had a Ducati 848 (along with many other bikes)! My name is Ben and I was always around, another rider rear ended me and totaled the Duc (he had no insurance so that was fun) so I disappeared for a while and did my own thing. Anyhoo, I now have a Triumph Thruxton 1200 R and I miss group rides so here I am... hopefully everyone is insured lol! The pics are my first bike (rainy track day), a collection of my other bikes, and then the current stallion.