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  1. also, I ordered a new front sprocket with a couple more teeth... so next time my RPMs can relax on those straights! woot!
  2. home safe! thanks for a great ride today! On the way home on F I saw a red convertible Audi R8 that had just driven off the road a few minutes before. He was like 60 feet in to the woods down a small ravine! Luckily he din't hit a bigger tree! Those cresting, decreasing radius turns 'L getcha! Guy was fine, real macho rich type... surprised he didn't blame the road... or Obama.
  3. I would be down either morning, cant be too late on Sunday though. Saturday is free
  4. Is this still gonna be an easier paced, jeans type of ride as stated in the original fall ride post?
  5. i voted for the 27th but could also do the 28th (seemed that was more popular any way). I have Army stuff the 13-14th.
  6. HEY THERE IT IS!! yeah I miss it too, it sure was a thing of beauty. You saved those pics for a while lol! That rear shot I took on a ride by myself I must have posted it on the boards!
  7. Oh that stinks to hear those guys aren't riding any more. TD (Dan I think) was a really nice guy! Dr. J still around or did his wrists finally get the best of him?
  8. Im not sure about the camera but this definitely was a while ago.
  9. Thanks!! I have had some bad luck along the way but I'm still at it!
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